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Liga MX is one of the top 5 most important leagues in the world

Liga MX president, Enrique Bonilla, has stated that the Mexican championship is one of the best leagues in the world for the operation and its marketing.

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Enrique Bonilla in Concacaf Champions League ceremony
Jose Luis Melgarejo MEXSPORT

Each year the Liga MX gets more recognition from players, coaches and fans all over the world. In the latest rankings the Mexican championship is close to making it into the Top 20 leagues, but the current president, Enrique Bonilla, thinks they are one of the top 5 leagues in the entire world.

Bonilla backs up this statement saying that the Liga MX is top of its class in terms of operation, administration and marketing. “We want to keep growing. Our operations and administrations are remarkable and that is why I think we should be in the top 5 leagues.”

Not worried about MLS signings

With Mexico’s best players deciding to continue their careers in the MLS and not the Liga MX, like Javier Hernandez who just joined LA Galaxy this season, Enrique Bonilla said it does not worry him because the Mexican championship has a better quality of football than the US league.

“Our soccer is very entertaining for fans; it is fun and it is not only people in Mexico who are watching but also people all over the United States. What we have to keep working on is improving the quality of the soccer we offer for the satisfaction of our fans.”