Mbappé ignores Tuchel after being subbed off

Second moment of tension in four days between striker Mbappé and the PSG coach, after he was taken off at the end of the match against Montpellier.


Mbappé hasn't been entirely happy at PSG for a while now. His relationship with coach Thomas Tuchel continues to deteriorate and this Saturday saw the latest chapter.

Mbappe angry with Tuchel

In the 90th minute, the German coach decided to substitute the French youngster for Chopo-Mouting and Mabppé's face clearly reflected his displeasure at the move.

But things got distinctly uncomfortable when Tuchel went to greet him as he came off the pitch. Mbappé refused to acknowledge his coach and didn't even look at him as Tuchel tried to hug him, and explain the decision. In response the forward simply directed his gaze the other way, looking for a friendly face on the bench.

Mbappé angry again

Mbappé came off having scored PSG's second goal and set up their third. This latest moment of tension between Tuchel and Mbappé comes just three days after the game against Nantes, in which the striker also got angry at being replaced, that time by Icardi in the 78th minute, having scored one of the two goals that gave PSG the win.

Mbappé's two latest spats with Tuchel aren't actually something new - last season he was highly upset with the German for not playing him in two of the final games of the season, thus depriving him of the chance to win the Golden Show for top scorer in Europe.

Real Madrid continue to dream of Mbappé

That, together with his long standing dream of playing for Real Madrid, was the main reason for his controversial statements at the French Football Gala held in May: "It is a very important moment for me. I think the first or second key moment of my career has arrived. I've learned many things here, and voilà, I think it's time to take on more responsibility. I hope that could be with PSG, I'd be happy with that, or somewhere else. But I want to say thank you".

Mbappé has a contract with PSG to 2022, and is refusing to discuss a renewal deal with the French outfit. He knows only too well that Real Madrid want him and he dreams of playing under Zidane, who could not have made things clearer than when he said, before PSG visited the Bernabéu: "I'm in love with Mbappé". The player, Real Madrid and PSG know that one day the French star will play at the Bernabéu under Zidane, but Tuchel may play a part in making that day come sooner rather than later.