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1 (4)
Gianluca Mancini 54' (pp)
Roma ROM
1 (1)
Paulo Dybala 34'

Sevilla vs Roma, summary: Montiel, penalties, score, goals & highlights | Europa League final 22/23

A dramatic Europa League final went all the way to penalties as Sevilla claimed a record-breaking victory.

Sevilla vs Roma, UEL final: as it happened

El Sevilla campeón por séptima vez la Europa League.

Here is the moment!

Sevilla lift the Europa League trophy for the seventh time!

Mou made one fan happy...

The Portuguese coach did not want his medal, instead choosing to give it to a young fan in the Roma crowd.
Does the Europa League winner qualify for the Champions League?

Will Sevilla play in the Champions League next season? Or did I miss something?

Well, if you've got the same question, check out this explainer that tells you everything.


Sevilla are 22/23 Europa League champions!

Ceferin hands the trophy to Navas and Rakitic...

Huge kisses and hugs of the Europa League trophy by all the players - and a quick selfie from Montiel!

Get that name on the trophy... again!

Sevilla are now seven-time winners of the Europa League. What a record.

And now for the winners!

Here come Sevilla's players to collect their gold medals!

But first, the referees and Roma players...

Sevilla make a guard of honour for the referees and Roma players as they come to collect their medals.

Here comes the trophy!

West Brom legend, Zoltan Gera, carries the trophy onto the pitch for the second time tonight.

José Mourinho is holding back the tears as he claps the adoring Roma fans.

And I wondered if he knew how to take a penalty under pressure...

I won't lie, I felt as though my joke was slightly cruel when he missed at the first attempt.

Here are some photos from the magical night:

The team reaction to the winning penalty and a Bono save, what more could you ask for? Bono definitely gave Sevilla theedge tonight.

And that's the real quiz

Seven Europa League titles, fine. 

Winning one every time there's a new Manchester United manager (except Mou)? That's some stat!

Since you asked...

Here's the SofaScore breakdown of a frankly crazy game of... whatever that was!

Sevilla join the list of Euro greats

What an amazing achievement for Sevilla, who claim another Europa League. They are among Europe's greatest teams in terms of major continental trophies and this one may be the most remarkable of them all. 

Their season, it cannot be understated, was on the verge of something worse than a collapse: relegation for one of Spain's biggest teams would have shifted the dynamic of the sport in the country and the arrival of Mendilibar has changed everything from the first minute.

Get on board, join the rest of us on the Medilibar love train

What an amazing turnaround for the club under the management of JLM.

What amazing drama in Budapest.

Montiel sent his penalty into the grasp of Rui Patricio, who was judged by Anthony Taylor to be off his line. 

The retake was hit in the opposite corner and Sevilla win their SEVENTH Europa League title.

What an amazing achievement for Sevilla, their players, their manager... we are all Mendilibers today.



Montiel steps up again as the keeper was off his line

Hang on... retake!



It's Montiel up to take... I hope he's good at penalties under pressure.

If Sevilla score, you know what happens...


(OK, maybe the post)

Roger Ibañez is up...




Rakitic next...

SAVED BY BONO!!! (he found what he was looking for)


Mancini up next...




Lamela is up next for Sevilla




Cristante is the first up for Roma




Here we go...

Ocampos is first to take...

The two teams are hastily sorting out last-minute decisions regarding penalty takers.


The percentage. Not the fact Jonathan Wilson booked his flight for Friday.

I'm just going to leave this here...

No comment. Just tired eyes.

We've got the quick on-pitch team talks now before the penalty shootout...

Where do I begin?



The header at the far post looped over everyone and hit the crossbar!





The free-kick is right on the corner of the box...

Sevilla give away a silly free-kick on the right wing, and Roma have another chance to fizz in a cross.


OK, here we go!

But first... Jordan ON

Fernando OFF

Roma free-kick incoming...

Marcão ON

Gudelj OFF

Or not. Gudelj is still down.

Roma are ready to whip in the free-kick...

We're into the last minute before the dreaded P word, but we should have some added time on top due to the various stoppages.

Montiel is booked as we wait on the players to get treatment.

No idea why, it's one of those games.

Cleared away. The ball is then pumped back in and the referee, despite seeing both Gudelj and Ibañez on the floor, gives a free-kick near the touchline to Roma for a handball.

Lamela gifts Roma a huge chance as the player gives away a cheap free-kick on the right of the box.

Montiel did excellently well to make the cut-back from the byline but the Roma defenders scooped the ball away and Rui Patricio got on the end of the rebound from En Nesyri!


Suso breaks for Sevilla but his pass to Montiel is poor and Roma counter the counter.

The ball is lost again seconds later and the players turn to run back the way they came. It's dizzying.

6 added minutes.

Bove ON

Matic OFF

Mourinho against the world as his substitutes rush out and stop him from arguing with the Sevilla bench as Matic goes down. 

It's all getting a bit tasty on the sidelines, and the two sets of fans are up for it.

Roma are in a 6-2-2 formation as Sevilla push them back towards Patricio in goal. Rekik sees an attack wasted as Roma cleverly win a free-kick to relieve some pressure.

We're back underway.

Matic is down and getting a leg massage from the physios.

Smalling, who has had a practically perfect game, heads away another cross as Sevilla look to find their Moroccan giant up front.

Mourinho, once again, is going crazy on the sideline.

Shoutout to tonight's fourth official, Michael Oliver, who may wake up tomorrow with his right ear inside his skull.

Roma have a corner...

Sevilla clear with a Gudelj header.

Roger Ibañez is back on.

He's coming off but may return to the action once the final medical checks are over.

We're back underway on the pitch: Roma have 10 at the moment as Rui Patricio takes the kick.

We're still waiting to see if Roger Ibañez is OK after that, he looks pretty shaken (and bloody).

My bad, the referee called the play back for a foul by Lamela after he made contact with RogerIbañez, who is on the floor and being seen to by the doctors. 

Lamela booked for having his elbow out as it hit the defender in the mouth.

Bono finds what he is looking for with a long ball and Sevilla have the chance to break, but the referee blows for a foul on Fernando after Matic slides in recklessly.

Rekik works his way up the pitch and links up well with various players before sending the ball wide to En Nesyri, but his cross is blocked.

Gudelj finds the ball on the edge of the box but he is forced to rush his shot and it whizzes wide.

Fifteen minutes to go. Let's see how this ends...

And we are underway!

Here comes the second half of extra time!

Diego Llorente and El Shaaraway ON

Spinazzola and Pellegrini OFF

I haven't got much time to write about those 15, but the intensity levels are causing lightning to form overhead and a swirling wind has encased the stadium. 

OK, that's not exactly true, but it could well be, such is the atmosphere inside the Puskás Aréna.

And that's all!

15 final minutes coming up!

We've got 30 seconds to go...

Nobody gets on the end of a terrible Rakitic cross that sails out of the other side of the pitch.

2 added minutes. Sevilla have a corner.

Zalewski is booked for being a naughty boy and holding back the barrel-chest of Rekik.

We're into the last minute of the first half of extra-time.

Say that three times quickly.

Ocampos squirms away from Spinazzola and fires an ambitious cross towards the penalty spot that soars over a gaggle of onlooking heads and out for a throw.

Speaking of not being able to run anymore, Matic is moving like an awkward uncle sliding his way across a wedding dance floor.

As I write 'now it's Roma with the control of the game', Lamela flicks the ball over the head of Wijnaldum and breaks forward at pace, throwing bodies in all directions as nobody can quite run anymore.

Five minutes to go...

Suso's cross is too close to Smalling and the English centre-back clears the danger. There is no prediciting how this one will go.

Roma have woken up and now have Sevilla pushed back into their box as they catapult the football, that looks to be increasing in weight as the clock ticks on, towards goal...

Zalewski twists and turns and fires a shot towards goal that is blocked by a barrage of Sevilla shirts.

Montiel and Rekik ON

Telles and Navas OFF

It looks like AlexTelles can't continue...

It's been Sevilla with all the ball in the opening minutes of extra-time, with Roma sitting off and waiting patiently, choosing their moments to jump and tackle.

Bono doesn't come out to collect the cross which flies over the defenders and Sevilla break before deciding to cool the bubbling water and hold onto the ball.

Zalewski ON

Çelik OFF

And we're underway!

Roma kick off the first 15.

Ready for 30 more minutes?

What a crazy, frantic, nerve-filled game. 

Sevilla scored and pinned Roma back, but they did so knowing that the Italian side were perfectly capable of sitting like underwater crocodiles, waiting for the innocent little goose to sit on top of the water before pouncing with serrated teeth.

Mourinho has been, as usual, box office on the touchline, and has soaked up the fantastically ferocious atmosphere from both sets of fans which has only added to the amazing spectacle on the pitch.

I for one, am very glad we've got at least 30 more minutes of this extremely exciting UEFA Europa League final.

Navas the record-breaker...

And he's about to complete more than 90 minutes on the pitch. What a heroic effort.

Extra time here we come!

Full time in Budapest!

Suso hit a shot that was saved before the ball fell to Fernando whose effort flew just wide of the goal!


Mendilibar with a fantastic effort to whistle at his players and them to get closer to Roma's goal, but the noise is drowned out by the screams and groans of the incredibly nervous fans...

Some long, aimless passes highlight the nerves of the 22 players on the pitch: nobody wants the hot potato right now!

Great work from Navas and Suso ends with a powerful header being blasted over the bar by the Moroccan centre-forward.


Mourinho almost takes to the air as the smoke piles out of his trouser legs in anger at a throw-in going the way of Sevilla.

6 added minutes.

We're into the last minute of normal time...

Roma break as Sevilla allow a ball to roll loose in the middle of the pitch, but the Spanish side race back frantically and smother the red flames that drive towards Bono.

Sevilla are pushing hard: they want to win this within the 90 minutes.

Suso tries his luck from distance and the shot flies off the head of Mancini and out for a corner.

We've got 5minutes of normal time remaining.

The free-kick was wonderfully chipped over the top and Belotti (who came on earlier for Abraham) put the ball just wide of the post!


Another member of Mourinho's technical staff gets booked as Mou himself holds up seven fingers to Anthony Taylor. Anyone know why?

VAR check over: no penalty.

Roma want a penalty for a handball by a Sevilla defender, but the referee says that the arm was by Fernando's side.

En Nesyri goes down after taking a small shove from Smalling: in today's game, you're not getting a penalty for that, my friend.

Mancini tests his luck (and Anthony Taylor's patience) as he goes in a tad too enthusiastically on Lamela. No card.

Lamela and Suso have completely changed the dynamic of this Sevilla side, who continue to try and dominate the possession as well as the space on the pitch; Roma are fighting hard but they are dropping deep into their box when Sevilla find their flow in the middle third of the pitch.

We're back underway. What a game!

It looks like the correct decision.


Mancini appears to have touched the ball before taking out Ocampos.

The referee is going to the screen...

A delightful sequence of play ends with Ocampos being tripped by Mancini.


Çelik is booked for a tasty foul on Lamela.

Roma clear a free-kick that is given as offside. Sevilla are pinning the Italians in their own box and look the more likely team to score as things stand. 

But, I repeat: Mourinho.


Sevilla work the ball well from right to left and the move ends with an ambitious effort from Telles who volleyed over.

Twenty minutes to go. Oof, I'm nervous! I'm not playing and have no dog in the fight. Imagine the players...

The referee waves play-on as the ball hits the chest of a Roma player after a skewed Lamela effort causes the Sevilla fans to think they're getting a penalty. This stadium is rattling like a pressure-cooker.

Wijnaldum ON

Dybala OFF

The ball was pumped into the box and Bono made a fantastic save from an Abraham flick from close range before the scramble ensued and finally ended with the ball rolling agonisingly wide for Roma!


Cristante is booked. So is Rakitic.

Sevilla have definitely calmed down since the goal, and look more comfortable on the ball as they pass it through the thirds.

That's not to say Roma have dropped off - oh no - they're still running at the Spanish side, with Mourinho orchestrating from the sidelines.

Nope, Pellegrini shoots and the ball flies into the wall and lands with Dybala, whose cross is stopped by Bono, who will sleep like a baby tonight.

It's too far out to shoot, surely?

Matic is tripped by Ocampos outside the Sevilla box and Roma have a dangerous, albeit distant, free-kick.

Mourinho is a very angry man on the sideline. Tick that one off your bingo sheet.

Roma scramble back and hoof the ball away after a Lamela cross from the left causes 50,000+ pairs of lungs to draw breath simultaneously and suck all the air out of the stadium.

Çelik takes out Telles on the left and Sevilla are furious as Taylor keeps his cards in his pocket.

Wow, this game is anyone's guess now. Sevilla and Roma are level with over half an hour to go, and the momentum is with the Spanish side right now. Mendilibers?

Navas's cross from the right causes all sorts of problems and the ball hits Mancini, the Roma defender, and flies past Patricio!




Spinazzola brings down Ocampos on the right side of the pitch as Sevilla come again...

Lamela played a pass inside to Telles after some nice work on the left send the Roma defenders spinning into each other - but the left-back's shot was whizzed high into the air.


Sevilla are asking for a penalty after a wonderfully-placed Telles cross almost fell perfectly for Ocampos and looked to hit someone in red on the arm... but Taylor says no penalty, señor.

Mancini gets booked for a foul on Lamela (and I think he was annoying Anthony Taylor as well).

Dybala has had his half-time oranges and looks in the mood for some football fun: he's just tried to skip past 3 Sevilla players - and succeeded.

Gudelj gets in the way of a Dybala pass towards Spinazzola who tries to break in behind.

Sevilla counter quickly and Suso, the hero against Juventus, gets his first shot away.

And we're off!

Sevilla get us going for the second 45.

Suso and Lamela ON

Óliver T and Bryan Gil OFF

A certain Argentine joins another certain Argentine in the stats...

It's never bad company to be on a list with Leo Messi!

Here's how Sofascore saw the first half:

Roma have controlled the play and the goalscorer is the highest-rated player on the pitch.

Half-time report:

Roma go into the half-time break one goal ahead thanks to a Dybala effort that slid underneath Bono and into the far corner of the goal.

Rakitic got caught on the ball in the centre-circle and, after a tussle with Cristante was deemed as not a foul by the referee, Mancini played a delightful pass into the space between the Sevilla defenders for the striker to score.

The game has not gone Sevilla's way, with Roma pressing hard in moments and sitting off in others, preparing their deadly counter attacks which have caused problems for Mendilibar's side.

Bono was called into action early on with a huge save from Spinazzola from the penalty spot, and since then Sevilla's repeated crosses have not given them much to chew on.

Half-time in Budapest!

Roma go into the half-time break ahead thanks to a Dybala goal.

Óliver squared the ball to the Croatian on the edge of the box and, with his 'weaker' left foot, Rakitic rifled a wonderful, low strike that thwacked off the post!


The Spanish side are ending the first half in a strong-ish position, with Roma pinned back in their own box. However, the Italians are perfectly comfortable with this, and half-rushed crosses aren't going to break them down.

Bryan Gil wins Sevilla a free-kick after a mazy run through the middle. He has been absent for the entire half, as have many attackers in Mendilibar's side.

As one might expect, Roma are in no rush to keep the ball rolling on the pitch...

7 (seven) added minutes.

Pellegrini booked for his dive.

Anthony Taylor blows for a dive from Pellegrini inside the box. He wanted a penalty after some last-gasp defending from Sevilla.

Fernando, who finds himself on his own just 6 yards from goal, gets his profile all wrong and somehow sends his free header over the bar!


Ocampos almost gets on the end of a lovely cross from the left, but the ball is cleared away for a corner.


Roma are pressing like rabid animals, and are suffocating Sevilla on all sides, especially when the ball arrives with Rakitic, who is surely breathing in used air by the 30 players that seem to be constantly surrounding him.

The ball was lofted hight into the air by Pellegrini towards the back-post, where Smalling was waiting, but the cross flew over the centre-back's head.

And Roma go close!

AS Roma have a free-kick on the right, which will be whipped into the box.

Five to go until half-time.

A Sevilla cross from the left almost finds En Neysri, but the striker misses the header and the ball flies into the grateful grasp of Patricio.

The noise is truly eardrum-blowing inside the Puskás Aréna, and now Roma have the advantage in the game, one would imagine Mou-ball can now be put into overdrive.

We're back underway...

Mancini picked up the loose ball after a tussle in the centre circle between Rakitic and Cristante.

The centre-back played a delightful pass through the lines to Dybala, who took a touch past the defenders and slid a shot underneath Bono!




We're back underway, and Roma have the taste of blood on their lips...


Abraham is OK to carry on and, since Gudelj didn't make contact with the player, there is no penalty.

Abraham went down under a challenge from Gudelj... the striker is on the floor receiving treatment.

We've got a VAR check for a Roma penalty!

An excellent robbery from Rakitic on Dybala on the edge of the box takes away what was a fantastic opportunity for the forward to spin and shoot at goal

Smalling clears another Navas cross as Sevilla begin to assert a sense of dominance over Roma.

Someone should tell them to be careful: we know how these things go when facing Mourinho...

Telles gives away a free-kick after shoving Dybala to the floor in an attempt to get the ball. There's an intriguing battle developing there between the pair.

Sevilla have now started to play Roma at their own game and join them in the high levels of intensity off the ball. 

Ibañez goes down as En Nesyri jumps for the ball after a nice cross from Óliver Torres.

En Nesyri almost gets a shot away as a cross from Óliver Torres is cleared by Mancini and lands at the feet of the Moroccan forward.

Roma pounce and 300 warriors pile on the striker before he can get a foot to the ball.

Matic gets a yellow for the challenge.

Matic goes up for a high ball and clashes with Ocampos. The ex-Manchester United player seemed to have his elbow out...

We've had 20 minutes already and it feels like a game that Roma are finding more comfortable than Sevilla as things stand.

Rakitic is finding it hard to have an influence on the game from the middle of the pitch and Roma look dangerous with the big-man/little-man combination of Dybala and Abraham up front.

Sevilla are slowly creeping forward with the ball, winding back the springs of the Mourinho jack-in-the-box, which is patiently waiting to counter.

Matic is pointing his arms in a 'V' shape, and wiggling his wrists like he's trying to take off. It must mean something in Roma sign language, but I can't work out what.

That was a massive chance for Roma to go ahead early on. Sevilla need to regain their composure before Mourinho's players start to feel any more comfortable than they already do.

So far, the possession at the back from the Spanish side is clean and crisp, but they are finding moving through the thirds a struggle, and are giving Roma chances to counter them on all sides.

Sevilla were sliced through by Roma!

Spinazzola was alone on the penalty spot after nice work down the right from Roma and he hit a shot straight at Bono!


Dybala and Pellegrini try to work through the Sevilla defence but the pass goes over the top and Bono is ready to come out of his goal and collect. No vertigo from the goalkeeper.

Abraham clears the flat cross that was fizzed towards Patricio in the Roma goal. Sevilla maintain possession and start to try and find their rhythm on the ball.

Rakitic is having trouble taking the corner as the Roma fans appear to be throwing objects onto the pitch.

Fernando goes on a bursting run down Sevilla's left and wins a corner for the Spanish side...

The game has not settled yet, which I suspect is partly down to the fans, who will be being heard all across Budapest. 

Abraham gets in behind the defence and Sevilla clear with ease after the striker's cross is looped high into the air.

Sevilla take their first touches on the ball and a cross from the right is cleared by the Roma defence.

Roger Ibañez and Gudelj, who had gone down during the corner, are back on the pitch.

Both Mourinho and Mendilibar are pacing up and down their technical areas with stern facial expressions. The tension is high inside the Puskás Aréna.

Sevilla clear the ball which falls to Dybala on the edge of the box. The Argentine fires high over the bar.

Roma win the first corner of the game after 55 seconds.

Roma start brightly, as do Sevilla, who begin the game with a fierce press.

And we're off in Budapest!

The Europa League 22/23 final is underway!

Roma kick us off from right to left.

We've just heard the utterly forgettable UEFA Europa League anthem that I hardly heard over the outrageous noise from both sets of fans.

Here come the teams!

We are ready to get the ball (finally) rolling!
Sevilla fans UEL

Here's Sevilla's tifo

While Sevilla unfurl their banner, Zoltan Gera walks out onto the pitch with the Europa League trophy. I think we're nearly ready to go!

It could be worse, we could have an unknown pop star with a tattooed face singing over a zany beat.
Roma fans

But I'm sure we're all a lot more interested in this!

The Roma fans are putting on their own show in the stands!

But first, we've got a pre-match dance show on the pitch...

Lots of people in orange skull caps are dancing around the centre-circle. Some have lightsabers, some are just waving their arms around like crop circle enthusiasts.

Sevilla's moment of support to Sergio Rico

The ex-Sevilla goalkeeper was involved in an accident last week and is in a serious condition.

Here's the story.

Here is a reminder of the starting XIs:

Sevilla [4-2-3-1]: Bono; Navas, Badé, Gudelj, Telles; Fernando, Rakitic; Ocampo, Óliver T, Bryan Gil; En-Neysri

Roma [3-4-2-1]: Patricio; Smalling, Mancini, Roger; Cristante, Matic, Celik, Spinazzola; Pellegrini, Dybala; Abraham
Paskas Arena Sevilla fans

Here's how the Sevilla end looks!

The fans are making a huge noise on both sides of the ground - safe to say they both sound pretty confident of getting a result tonight!

Having said that, the locals who are here are very much supporting Roma, which is giving them a numerical advantage within the ground.
Tecatito Corona back from injury: “I need to feel like a footballer again”

Half an hour to go! The players are out on the pitch and the two warmups are well underway!

While we wait for the action, here's what Tecatito Corona said about finally returning back from injury.

Sevilla vs Mou

The Spanish side have a 100% record in Europa League finals and José has a 100% record in European finals as a manager.

One of them will have to give up their unbeaten statistic tonight - who do you think it will be?
Europa League final preview

Europa League final preview:

Here's the stats from the white-coated boffins who slide mysteriously around Sofascore Towers, spewing out numbers that make football fans drool. 

Sevilla have gone with Bryan Gil, Óliver Torres and Ocampos behind En-Nesyri, while Roma are playing 3 at the back with Dybala and Abraham up front. 

We're sure to see a hugely entertaining clash of styles that will no doubt have us on the edge of our seat for at least 90 minutes!

Well, well, well...

The faith is not with the Spanish side, according to our Twitter friends. Almost 200 of you lovely people have voted, and the majority have gone for Mourinho to lift the trophy with Roma. 

Make sure you get your vote in and have your say on Twitter!
Will Mourinho leave Roma?

It sounds, perhaps, like a strange question, given the fact that the Italian side are on the verge of getting their second European trophy in two seasons, but the question was posed to the Portuguese coach in the buildup to the game today. 

Here's a video from Jen on what he said in response to the question, as well as the explanation as to why it was asked in the first place...
Puskas Arena

Here's how the stadium looks...

It's certainly a lot busier since the picture was taken about half an hour ago!

The noise inside the 67,215 capacity ground, named after Hungary's best ever player and ex-Real Madrid legend, Ferenc Puskás.
What is Sevilla’s record in the Europa League? How many times have they won it?

Mendiliber or not, Sevilla are on the verge of making some serious history, as they could be the first team ever to win 7 (seven) Europa League trophies.

Check out their frankly absurd record in the Europa League here:

Are you a Mendiliber?

You have to pronounce it like Mendi-leeber. Like Justin Beiber's Beliebers? Anyone? Guess it's best if I stick to Bono puns.

Anyway, here's how Mendilibar has set up his team to face Roma...

Roma's starting XI for the final!

Here is how José Mourinho has chosen to go out for the game later tonight:
SEVILLA, 18/05/2023.- Acuña del Sevilla en acción ante Cuadrado (c) del Juventus durante partido de vuelta de semifinales de la Liga Europa entre el Sevilla y la Juventus este jueves, en el estadio Sánchez Pizjuán, en la capital hispalense. EFE/Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz / EFE

Where is the egg?

Unfortunately, we won't be seeing any egg puns as Marcos Acuña is suspended for the final after picking up a red card in the semi-final second leg against Juventus at the Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán.
Sevilla vs Roma: times, how to watch on TV, stream online | Europa League

Hey, dear reader, want to know how you can watch the game with your eyes while also following along with the text commentary? Well, look no further, as here is all the information you could possible cross your fingers and wish to the stars for... you're welcome.
El árbitro inglés Anthony Taylor durante el partido de España contra Francia en la final de la Nations League.

Europa Press

Who is the referee for the game today?

The match will be officiated by 44-year-old English referee Anthony Taylor, who is a regular across the Premier League.

Taylor has been in charge of various games involving the two sides: for example, he blew the whistle during the 2020 European Super Cup, in which Sevilla FC lost in extra time to Bayern Munich, and also oversaw Roma's 4-2 defeat to Lyon in the last 16 of the 2016/17 UEFA Europa League.

Sevilla have arrived at the stadium...

The noise levels are increasing at the Puskás Aréna and there is certainly a battle going on as to which team have the loudest fans! What an atmosphere tonight!
Does the Europa League winner qualify for the Champions League?

Sevilla have won all 6 of their previous Europa League finals and they are on the verge of making history in the competition once again.

As for Roma, their most recent European success came just last season with Mourinho as he guided the team to winning the UEFA Conference League.

The incentives to go all the way in this edition of the Europa League are huge, as the prize money is (probably) kept in a massive pot and there's even a place in the Champions League on the line...

Right now, the Roma fans are making the bigger noise in the Puskás Aréna, but will they be cheering this loudly after 90 minutes?
Sevilla vs Juventus: summary, score, goals, highlights | Europa League 2022-23 semi-final

Here is how the semi-final went for Sevilla, which was probably one of the most dramatic and entertaining games we've seen all season:

Here's how the semi-final second leg went for the Romans...

Just look at that momentum graph!

Are we in for another Mourinho masterclass this evening in Budapest?
Leverkusen (Germany), 18/05/2023.- Leverkusen's Exequiel Palacios (C) in action against Roma'Äôs Edoardo Bove (L) during the UEFA Europa League semi final second leg soccer match between Bayer Leverkusen and AS Roma in Leverkusen, Germany, 18 May 2023. (Alemania) EFE/EPA/FRIEDEMANN VOGEL

Friedemann Vogel / EFE

AS Roma: how they got here

Roma beat Xabi Alonso's Bayer Leverkusen in the semi-finals to set up a date with Sevilla in Budapest. The second leg was a classic Mourinho performance, with the team racking up a staggering 0.03xG, but without allowing Bayer to have a single big chance at home.

Before that, they overcame Feyenoord and Real Sociedad in the quarter-final and Round of 16, respectively. 

The Italian side have grown into the tournament, having won 10 points in the Group Stage with losses to Betis and Ludogorets seeing the Spanish side - and Sevilla's biggest rivals - take top spot. But Mourinho's experience has allowed them to progress magnificently through the knockout rounds and with some stellar attacking players, it is going to take a lot for Sevilla to get past them.

Mendilibar pre-match press conference:

The key may be to be calm at all times, to know how to enjoy the game minute by minute and not go crazy.

It's not going to be the same as in Manchester, because it's an Italian team and basically they've gone from the bottom to the top and they've competed well. We have to know how to compete like they do.

José Luis Mendilibar, Sevilla manager

It's not easy for there to be so many goals in a knockout tie. The winning margins are slim in the latter rounds and you don't give so much to your opponent.

Normally they take advantage of the chances they get and the risk may be wanting to push too far forward, or thinking you're dominating and they take advantage. They will go out to win straight from the start here and I hope that it's an open game

José Luis Mendilibar, Sevilla manager
Sevilla's Moroccan forward Youssef En-Nesyri (R) celebrates with teammates after scoring his team's third goal during the UEFA Europa league quarter final second Leg football match between Sevilla and Manchester United at the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan stadium in Seville on April 20, 2023. (Photo by JORGE GUERRERO / AFP)

Jorge Guerrero / AFP

Sevilla: how they got here

Sevilla's Europa League campaign has encapsulated perfectly the upturn in form the team has seen since the arrival of head coach José Luis Mendilibar, who I believe should win Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

The Spaniard came to the rescue with the side teetering on the edge of relegation in LaLiga and looking broken all across the pitch in Europe.

Not only has JLM managed to make them a functional side, but they are as impressive as the players' names on the shirts suggest and have flown all the way to the Europa League final, which not even the most optimistic fan would have expected at the turn of the year.

Their most dramatic win came in the semi-final against Juventus but before that Sevilla knocked out Manchester United 5-2 on aggregate in the quarter-final as well as Fenerbahçe in the Round of 16.

Mourinho pre-match press conference:

History doesn’t win matches at all. You look at Real Madrid’s finals and you think Real Madrid wins every final.

You look at Sevilla and you say Sevilla wins every final. But the reality is that history doesn’t win matches.

Superstition is something that I don’t like, so I don’t look at superstition even as a factor.

José Mourinho, AS Roma manager

To be in this final is something that nobody would have expected at the beginning of the season when you see the incredible, incredible quality of the teams in the Europa League.

Barcelona and Arsenal were in this competition and they were kicked out very, very early.

For Roma to be in this final, it means a lot. So let’s try to give [the fans] the ultimate happiness.

José Mourinho, AS Roma manager

Team news:

Well, normally I like to give a hundred-word explanation of the various players and their injuries in order to inform you, dear reader. However, on this occasion, both teams travel to Budapest with fully-fit squads that are all fit and ready to go!

It’s Joe here with AS to guide you through the ups and downs, the tears and the laughter of one of Europe’s most coveted prizes.


Hello, hello and welcome to what is the final stretch of the football season in Europe. This is what it all comes down to: leagues are being wrapped up all across the continent and we’ve got very few trophies left to play for…but this is a big one.

Yes! It’s the Europa League final: Sevilla vs Roma!

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