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Barcelona's Gerard Pique predicts Real Madrid's Milan Undécima

Picture goes viral with Barcelona player Gerard Piqué's Undecima premonition, predicting the outcome of the Champions League final in Milan.

Barcelona's Gerard Pique predicts Real Madrid's Milan Undécima

Real Madrid were proclaimed champions of their 11th European Cup on Saturday May 28 in Milan, and social media was lit up with reactions from all the usual suspects who are active online:  madridistas Arbeloa and Guti and Barcelona's Gerard Pique.

Memes and references to Pique's penchant for periscope were rife, and this picture went viral among Spanish users of Twitter and Instagram:

The picture shows Gerard Pique's eldest son Milan in a Barcelona jersey sporting the number 11, madridistas taking that as a reference to Real Madrid's historic Undécima:

Although the image is most probably a fake, many users have shared and commented, awaiting Pique's response to the madridista baiting.

Anytime Pique has posted on Instagram with his son Milan, the number 3 has been chosen for Shakira's boy, but that's nothing a little Photoshop can't fix...

Comença el partit! The match starts!

Una foto publicada por Gerard Piqué (@3gerardpique) el