Four possible systems Zidane has planned for Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane is working hard on different schemes to implement at Real Madrid and his pursuit of Paul Pogba is an important part of the plan moving forward.

Four possible systems Zidane has planned for Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane wants to reform Real Madrid tactical system in his second stint as the manager of the club. The signings of Mendy, Hazard and Jovic along with the potential arrival of either Pogba, Eriksen or Fabián, make this a dynamic group. These are Zidane's options as he looks to tweak his team's tactics.

The main system: 1-4-3-3

The structure used by Zidane in his first spell in charge along with the end of the very poor end to the season. Kroos could play as a '5' despite his public concerns that he "is not Casemiro". He hasn't played well there either with the game against Athletic Bilbao last season a case in point. A more conservative option might be 1-4-1-4-1 with Casemiro there to keep things balanced.

The classic 1-4-4-2 with Jovic and benzema

The system that fits two strikers. Modric could play as the pivot or on the right. It's a more daring ploy with Vinicius (or Asensio) and Hazard on the wings but the reward might also be handsome. Fabián played 16 games last season on the wing but he tucks inside when they are on the ball. This could cause problems in terms of balance against rivals who play with width.

The merging of systems: 1-4-2-3-1

In Zidane's head, he sees a future with two holding midfield. Modric could stay there but in a more liberated role. This possibility would minimise the importance of Casemiro and his control in front of the back four. Hazard, Vinicius or Asensio would perate on the wings and you could also have Hazard as the middle man in attacking midfield with the other two youngsters on the wings. If Fabián does arrive, it would be another option at the base of midfield.

The successful diamond: 1-4-3-1-2

This has proven fruitful in the past for Zidane with Isco at the tip of the diamond. Hazard would assume this role and Zidane would be able to squeeze his two striker in along with Vinicius or Asensio. With their physical prowess, Pogba or Fabián could add a lot as the other midfielder. Casemiro could hold his position ahead of Kroos with the over-exposure needing a more defensive-minded midfielder.