Bouchard says modelling is an option after tennis career

Candadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard, who has built a significant presence on social media, has said that after her sporting focus is over, other opportunities await.
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Eugenie Bouchard is one of the stars appearing at the Bogota Open tennis tournament and the Canadian spoke about career options available to her once her time in the sport comes to an end.

Bouchard as a professional model

The 24-year old from Montreal spoke to Colombian news outlet El Tiempo and said that she is still very much committed to playing tennis. She did, however, admit to thinking about the future and that modelling could be one venture to take forward once the tennis racket is put down for good.

"My priority just now is to play tennis because it is what I love and I like to do. But I know that I have other options.

"It's difficult because of the schedule I keep and for now I am not interested in anything other than tennis.

"I am focused on getting back to my level of play...and modelling may be an option when I retire."

Eugenie Bouchard walks off court after losing in the final qualifying round against Sweden's Rebecca Peterson in the Miami Open.

Wimbeldon heights for Bouchard

Bouchard, who turned pro in 2009, also recalled some of the highlights from her career to date, with special attention on 2014. In that year she reached the Wimbledon final as well as the semi-finals of both the Australian Open and Roland Garros.

"That was definitely a great time,' she said. 'I made a huge physical effort, playing in lots of events to give me confidence in myself and belief that I could be a great player. Confidence is an important aspect.

"When you win titles, it gives you more desire to increase your ambition."

Bouchard in action during the Australian Open 2017.

Bouchard in action during the Australian Open 2017.

Bouchard on the rebuild

Although Bouchard is still making many headlines around the world, injuries have meant that this is more to do with her social media interactions, not to mention a downturn in sponsorship, rather than her prowess on the court. Now she is hoping she can rebuild her name in the game and compete at the highest level.

"Being in the top 15 is very tough...with high expectations from the media, other players and personally. I have battled against all this and trained day after day. I had injuries as well as ups and downs. I kept my head up and overcame them."

The Bogota Open gets underway on April 9.