How many tests for coronavirus have been carried out in the US?

The United States has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the entire world and they also have been proactive in carrying out tests during the outbreak.

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How many tests for coronavirus have been carried out in the US?

As of the morning of April 12 the United States has confirmed a total of 557,071 cases and 21,952 deaths, despite the death toll, the country has also conducted a high number of testing since the pandemic started.

According to information from Johns Hopkins University the United States have conducted more than 2.688.766 million tests since the outbreak began. Out of the tests only 19.8% have tested positive and New York is the state with most cases in the nation.

As of Sunday April 12 New York City has carried out a total of 440,990 tests with Maine the state seeing the fewest amount where only 6,774 tests have been conducted.

Coronavirus tests in the U.S.

Top tested US States Tests Conducted
New York 440 mil 980 tests
California 182 mil 986 tests
Florida 175 mil 518 tests
Texas 120 mil 533 tests
New Jersey 120 mil 193 tests
Pennsylvania 120 mil 153 tests
Massachusetts 108 mil 776 tests
Louisiana 96 mil 915 tests
Washington 93 mil 615 tests
Illinois 92 mil 149 tests