Irate Malmo fans set Zlatan statue on fire

"Himmelsblått" supporters earlier hung a toilet seat on the statue but took their frustration one step further on Wednesday night setting fire to the statue.

Irate Malmo fans set Zlatan statue on fire
Petter Arvidson/Bildbyran via ZU Petter Arvidson/Bildbyran via ZU

Following the news that Zlatan Ibrahimovic had become a part owner of Allsvenskan club Hammarby, Malmo fans earlier issued a statement stating the Rosengard born had "burned all bridges" with the club and city with the sky-blue supporters angry that the city native would take a stake in a Stockholm based club.

Kaveh Hosseinpour, vice chairman of Malmo supporters’ group MFF, spoke to local outlet Fotbollskanalen stating: “I have not heard anyone who thinks this is good. Everyone is extremely critical. Some are disappointed, some are angry and some think it is idiotic".

Earlier during Wednesday, the statue of Zlatan, who played for his home-town club for two years in 1999 was adorned with a toilet seat and later a plastic bag covered up the player's head. Events took a turn for the worse after nightfall with angry masked supporters setting fire to the nine foot bronze statue.