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Premier League

Jorginho loving Premier League, but hopes for Serie A return

Jorginho has noticed the difference between the Premier League and Serie A, and the Chelsea midfielder is enjoying England.

Jorginho loving Premier League, but hopes for Serie A return

Chelsea midfielder Jorginho is loving his start to life in the Premier League, but he hopes to one day return to the Serie A.

Jorginho notices the difference

Jorginho, 26, arrived at Stamford Bridge in July after spending four and a half seasons with Napoli.

The Italy international has impressed to begin his career in England, helping Maurizio Sarri's men win their opening four league games.

Jorginho, who has already scored for Chelsea, said he was enjoying the high tempo and physicality of the Premier League.

Jorginho speaks with the media during a Italy press conference at Centro Tecnico Federale di Coverciano.

"There is a big difference, in terms of rhythm, physicalness. Everybody knows this, of course, but I am enjoying it a lot," he said.

"I enjoy the high tempo of the matches and the fact that all the players get involved 100 per cent in the games.

Premier League and Serie A

"The Premier League is really nice, it's wonderful. It is also quite difficult to explain certain things. You need to experience them personally to take it all in.

"When you come to a training centre [Cobham] with 38 football pitches, there is no need for any comments. You just need to go see it."

Despite enjoying the Premier League, Jorginho said he wanted to eventually return to Italy.

"There were various things behind my departure from Napoli," he said.

"The will of just one party is not enough. Serie A will always be one of the best leagues in the world. I hope to go back one day."