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Megan Rapinoe 60', Rose Lavelle 68'

USA beat the Netherlands to retain the Women's World Cup

Rob Train

USA beat the Netherlands to retain the Women's World Cup

USA-Netherlands, Women's World Cup final live online

Congratulations USA! 

The Dutch gave it their all but just didn't have enough to see off the pre-eminent side in world football. 


And there is the whistle! The USA retain their World Cup title! 


The US subs are up and on the touchline getting readyto celebrate... 


Lloyd is played in and she considers heading to the corner but then tries a shot. It's deflected out and Morgan lashes at it but sends it well wide. 


USA camped in that far corner, safety first. Finally a free is given in the Dutch's favour and they're able to get it out but it's another US thrown and there is no hurry at all to take it. 


And unbelievably, given the circumstances, they try and keep it there! 


Another USA corner... 


Five minutes added for some late drama... 


Press goes on a run through the middle but it floored in mid-flight. 


Not much left for the Dutch to do now expect try and grab a consolation... 


Finally Heath runs out of steam and Carli Lloyd is on for a victory lap in what is surely her last World Cup game, if not her final international. 

Despite the result, our vote goes to Sari van Veenendaal, with Rose Lavelle a close second. 


It's Heath against the world as Morgan slips her past the Dutch defence but despite all the time in the world she fails to pull the trigger and eventually pulls down Van Lunteren in frustration inside the area. 


And Morgan is in! The forward brings the ball down on the far side and is one-on-one with Van Veenendaal but plants a left-footer straight at the Arsenal keeper. 


The Dutch are still pressing but the US look like they'll be sitting back and aiming to hit on the break in the final 10 minutes. We're pretty sure most of that action will go Morgan's way as she seeks the Golden Boot... 


Spitse! Decent hit from a free kick that rifles just wide of the far post! 


Rapinoe off to a huge ovation, Utah Royals forward Christen Press, who scored the opener against England, on to replace the captain. 

That's how you celebrate a goal... 


Beerensteyn! The Bayern striker unleashes a shot from just inside the area and it's on target but doesn't trouble Naeher. 


Great work from Rapinoe to play in Dunn, who dummies Van Lunteren and is one-on-one with Van Veenendaal, who once again saves her side with a solid save!  


Van de Sanden on, probably too late from Netherlands' point of view, as Dekker makes way. 


Morgan! The US striker comes hurtling into the area and the excellent Van Veenendaal is out quickly to smother the challenge. 


Heath! The winger is clean through and shapes to shoot but a last-ditch challenge denies her! Rapinoe doesn't expect the rebound in such a promising position and shins it out for a goal kick. 


Martens, who hasn't looked fully fit and has been unable to influence the game, goes off for Jill Roord. 


Gooooooooooooal! It won't make a lot of difference now as Rose Lavelle buries an excellent shot into the bottom corner from the edge of the area! 

Shanice van de Sanden warming up. She has a pair of heels on her and could shake up the game a bit. 


Morgan almost steals through but Van der Gragt puts in a timely challenge. 


Incidentally, that leaves a three-way lead for the Golden boot between Rapinoe, Morgan and England's Ellen White, with Morgan currently in the lead (we think) due to her higher assist rate. 


Miedema, who looks the most likely to make something happen, twists and turns in the box but there are too many US shirts there. 


Van de Donk urges her teammates to respond but the USA do not do losing from a leading position as a rule. 


How will the Dutch respond to that? 


Gooooooooooooal! Rapinoe goes down the middle and Van Veenendaal doesn't read it! The USA lead! 


Rapinoe up against Van Veenendaal...  

Van de Gragt in the book for telling the ref to, shall we say, go away, in rather stronger terms. 




The challenge is being looked into it and the replays do suggest that was a penalty... 


Morgan is down the area after a high challenge from Van der Gragt... we go to VAR! 


The Dutch break again but again the final ball is lacking again. 


A bit of hesitation in the Dutch back four and Van der Gragt blinks first to hook it clear and concede a throw. 


Becky Sauerbrunn is down and bleeing profusely from a crack to the head after a challenge with Van de Donk. Jill Ellis looks suitably worried on the touchline as she may be forced into a second change. No intent from Van de Donk, just one of those challenges. 


Morgan is through but the flag is up, much to the chagrin of the Orlando striker. 


Dunn gets a little over-excited from about 30 yards out and hammers a shot wide. The Dutch will be happy enough limiting the dangerous full back to speculative efforts like that. 


A bit more composure from the Oranje as they break up a US attack and play it back to the keeper. 


Another poor ball, this time from Martens inside, gifts possession to the US. The Netherlands have to be more careful when they have the ball. 


Netherlands fail to take advantage of a potential break but Rapinoe repays the favour with a weak effort straight at Van Veenendaal.  


Rapinoe delivers to the near post and Ertz almost steers it in! Just wide! The US are looking to stamp their authority on the game straight from the off after weathering that Dutch storm at the end of the first 45. 

Morgan on the charge straight away and another corner for the US... 


We're back underway! 

There's a change for the US, Kelly O'Hara off after that clash of heads with Martens, Orlando Pride defender Ali Krieger comes on. 

Second half about to get underway in Lyon. Who will make the breakthrough? 

Some stats from the first half. The Netherlands' main issue is fairly plain to see. Not one shot on target, although there was a clearance practically off the line from the US in that frantic final few minutes. 

No side has taken the US to half time without conceding at the 2019 World Cup. 


And that's the half! The Netherlands finished much the stronger side in the final few minutes. Let's see what the next 45 bring... 


There's a melée in the area and the US manage to hack it clear just about... the world champions are hanging on here! 


The Dutch get forward from the restart with good work from Miedema but Spitse's eventual shot is deflected out for a corner. 


Both are up and ok though, thankfully, to applause from the crowd. Both players off for a minute as a precaution. 


Two minutes added and both Martens and O'Hara are down after a horrific mid-air collision. 


An Alex Morgan sandwich as the US striker is clobbered in midfield by two opponents. 


Bloodworth goes on a rampaging run down the right but her ball is out on the far side without an orange shirt in the immediate area. 


It's not a bad delivery but US clear the follow up from Spitse is almost apologetic and straight into the gloves of Naeher. 


It's a training ground routine and out for a corner on the far side... late pressure from the Dutch here. 


Foul! Dahlkemper in the book as she brings down the charging Beerensteyn. Very dangerous position this for the Dutch to exploit. 


Van Veenendaal again! What a save from Morgan's cracking strike! She is keeping her side in at the moment. 


The US are starting to turn the screw. Netherlands need half time to come quickly. 


Van Veenendaal saves! Twice! First from Mewis and then from Morgan's prod towards goal from Rapinoe's ball.   


At the other end Morgan goes down in the area but the ref waves her protests away after Bloodworth gave her a little dig in the back.  


Netherlands do get into the area but are crowded out again. 


A US attack is brought up short by the lino's flag. The Dutch do look short of ideas going forward at the moment. They need to get to the ball to Martns more often or bypass the midfield entirely and try and use Beerensteyn's pace. 


Dunn goes long but it's too long for Mewis, who is shepherded to the line by Van Lunteren. 


It's a poor one from Ertz this time that is hacked clear at the near post. 


Another US corner as Rapinoe's effort is deflected out. 


Heath, who has been the US' most dangerous player so far, does well on the right to whip in a cross but Netherlands clear again. 


She's fine to continue though and the Dutch get the ball rolling again. A long ball is hoisted forwards rather pointlessly and Naeher gathers. It'll take more than that to get through the US back line. 


The Washington Spirit midfielder really got her laces through that one and the Dutch keeper made a firm save, pushing the shot to safety. The Dutch are clinging on a bit here as play stops so that Becky Sauerbrunn can get some treatement after a collision. 


Van Veenendaal! What a save to deny Lavelle! 


Corner to the US... 


Beerensteyn! The Bayern Munich striker, who is probably the fastest player on the pitch, streaks through and Naeher had to be equally swift off her line. 


The US try a sneaky throw routine and it almost comes off as O'Hara drops it into the area for Heath but the Dutch are alert to it. 


Possession fairly even so far, 54 for the US, 46 for the Netherlands. 


Van Veenendaal does well to get up and pluck a cross from the air. The US are trying the aerial route a fair but but haven't yet come across a defence with the kind of height the Dutch possess. 

Uncharted territory this for the US... 


Morgan plays Heath clean through but it's just too heavy for the Portland Thorns winger to get to. 


Martens skips through the US defence and tees up Miedema but she's crowded out by the retreating white shirts. 


O'Hara swings a cross in but the Dutch clear and eventually get a breather with the ball out for a goal kick. 


Rapinoe goes hurtling down the left but Van Lunteren is equal to the challenge and dispossesses the US captain with style. 


It's well delivered by Ertz to O'Hara on the edge of the area and Sari van Veenendaal is called into action as the ball is fizzed across the area by Heath. 


The Dutch have done what no other side have managed at this World Cup... prevent the US from scoring before the 15-minute mark. The US have a corner though... 


Sloppy again from the Dutch as a throw is clipped straight back out for a US response in Netherland's territory. A touch of nerves among Wiegman's side in the early exchanges. 


Another Dutch pass goes astray to end a promising attack, Beerensteyn giving chase but having no chance of beating US keeper Naeher to it. 


Netherlands clear though and this time it's a dutch free as Ertz clatters into Bloodworth. 


The US are gaining ground on the right with a series of attritional throws and that's a free kic, Spitse into the book for a crunching tackle on Lavelle. Danger from the edge of the area here... 


The US go long again, O'Hara belting a cross field ball towards Lavelle, but her attempt to put Rapinoe in is snuffed out. 


The US send Heath scurrying down the right and she manages to find Rapinoe on the far side but the Dutch just about deal with the threat. Not exactly convincing defending but it got the job done. 


A promising Dutch attack breaks down as the Oranje run out of ideas... Martens conducting from the left flank. 


Throw to the Dutch out on the right, USA clear it up though as Van de Donk commits a foul. 


All the US at the moment as the Stars and Stripes swarm forward but Netherlands are holding firm. They'll look to wrest control of the tempo as quickly as possible. 


Here we go! The US get the ball rolling, and pile forward as is their usual tactic. The Dutch are solid at the back though, this won't be a walk in the park for the US. 

Our player to watch for the Dutch, outside of Martens and Miedema, is Arsenal midfielder Daniëlle van de Donk. 

Interesting point about the US team we've just noticed... not one player currently playing outside the US league. 

One to watch for the US is Rose Lavelle... she was electric against England. 

There is a lot of orange in the crowd in Lyon.... the European champions take on the World champions in the 2019 Women's World Cup final! 

That was a rouser... no Marseillese though. Now for the Dutch anthem! 

Ok, here we go with the anthems! USA up first! Rapinoe tight-lipped... 

Just 15 minutes to go until kick-off in Lyon, where there's a full house and a lot of noise in the stands. 

Rapinoe is one of the most recognisable faces in US sport and has constantly been at the forefront of the push for equality in football, pointing out not unreasonably that unlike the US men's team, the women are regularly knocking about at the business end of major tournaments. 

Alex Morgan's strike rate at the tournament has been pretty impressive so far... eight shots on target, six goals scored. 

Nice and traditional on the kits today... the USA in the red, white and blue and the Dutch in Orange. Lovely. 

Rapinoe has been in the news as much for her on-field exploits in France as what she's been saying in press conferences - managing to annoy no less a figure than Donald Trump in the process - but she did make a good point about scheduling the other day: three international finals on the same day is quite some feat of file-o-fax blundering on the part of FIFA

No reason for the Dutch to feel cowed either... the Oranje have won their last nine on the trot and conceded just four times during that run. 

There are plenty of stars on both sides today, but it's quite likely one of these two will be decisive. 

A hero in the making? Will we see penalties this afternoon? 

The Netherlands are dreaming big but they have a huge task today: The USA are unbeaten in 16 Women's World Cup matches (W13, D3), winning the last 11 in a row.

The teams have been confirmed and Rapinoe does indeed start for the USA, while the good news for the Dutch support is that Martens has been passed fit. Rose Lavelle, who was very lively against England, is rewarded with a place in midfield and Alex Morgan is in there to cause the Dutch back four a few headaches from set-pieces. 

The US have come in for some criticism for their conduct in France, accused of arrogance in a 13-0 defeat of Thailand, Alex Morgan's much-commented tea-sipping celebration after scoring against England and a post-match hoo-ha as England captain Steph Houghton's interview was interrupted by jubilant USA players. Wiegman has shrugged off the controversy though: "I just think they have a lot of confidence, I think that is OK," said the Oranje boss. "They have won a lot and are at the top level all the time and it is a little bit part of the culture. That is just the way it is."

Netherlands: The 2017 European champions are in the World Cup final for the first time after overcoming Sweden in the semis courtesy of a Jackie Groenen strike in extra time. 

Oranje boss Sarina Wiegman has been waiting until the day of the game to see whether Barcelona winger Lieke Martens will be fit enough to start after picking up a toe injury against Japan. The Dutch top scorer, Vivianne Miedema, will lead the line for the Netherlands. 

USA: The Stars and Stripes will be seeking to defend the title they won in 2015 in their fifth World Cup final overall and go into the game as heavy favourites for victory, although the same was true in the semi-finals against England when VAR, keeper Alyssa Naeher and a lot of unfamiliar backs-to-the-wall defending secured a 2-1 victory

Megan Rapino should start against the Netherlands after missing the England game with a hamstring strain and Alex Morgan will be seeking to end the tournament with the Golden Boot in her luggage after scoring six times so far - including the winner in the last four - to leave her tied on six with Ellen White.