Musa served up a fine response to class act Messi

Leo Messi is terrific to watch. He'll not score 91 in a calendar year again and his blond locks don't suit him quite like they did Jean Harlow, but seeing him in action is a pleasure. He economises his effort - all the more so now he's in pre-season - but runs the play like a great American football quarter-back. He's among the shortest on the pitch, but he sees the game with periscopic vision and plays the ball with machine precision. He's in everything Barça do. Leicester City's tireless footballers found themselves 3-0 down before half time and may well have trudged back to the dressing room asking whose bright idea it had been to come up against Messi.

Messi on the ball during Barcelona's win over Leicester.

Munir stakes claim

Credit too to Munir El Haddadi, who yesterday went some way to persuading Barca's bosses it might be worth calling off their search for a fourth striker. He netted two good goals, was involved in the play, did more. Between that and the raft of fine attacking midfielders Barça boast, offering the possibility of a 4-4-2 as a regular alternative, the board could maybe make do without signing the back-up up front they've so been coveting. It's understandable no one wants to join just to be a sub. And the further they move down their wish list, the more they could simply end up paying over the odds for a player who's no better than what they've already got. What they've already got is Munir, who staked his claim loud and clear.

Musa celebrates after scoring against Barça on Wednesday.

Musa makes an impact

Though the fellow who really stood out was Leicester speedster Ahmed Musa, a recent purchase from CSKA Moscow for 18.8 million euros. He came on at the break and gave an impressive account of himself, scoring two excellent goals (both had me recalling Pelé in his prime) and bringing several dangerous moments on top of that. He was a thorn in Barça's side. Operating on the inside, where the damage is done, he's not frightened by the ball or the opposition. He almost turned the match on its head all by himself. I felt Javier Mascherano got away with it with a challenge on him in the box before, in the end, Barça grabbed a fourth. The champions of LaLiga beat the champions of the Premier League. Good to see.