It's great to see a strong England

In real matches, those in which anything can happen, victories are explained from a thousand situations that have to do with the perfect combination of a well executed plan, effectiveness, sacrifice and luck (or sometimes refereeing decisions). England experienced all of those elements last night. Spain had never before conceded three goals in an official home match, and the last time they conceded three goals in the first half was against Scotland in the 1960s.

Harry Maguire celebrates an historic win after the UEFA Nations League game between Spain and England.

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That's how historic this match was for the two teams. The beast inside Sterling was awoken (one day he will score 40 goals in a season), the Pickford-Kane connection worked perfectly, and we saw again the talent and generosity of the Tottenham striker. Although, in saying that, the second half left us with the feeling that they still need to mature so as not to suffer quite so much. It is not a perfect team, but it is growing. It's great to see a strong England.