Vitolo: "Any player would love to play for Barcelona"

The Sevilla player chatted about his future on La COPE's 'El Partidazo' programme: “You never know what's around the corner, but I'm relaxed”.

Vitolo: "Any player would love to play for Barcelona"
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Barcelona's interest in Sevilla midfielder Vitolo is hardly news, but last night the player spoke about the possibility of joining the Catalans to La COPE's El Partidazo programme: “It's true that there have been quite a lot of rumours but you never know what will happen. I'm relaxed, I'm in a team where I am liked by my team mates and the people in Seville love me alot”.

Would you be keen to join Barça? “Yes, as I have said many times already, Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world and any player would love to play there. I'm quite happy where I am and I am relaxed; we'll see what happens”.

Vitolo makes it 2-0 against Israel in Gijón. Min.45

Vitolo - four goals in 10 appearances for Spain

On target again for the national team: “It's true that every time I am called up I am lucky enough to score, and it seesm to happen more with Spain than with Sevilla. I am happy to help the national team to continue winning which is the most important”.

'Vitolo-gol' on target at El Molinón

Vitolo-Silva partnership with Spain

A developing a telepathic understanding with David Silva:Playing alongside David Silva is unbelievable, amazing and it's very easy to forge an understanding with great players like him. There are some great players coming out of the Canary Islands right now, and I hope that there are many more ready to come through in the future”.

Silva almost stole your goal from you, but he decided to let the ball go over the line... “I would have killed him if he had done that! We're mates and I'm happy that things are going well for me and for him”.

David Silva makes sure Vitolo's shot crosses the line.

Spain vs Italy, crucial qualifier in Group G

September's qualifier against Italy will be decisive: “In theory, Italy are going to be our most complicated opponents now. It's going to be a great game, but it's a long way off yet. First we have a game against France, even if it's only a friendly. With the national team you always have to give your best; France are a great side and if we are not at the top of our game they will give us a difficult time. We have to go all out in every game”.

Sevilla, after being knocked out of Europe by Leicester: “We haven't been getting good results lately but I have full faith in the team and we need to make sure we win our next game against Sporting. If we can do that, I'm sure the outlook will be more positive”.