Atlético fans can take Calderón cushions home as a memento

For just two euros, fans will be able to take their cushions home after the final home game of the season against Athletic Club.

Los aficionados se podrán llevar las almohadillas a su casa.

The Vicente Calderón's days are almost at an end and there is a great feeling of expectation by the Manzanares River ahead of the last official game to be played at the stadium this weekend. Atlético bring their season to a close on Sunday against Athletic Club with the game sold out weeks ago.

Those who do attend the game will be able to take something away with them to remember the ground. The club will give fans the chance to buy one of the red cushions which are usually returned to stewards once the game is over, for the princely sum of two euros

The last stand. The Vicente Calderón's adiós nears.

Atlético season ticket holders can request their seat with no charge

Season ticket holders will be able to request their seat should they want it as a memento - free of charge. After the stadium has closed its doors, Atlético will set aside a few days when socios can come along and collect their old seat. First, season ticket holders must register with the club that they want their seat which can be done online through the official webpage from 22nd to 30th May. The remaining seats will either be sold or donated at the end of the year.