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  • 15'
  • 30'
  • second half
  • 60'
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  • 90'
Columbus Crew

26' Gyasi Zardes

52' Higuaín

60' Zackary Steffen

65' Héctor Jiménez

73' Out Higuaín in David Guzman

81' Out Gyasi Zardes in Patrick Mullins

86' Out Pedro Santos in Niko Hansen

Los Angeles Galaxy

40' Out Jonathan in Carrasco

58' Carlos Antuna

62' Out Joe Corona in Emmanuel Boateng

79' Diego Polenta

78' Out Pontius in Emil Cuello

86' Daniel Steres

Columbus Crew 3-1 LA Galaxy

Columbus chalk up first win after five-game losing streak

The Crew earned the win at home over LA Galaxy to end their losing streak while Zlatan Ibrahimovic's side suffered a second loss in a row.

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Zardes and Skjervik in action with Columbus Crew and LA Galaxy

Full Time | Columbus Crew 3-1 LA Galaxy, MLS

Columbus Crew desperately needed to turn around the losing streak they were going through while facing one of the best teams in the league, but their hopes were high since LA Galaxy went into the game on the back of a loss. 

Zardes was the one to take charge, opening the scoring and with that boosting his team's morale and galvanising the home side at the back, who stopped Galaxy's every attempt on goal. Ibrahimovic's side lost an important element in Jona dos Santos, Galaxy's midfield mastermind, and that affected their ability to create goal-scoring opportunities.

The Crew had Federico Higuaín commanding the game, and in the second half the Argentine increased the lead carved out through Zardes, with Jiménez adding another to leave the visitors staring at another defeat. However, Steres scored a late consolation for Galaxy to add a bit of gloss to the scoreline.

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Average position Columbus Crew 3-1 LA Galaxy

Stats (possession)

Galaxy's goal
What a stop by the post! Zlatan don't like
Jimenez' time
Higuain's goal
The amazing save of Steffen

94' GAME OVER !!!! Columbus stops Galaxy for the win, while the LA team adds its second defeat in a row

93'   Galaxy looking to score one more goal, but Zlatan didn't kill the play and the attempt is missed

91'   Corner Galaxy! Everyone was in the area, but the attempt is missed

90'   Four more mintes to play !

87' GOOOOOOOOOOOAL STERES !!!! Galaxy finally scores!

86'   Antuna tried to surprise Steffen, but the goalie is on spot and send the attempt to corner!

85'   Santos just missed the fourth GOOOAL !! 

83'   Columbus pace slows down a bit, they know their winning and that Galaxy can't seem to find a clear

81' Chris Pontious leaves the field, in goes Cuello

80' Yellow Polenta (LA Galaxy)

79'   What a move by Santos, Columbus had the four goal but it crosses the field and no one closes the game !

78'   The West Coast team doesn't showed up tonight, while Columbus is doing what they want, no need to create spaces, the game is wide open

76'   Columbus playing the ball short in their side of the field, Galaxy is just looking...

74' The best player of the game leaves the field, Guzman goes in for Higuain

73'   What a game by Higuain and Robinho, both are doing whatever they want with LA's defense

71'   Zlatan is looking for his goal, Boateng with the assist but the attempt is missed by the Swede

70'   ZLATAAAAAAAAAN !!!! The captain with a hot shot but it is stop by the POST !!!!

69'   Galaxy with a chance from the corner, but the attempt is missed

67'   Galaxy is completly lost, they can't find any space nor create a play

65' GOOOOOOOOOAL JIMENEZ !!!!! The locals are dancing over Galaxy for the 3-0

63'   Corner! Great combination between Higuain and Robinho that is send to the corner by LA's defense

62'   The visitors are quite desperate with long shots and can't find any clearing

60'   Foul Antuna, Columbus Crew wins a free kick on the deffensive half

58' Yellow card for Uriel Antuna (LA Galaxy)

57'   Great collective play by Columbus, this time Galaxy's defense is on spot to blocked and clear Robinho's attempt

56'   OFFSIDE!!!! Zardes could've score the third one for the Crew

54'   Columbus concedes the ball to Barros Schelotto's squad, but the LA team is lost after Higuain's goal

52' GOOOOOOOAAAAL HIGUAIN !!!! What a distraction by the LA's defense, that the Argentine takes advantage to put his team 2-0

50'   Zlatan again!!! but this time his shot misses the net by so little!

49'   ZLATAAAAAN !!! Steffen steals the goal from the Swedish Lion!

48'   Great collective action by LA Galaxy, but couldn't surprise the Crew's defense who clear out the ball

46'   Galaxy gets the ball in the second half, they are looking to turn around the score from the start

45' The ball is rolling for the second half

Higuain is having a fantastic game so far, here are his stats

Columbus Crew 1-0 LA Galaxy stats

From a different point of view
Take a look on that Columbus goal

47' The first half is over. Columbus Crew leads 1-0 thanks to Zardes goal at the 27th minute

45' Two more mintes left in the first half

43'   The Crew takes back the ball and slows the rhythm of the game a bit

42'   The LA side seems desperate or in a hurry to score before the end of the first half

40' Jona leaves the game, in goes Carrasco (LA Galaxy)

39' Robinho takes advantage of the delay to surprise the LA defense, they sent their attempt to the corner

38'   Delay over, Jona is being treated outside the field

37'   Jona is down, the ball leaves the field so the medical assistace can tend the midfielder

36'   Galaxy has the initiative now and has pushed backwards Columbus, who is defending non-stop

35'   Corner for LA! the attempt is cleared by the home team defense

34'   The LA squad is pressuring up front, while the Crew has conceded the control of the ball in the last few minutes

33'   Antuna with a new attempt but fails to find someone to follow his play!

32'   The game is picking up speed, with Galaxy looking to tie the game before the half time!

30'   Pontius with a long shot that goes wide over Steffen net!

29'   Galaxy tries to react and creats a great play but Columbus defense is blocking everything!

27' GOOOOOOOOOOOAL ZARDES !!! What a pass from Robinho, the Crew is up 1-0

25'   The Crew is starting to look tired, that energy loss might be what Galaxy needs

23'   What a play by Galaxy but the attempt is saved somehow and the match's still scoreless

21'   Galaxy is looking quite uncomfortable, The Crew is making a great job stopping Jona dos Santos

19'   LA Galaxy with a clear again, but Antuna's shot is blocked, then the referee calls for offside...

18'   Robinho's attempt after Higuain center was blocked by Polenta! What a missed chance by the Crew

16'   So far the game is back and forth with The Crew having all the initiative and Galaxy trying to find themselves on the pitch

14'   Antuna tries the personal move, and gets blocked by the defense, Skjervik takes back the ball but the attempt is missed

12'   Bingham with a dangerous save, he almost gets a hand call!

11'   Robinho creating some danger but the ball is cleared and sent outside, Bingham (Galaxy) gets the ball

10'   The visitors are slowly getting into Columbus field, pressuring the local team

9'   Columbus wins a free kick in the defensive half

8'   Columbus is not conceding the ball to LA and both teams are trying to create chances

6'   Corner! The attempt is long and crosses from right to left the field

5'   Higuain enters the close area but the LA defense is on spot and block the attempt and sends it to the corner

4'   Skjervik centers to Antuna but the shot is long and the Mexican can't control the ball

2'   The Crew takes back the ball and has the first attempt of the game, but the shot passes close to Bingham post

1'  Galaxy takes the ball from the start and is looking for some spaces

Game is on!!

Despite appearing in just nine games, Polenta is the 12th LA Galaxy defender with 3+ assists in a season since 2010. All three have been secondary assists, the most by any Galaxy defender since that year.

Sebastian Lletget warming up

Since the start of April, 'The Crew' has scored three goals and have a shot conversion rate of just 3.5%. Only FC Cincinnati has worse numbers than Columbus in that time

Steffen (Columbus Crew) warming up
Barros Schelotto comeback to Columbus with a pleasant homecoming

Galaxy's 3-2 loss last weekend snapped a seven-game unbeaten streak in which they had allowed a totoal of five goals.

Los Angeles Galaxy commanded by Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Columbus Crew has lost just four home games in all-time against LA Galaxy for a record of 9W-8D. The last time the LA squad won at Mapfre Stadium was in August 2017.

Columbus Crew starting lineup is ready and set

Welcome to the preview and play by play of Columbus Crew vs LA Galaxy, MLS week 11th game to be played this Wednesday, May 8 from Mapfre Stadium, at Columbus, Ohio.