Euro 2016

Critics continue Cristiano attack: "Less poses, more pen practice"

Media from all around Europe have jumped on Ronaldo's poor Euro 2016 performances. "Messi is showing Cristiano how it should be done," says German paper Bild.


"Messi shows Cristiano how it should be done"

Bild (Germany): “Messi shows Cristiano Ronaldo how it should be done. It’s well known that the Portuguese doesn’t perform on the big stage with his international team, and the only other player on his level is on the way to winning another title. Messi and his Argentina side are in the Copa America semifinals thanks to his excellent performances (four goals). I don’t believe – says columnist Matthias Brugelmann – in the ‘unbearable pressure’ of playing for your country. When Cristiano plays for Real Madrid, he makes a mockery of any pressure, but there he’s surrounded by quality. Such quality cannot be found amongst his Portugal teammates.”

Portugal's forward Cristiano Ronaldo reacts after missing an opportunity

"He should practice penalties, not poses"

The Sun (England): “Cristiano Ronaldo should spend more time practicing penalties than poses after his latest bid to grab some extra inches was revealed. The Portuguese – officially the worst free-kick taker in the history of the European championships – was on his toes again for the pre-match team photo against Austria on Saturday night. Cristiano Ronaldo just can’t get over his height complex as he tries desperately to tower over his Portugal team-mates at Euro 2014 but his pen miss cut him down. The 31-year-old, who is currently the face of an electric six-pack enhancer, wants to look taller to the world at every opportunity. But he was cut down to size when he thumped a penalty against the post and cost his side the win.”

Portugal's forward Cristiano Ronaldo reacts during the Euro 2016 group F football match between Portugal and Austria

"Europe has no sympathy"

La Vanguardia (Spain): “Europe has seen the true face of Cristiano Ronaldo. The cameras always focus on it…his constant gestures of frustration and protest (aimed at his teammates). Cristiano prioritizes personal gain over collective success. The arrogance of the handsome and extremely rich footballer is perfectly notorious in Spain, where he’s the envy of everyone, but the Euros is a competition that extends across the continent, where there is less sympathy for him.”