German teen survives horror crash at Macau Grand Prix

German teen survives horror crash at Macau Grand Prix

The 17-year-old driver Sophia Floersch suffered a spinal fracture in the terrifying 270km/h crash.

Teenage German driver Sophia Floersch fractured her spine on Sunday after suffering a terrifying airborne crash at Macau’s Formula 3 Grand Prix.

The 17-year-old, member of Van Amersfoort Racing, was sent hurtling into the barriers lining the edge of the race track when her car vaulted over another car. She then lost control of her vehicle and was launched over the kerbs.

Speed-trap data from the braking zone of that corner revealed Floersch was travelling at 276.2km/h.

After the crash, the teenager was conscious and stable. She was taken to hospital along with Japanese driver Sho Tsuboi, two photographers and a marshal.

'All were conscious during transit to the hospital and are now receiving medical treatment. Further updates will be provided as soon as possible,' said the Macau Grand Prix Organizing Committee in a statement.

Spinal fracture

The initial diagnosis signaled a spinal fracture. A couple of hours after being taken to the hospital, Floersch tweeted to say she was OK and confirmed she will have surgery on Monday.

'Just wanted to let everybody know that I am fine but will be going into Surgery tomorrow morning,' she wrote.

Van Amersfoort Racing published a medical report that confirmed the spinal fracture and adds that she is “not fit to race.”

The injured marshal suffered a laceration of the face and a fractured jaw. One of the photographers sustained a liver laceration and is being observed, while the other suffered a concussion. Driver Sho Tsuboi suffers lumbar pain and will also remain on observation.

The race, which also featured the newly-crowned F3 champion Mick Schumacher, was eventually won by Red Bull junior driver Dan Ticktum.

Since 2012, three people have died in the Macau Grand Prix circuit. British rider Daniel Hegarty died last year after hitting a barrier during a motorcycle race. In 2012, two drivers, Portugal’s Luis Carreira and Hong Kong’s Philip Yau were killed within two days of each other.


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