Wales - Serbia

Wales produce another mad team photo against Serbia

Wales lined up against Serbia for their World Cup qualifier this evening, and as is now customary, their team photo line-up was unorthodox: four standing, seven kneeling.

Wales produce another mad team photo against Serbia
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Wales produce another unorthodox team photo

Wales line up 4-7 against Serbia

Wales lined-up against Serbia with a 4-7 formation. No, not their tactical set-up, but their formation for the pre-match photo. As has now become a habit, Wales are refusing the standard photo approach, to go free-style. 

Wales convinced wacky photos bring them luck

Wales back in 2002, with another non-symmetrical line-up.

Wales have been lining up for some time in lop-sided, non-symmetrical formations, and the team have decided their funky photos have been bringing them luck, and according to Joe Ledley they are going to continue with the practice. 

Ledley has also said Wales have spotted that they can push the boat out even further and are actively looking at what other set-ups they can produce. Three lines?