Coronavirus: Which countries have banned alcohol during lockdown?

Despite unfulfilled rumours that an alcohol ban was to be introduced in the UK during lockdown, some nations have declared a temporary ban.

Coronavirus: Which countries have banned alcohol during lockdown?

Late on Sunday night, a falsified document which appeared to be printed on NHS headed paper, confirmed that there would be an enforced alcohol ban in then UK during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Despite the fake communique doing the rounds on social media in the UK, there are places in the world who have issued a ban on the sale of alcohol during a determined time-frame as one of a series of measures to combat social disorder as Covid-19 lockdown's are enforced in parts of the world.

A woman walks past a beer advertisement billboard in front of a supermarket as Czech breweries

South Africa booze ban

Last week, "Bheki" Hamilton Cele (the South African Minister of the Police) confirmed that there would be a total ban in the sale of alcohol in South Africa for the duration of the 21-day lockdown that was declared by the government on Friday 28 March. One of the reasons cited for the move was that a liquor ban would be instrumental in breaking the Covid-19 chain. As of Monday (30 March), 1,282 positive cases had been confirmed in the country.

The capital of Greenland, Nuuk has also enforced an alcohol ban which will run to at least 15 April with the move coming as a measure to protect children from domestic abuse. Local health minister Martha Abelsen told media that 'domestic violence had been on the rise in recent weeks' and the initative coincided with a ban on gatherings of more than ten people as a drive to prevent the spreading of the Covid-19 virus.

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