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LAFC vs Tigres, summary: Palacios, Carioca, penalties, score, goals & highlights | Campeones Cup 2023

Tigres became the only team to win Campeones Cup twice as they overcame LAFC on penalties in a game that saw two red cards.

LAFC vs Tigres: as it happened

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This is what it means...

As Chiellini said before the game, the winner will be the undisputed best team in North America.

Tigres become the only team to win Campeones Cup twice

The only side to win Campeones Cup twice and also the only Mexican team to win it at all, Tigres continue to put trophies in their huge cabinet filled with history.

It was a game in which they dominated possession, shots and momentum, but LAFC definitely gave them something to think about with various counter attacks throughout. 

The game got more and more feisty as it wore on, and both Carioca and Palacios saw red after late challenges. Dark arts tactics were employed by both sides and in the end it got a little too heated, with play stopped in different moments for tussles and fights.

Tigres, despite the possession, could not break through LAFC's black & gold wall, and the game ticked along, with penalties looming. 

When the time finally came, it was the Mexican side who held their nerve, putting away all their efforts to win 4-2.



Angulo steps up to win it...


A terrible, terrible penalty down the middle puts Tigres on the brink...

Hollingshead up for LAFC.



Pizarro is here for Tigres...



Ilie is up next for LAFC



Ibáñez up next for Tigres.


Guzmán gets down to stop the shot!


We've got Tillman now.



Gignac for Tigres...



Bouanga the first up...

Penalties coming up...

It will be LAFC who take first.

Let's see... a hug between Crépeau and Guzmán turned ugly after something was said, and the two sides continue to push and shove on the sideline.

Both sides need to regain their composure - we've got penalties!

OK, the 'little tussle' has turned into a huge brawl on the sideline.


Here come penalties!

But not before a little tussle between Guzmán and Crépeau...

Tigres have a free kick on the right... one last chance to whip it in

We're into the final minute of the game.

McCarthy (GK) ON

Crépeau OFF

It's still Tigres with the ball at the back as they huff and puff in front of the Black & Gold block. Honestly, I don't know if the LAFC players remember what shape it is.

Chiellini saves the day once again with a dive into danger that a Roman soldier would have been proud of, pushing the ball away with his forehead as Tigres continue to push.

7 added minutes!

Can someone win this?

We're into the final minute of normal time.


The game has melted, broken into a million pieces and descended into madness. Both teams have no structure, no plan of action and are just lumping the ball into the air and hoping for the best.

Tigres, after a goal-mouth scramble, see the ball fall to Gignac, who somehow fires wide with Crépeau off his line.

Bouanga's whipped free-kick from 40 yards out is well punched out by Guzmán, who followed it all the way.


A careless touch from the midfielder, who has been fantastic all game, lets Bouanga in behind. The attacker is brought down and it's 10 vs 10 for the remainder!

Tigres have LAFC pushed into their own half, but the home side's defensive shape is no sandcastle, and it's holding strong as the passes into midfield from the centre-backs in orange are repeatedly returned.

The no-goal has not affected the atmosphere at all inside BMO Stadium. In fact, I'd say it'sgotevenlouder, as the fans believe they can win this!

Ibáñez ON

Córdova OFF

Well, it's as you were for the final ten minutes!


The ball was moving when Chiellini took the restart!

It was a moment of complacency from the away side, who are saying that the ball was moving when it should have been still at the restart.

Chiellini played left and it was slid down the line to Bouanga, who raced inside and whipped a shot into the far corner.




Tillman & Biuk ON

Olivera & (Unhappy) Vela OFF

Fifteen minutes to go...

Vigon & Flores ON

Gorriarán & Lainez OFF

I have to say, if I were the Tigres manager, I'd be pretty frustrated at how things have gone. LAFC are down to 10 men, they are playing incredibly defensively and there are still huge spaces on the pitch, yet Tigres are failing to take things past 70% intensity.

In case you're wondering, there is no extra-time here tonight, and the game will go straight to penalties.

We're into the final 20 minutes. Tigres have decided to step things up a gear and are pushing hard for a goal.


LAFC attack from nowhere and Bouanga sees his shot deflected just wide of the post!

A huge challenge ahead for LAFC...

They were already conceding possession with 11 men, but being a player down means it's all the more likely that LAFC drop deep and let Tigres play in front of them. 

Lainez finds a yard on the edge of the box and shoots towards Crépeau, but it's deflected and bounces kindly for the goalkeeper.

Palencia ON

Bogusz OFF

LAFC had some nice possession on the edge of the Tigres box but the away side brokewithCórdova, who scrambled away like a runaway train. Palacios, who has been playing on the edge since his earlier yellow, chose to take down the attacker as he arrived in the box, and now TIgres have a fantastic free-kick and LAFC will play half an hour with 10.


The LAFC defender has seen red after bringing down Córdova!


Olivera twists and turns down the left before firing a low drive that slams against the open hand of the goalkeeper!

Vela whips in a sensational ball from the left side that curls away from goal but dips unexpectedly, forcing Guzmán into making a do-or-diedecision to step out, which he does superbly well.

Aquino is down and receiving treatment after a challenge from Olivera.

After some frustrating passing around the back, the ball is fired up the pitch, where Long and Chiellini dive into tackles, immediately stopping Tigres from getting within 40 yards of the opposition goal. Again, it's fantastic work by the pair at the back.

Tigres have turned up the dials on their work rate levels and are now back controlling possession as LAFC chase.

NOT GIVEN - his arms were in the air but the ball hit Bogusz on the chest.

We've got a VAR Check for a possible handball in the box. Tigres got bored of watching LAFC control possession and pushed forward. Now they want a penalty after it appeared to hit Bogusz...

I think this is the same referee who oversaw Leeds vs Chelsea in 1970 - he is letting every foul go with no questions asked. I'm not complaining, it's adding hugely to the already spectacular atmosphere.

Cherundolo obviously gave his side a strong talking to at half-time, as they've started off on the front foot here, and are the ones controlling the ball in the early stages of the second half.

Aquino slides in facing his own goal and plays back to Guzmán, who clears under pressure. A fast start from LAFC, who were driving forward with Bogusz and Bouanga.

Second half underway!

Tigres are here, all 11 of them, and the referee has blown for the start of the second half!

Mind games from Tigres?

They're certainly winding up the crowd as they remain in the tunnel, with LAFC ready to go on the pitch.

We're just waiting for Tigres, who are not actually on the pitch yet...

The teams are back out!

Here we go for the second half!

LAFC manager at half-time:

We need to connect more passes together, our football has to be a little better.

If they want to win this, they have to put more effort in.

The game has gone how we expected it to go.

Steve Cherundolo, LAFC manager

The fans have not stopped all game!

The noise is still deafening at BMO Stadium, and the fans certainly believe their team can take home the trophy!

No goals at the break...

And I'd even go so far as to say that it will be Steve Cherundolo who is the happier bunny rabbit in the dressing room.

Half-time thoughts:

It's been cagey, tense and a lot of fun.

A quick look at a highlights reel and a stats website and one would be forgiven for thinking that Tigres have had things all their own way during the first 45 minutes.

But upon watching the game, it's clear to see the frustration that is in their eyes and feet, as passes hit a brick wall with a huge Italian centre-back sitting on top.

LAFC have not had many chances to score, but they have been very comfortable despite an early flurry from the Liga MX team and a smashing effort from distance by Quiñones.

It's all to play for in the second half, and it is increasingly looking and feeling like this game will be decided either by a mistake or a moment of magic.


No goals after the first 45!

Gorriarán is not happy that Tigres have dropped off, and he's furiously waving his arms like he's directing a Boeing 737 to a parking space. LAFC, despite the lack of possession in dangerous areas, are causing Tigres problems due to their defensive work rate.


The Uruguayan did superbly well on the left to collect the ball from Bogusz and slip past two defenders, but he failed to get enough curve on his shot that skimmed across goal!

Quiñones is down again after a challenge in the ribs from former Leeds player, Mateusz Bogusz. 

The winger is not a fan favourite at BMO Stadium right now, and is quickly being scratched off Christmas card lists around the ground.

Carioca dives in and stops an LAFC counter: the midfielder has been fantastic this half and apart from Chiellini, he's probably been the best on the pitch so far.

Quiñones goes down on the edge of the box and is rolling around after a late challenge from Hollingshead, but the referee says there is no foul.

A strange decision, it must be said, as the defender absolutely sliced the leg of the attacker.

Gignac's free role is intriguing to watch as Tigres control the ball: he's playing left-back, right wing and centre-defensive midfielder as he races round like he's trying on new shoes. So far, however, LAFC's centre-backs are standing strong, and are not letting anyone in behind.

Every time he gets a touch, Bouanga is being doubled up on by Angulo and Lainez. who have kept him under wraps so far...

It's twice in two minutes for Córdova who finds the same space in the midfield, behind LAFC's Sánchez-Acosta pair.

The shot is taken on the spin and sent towards the near post this time, dragged just wide.

The air is sucked out of the BMO Stadium as the capacity crowd gasp in unison watching Córdova's deflected shot whizz past the far post.

Chiellini loses his temper, whacking the ball at Córdova from close range after a foul is given. All 22 players race over to the crime scene to get involved in the pushing and shoving competition, which is quickly dispersed.

LAFC are growing into the game and the momentum has certainly shifted their way. The press from the home side has stepped up too and a few times now Guzmán has been forced to go long.

An identical free-kick is given on the left after Bouanga is swiped off his feet by Pizarro, who escapes without a card.

Bogusz, who has started brightly, is brought down by Gorriarán on the right side, close to the corner flag. Vela whips in but Guzmán and his fantastic hair catches the ball.

A few flicked passes around the corners have come off for LAFC, who are settling into the tie after 20 minutes.

Tigres are comfortable with the way the game is going, having the majority of the ball, but the same can be said for LAFC, who know Denis Bouanga is a huge threat on the counter.

Bogusz goes for goal but it smashes into the wall and Tigres get their possession game back underway.

Bogusz and Vela are over the ball.

A dangerous free-kick is given for LAFC after Bogusz is fouled on the left side of the pitch, 8 yards outside the box...

Olivera is tackled by Angulo inside the box after some nice work from Vela and Bouanga to set up the Uruguayan. 

Surprisingly, it's Chiellini who is leading the attack for the home side. He is playing incredibly high up the pitch, threading passes through the lines like Pirlo in his prime.

Angulo, as cool as you like inside his own box, slips his body in between Bouanga and the ball, sliding round the LAFC attacker like he's on a 1970s disco floor.


What a strike from Quiñones from distance, who sent a rocket towards the top corner from the right side!

Chiellini goes to ground to recover the ball as Tigres continue their strong start. 

The experienced defender's timing is impeccable to steal the ball from Gignac but the proximity to goal from the away side in the early moments must be worrying.

Lainez's touch is too heavy and the ball spins out on the right side for a goal kick to LAFC. Quiñones, who the pass was intended for, applauds the effort from the attacker as the idea had sliced open the opposition defence.

Tigres are having all the ball in the opening stages as their formation twists and morphs like magician's potion. They're trying to take the noise levels down in the ground, a plan which is not working as of yet...

Gignacgets his first touches on the ball as he tries to take on Long down the right, but the defender wins the first battle of the night, stabbing the ball out for a throw.

It's a frantic start from both sides as Olivera crashes into the back of Angulo down LAFC's right as the home side chase the Tigres players.

Tigres begin with the ball and LAFC hop aboard the sound waves reverberating around the ground and ride them with fury, pressing wildly.

Drew Fischer is the man with the whistle tonight.

And we're off!

LAFC get us going from left to right.

Honestly, this atmosphere is something special here tonight...

The light show, smoke machine and fire guns are all done and dusted, meaning we can finally get to the good stuff!

Here come the teams!

The 22 players are headed out onto the pitch at BMO Stadium!

Tigres' fantastic pre-game shirt

The shirt has been released in celebration of the Hispanic Histroy Month, and it's a beauty.

The falcon on the pitch has just picked Tigres to win...

I wish that was a joke, but what looked to me like a peregrine falcon (Ornithologists, correct me) has just flown down onto the pitch and collected the Tigres card instead of the LAFC card.



Hollingshead - Long - Chiellini - Palacios

Acosta - Sánchez - Bogusz

Olivera - Vela - Bouanga

The fans are filling BMO Stadium!

The atmosphere inside the ground is absolutely buzzing as kick-off approaches. If the game is anything like the party in the stadium and we're in for a genuinely special treat!

Here's LAFC's kit for the game:

Well, as a kit nerd, I'm glad both sides are in their home kits for the game. LAFC, for their part, have a fantastic strip in black and gold. 

They too will sport a unique match day insignia on the front of the shirts.

Campeones Cup winner Nick Cushing to AppleTV:

Tigres showed (in Leagues Cup) how good they are, but we have experienced LAFC and I think they will get the victory tonight.

It was an amazing feeling to lift the trophy. It propelled us forward.

Switching focus was really important, we wanted to be champions.

For us, it was about reigniting our season. It was an incredible game.

Nick Cushing, NYCFC Head Coach

Tigres XI confirmed:

GK: Guzmán

DEF: Pizarro - Reyes - Angulo

MID: Aquino - Carioca - Gorrirán - Lainez

ATT: Quiñones - Gignac - Córdova

Here's how the stadium looks ahead of kick-off!

We've got a wonderful setting for today's tie, and the countdown to kick-off is on!

Pre-game quotes:

It's a really important moment to win a trophy, but also to get confidence to… go into the playoffs in a good spot.

Carlos Vela, LAFC

What we have right here in front of us is an opportunity to lift a trophy. From our standpoint, obviously what we’ve done in the season is a little bit different, but here’s an opportunity for us to go out there, have a good showcase and, at the end of the day, win some silverware.

Kellyn Acosta, LAFC

If we’re at our very best, we have a chance. But if we’re not, then it could be a long evening.

Steve Cherundolo, LAFC manager

LAFC arrive at BMO Stadium!

You know what that means... team news is on the way!
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It is certainly a spectacular trophy...

Despite having only been played a couple of times, the Campeones Cup has never disappointed, and the trophy is certainly a beauty!

Tigres' dressing room is ready!

The famous orange shirt is ready to be worn by the players, who will also sport a special match day insignia on the kit.
Los Angeles (United States), 05/06/2023.- Los Angeles FC cheer on their team against Club Leon during the Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League (SCCL) between Club Leon and LAFC at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, California, USA, 04 June 2023. (Liga de Campeones, Estados Unidos) EFE/EPA/ALISSON DINNER


Where is the game being held?

The game is being held at LAFC's famous BMOStadium.

The ground was openedin2018; it has a capacity of 22,000 and the fans make it one of the noisiest in the US.

It has also held concerts, rugby games and boxing bouts.

Giorgio Chiellini pre-game:

Starting with León, we didn’t play very well, we deserved to lose. We played Monterrey. We lost but to be honest, we deserved to win … Now we want to show that our journey is continuing the right way. We want to win this game.

Campeones Cup means you are the best in North America.

Giorgio Chiellini, LAFC

The pressure is ramping up!

While we wait for team news, take a look at this lovely graphic from the Tigres social media.

Can Tigres become the first team to win the Campeones Cup twice?
Tigres aiming to break Mexican clubs’ Campeones Cup hoodoo

The trophy has been disputed since 2018 between the MLS Cup Champion and the Liga MX Campeón de Campeones winners.

Since its inception, MLS sides have dominated the tie, with Tigres the only winners to come from Mexico, way back in 2018.

Technically, the Campeones Cup is a friendly match - the title does not have the endorsement of Concacaf, much less FIFA, so winning it is merely a symbolic act.

Here's a list of the Campeones Cup winners, and here's a fantastic explainer from Edgar and Andy.

· 2018 Toronto 1-3 Tigres

· 2019 AtlantaUnited 3-2 América

· 2020 No game (Covid)

· 2021 ColumbusCrew 2-0 Cruz Azul

· 2022 NewYork City FC 2-0 Atlas

· 2023 LAFC vs Tigres

Steve Cherundolo pre-game quotes:

They're a great team, but we're ready to give them a good matchup.

We're in great physical condition.

Steve Cherundolo, LAFC

They've been a great team for a long time now, if you let them get a rhythm, they'll beat you.

It's quite the interesting clash of styles but they're full of quality.

Steve Cherundolo, LAFC
LAFC vs Tigres: times, how to watch on TV and stream online | Campeones Cup

As well as follow the live coverage with ASUSA, you can also find all the information you need to know if you want to watch the Campeones Cup game at BMO Stadium, Los Angeles.

Expected XI: LAFC

Steve Cherundolo's team and plodding along nicely in MLS (more on that in a second) but for today's game, he's got few excuses not to go all-out with his starting team that's full of stars:

Maxime Crépeau

Ryan Hollingshead - Aaron Long - Giorgio Chiellini - Diego Palacios

Kellyn Acosta - Ilie Sánchez - Mateusz Bogusz

Cristian Olivera - Denis Bouanga - Carlos Vela

Expected XI: Tigres

It's full steam ahead for Robert Dante Siboldi and Tigres, who are roaring (sorry) and ready to get their claws into LAFC.

Nahuel Guzmán 

Guido Pizarro - Diego Reyes - Jesús Ángulo

Javier Aquino - Diego Laínez - Fernando Gorriarán - Rafael Carioca

Luis Quiñones - Diego Lainez  - André-Pierre Gignac

What is Campeones Cup?

The match is the fifth edition of the Campeones Cup, which features the reigning MLS Cup winners and Campeón de Campeones from Liga MX. 

To qualify, LAFC beat Philadelphia Union in the 2022 MLS Cup final while Tigres got here by overcoming C.F. Pachuca in June. 

You may have noticed that the game is a replay of the 2020 Concacaf Champions League final - revenge is on the mind for LAFC!


Hello and a warm welcome to the Campeones Cup coverage with AS USA.

It's Joe here to guide you through this incredibly exciting game between LAFC and TIgres for the chance to have bragging rights across two countries!

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