Real Madrid

"Benítez is bitter"

Ex-Madrid manager Camacho and basketball coach Pablo Laso criticised Benitez' comments, "Benítez is bitter, If I was him, I'd keep my mouth shut".


Ex-Real Madrid player and manager José Antonio Camacho and basketball coach Pablo Laso have slammed Benítez' criticisms of the club blanco and president Florentino Perez on British TV channel BT Sport.

"Benítez is bitter with Real Madrid. If I was him, I'd keep my mouth shut", said Camacho on Spanish TV show Punto Pelota, refusing to say any more about the matter, praising new coach Zidane instead: "He's pushing all the right buttons".

Basketball coach Pablo Laso criticized the lack of discretion from the ex-Liverpool coach:

"He talked about the past, what's already happened, and I don't think he said anything new or important, but if you have something to say, better to say it when you're inside club, not outside."

"Me, as a madridista, I'm happy because the team is looking good, Zidane is going a good job and the players are happy with him".

"When you make mistakes", he continued, "or when the president thinks you're making mistakes, then you're going to have problems", said Laso.