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Coronavirus US summary: Covid-19 news, 26 May

The Rolling Thunder souvenir stand near the Lincoln Memorial is closed due to concerns about the coronavirus disease in Washington, U.S., May 25, 2020. REUTERS/Erin Scott

Coronavirus live USA: latest Covid-19 news - 26 May

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US coronavirus latest: 14:00 PST / 17:00 EST on Tuesday 26 May (23:00 CEST)

According to the latest figures published by Johns Hopkins University5,554,469 cases have been detected worldwide, with 348,302 deaths and 2,269,880 people now recovered.

In the USA, there have been 1,675,532 confirmed cases and 98,717 deaths with 379,157 people recovering from the virus.

Twitter adds fact-check to Trump voting-fraud tweets

Twitter has taken the unusual step of adding a fact-checking option to posts by Donald Trump, in the wake of the US president's claims that mail-in voting would increase electoral fraud.

Trump has clashed with Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, over the latter's attempts to implement postal voting to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Biden says Trump "an absolute fool" for mocking face mask

Joe Biden, the Democrats' presumptive presidential nominee, has told CNN's Dana Bash that the US president, Donald Trump, is "an absolute fool" for retweeting a tweet that made fun of his face mask.

"Every leading doc in the world is saying we should wear a mask when you're in a crowd," Biden said. "This macho stuff, for a guy - I shouldn't get going, but it just, it costs people's lives. It's costing people's lives."

The former US vice-president added: "Presidents are supposed to lead, not engage in folly and be falsely masculine."


US death toll could have been "25 times" worse without me - Trump

Speaking at a White House event on treating diabetes, US president Donald Trump has claimed that his administration's management of the coronavirus crisis averted a scenario in which there could have been "25 times" more deaths in the States.

"There would have been anything from 10, to 20, to 25 times more deaths if we didn't act the way we did," Trump said, adding that Dr Anthony Fauci, the US' top infectious diseases expert, told him that his government "saved thousands and thousands of lives" by closing the American border to China.

NY governor's reopening plans

$600 unemployment benefits boost: when does it end, will it be extended?


$600 unemployment benefits boost: when does it end, will it be extended?

$600 benefits boost: will it be extended?

During the coronavirus crisis, people receiving unemployment benefits in the United States have been getting an extra $600 a week. As things stand, however, that additional payment is set to end in July.

Full details:


Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo shows his masks during a press conference at the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday. The NYSE the symbolic heart of Wall Street, reopened its floor Tuesday after a two-month closure due to the coronavirus, with traders donning masks and separated by plexiglas. Stocks surged at the outset of the session following the trademark opening bell, which was presided by Cuomo and NYSE officials, all donning masks. (Photo by Johannes EISELE / AFP)

"It's a bit peculiar he doesn't wear a mask in his basement"

Speaking at a news conference today, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany left reporters slightly puzzled with this response to a question about Donald Trump's retweeting of a post mocking the face mask worn by Joe Biden yesterday.

Fox News political analyst Brit Hume had tweeted a photo of Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, in a face mask and aviator sunglasses at a Memorial Day event, with the caption: "This might help explain why Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask in public. Biden today."

VP's press secretary back at work after overcoming coronavirus

Katie Miller, the press secretary to the US vice-president, Mike Pence, has announced that she has returned to work after recovering from Covid-19, which she contracted earlier in May. Miller has also revealed that she is expecting a baby with husband Stephen Miller, a senior aide at the White House.

Second stimulus check: what is the Skills Renewal Act?


Second stimulus check: what is the Skills Renewal Act?

What is the Skills Renewal Act?

A bipartisan group of US senators has introduced the Skills Renewal Act, which proposes a $4,000 tax credit aimed at boosting the job prospects of those left unemployed by the coronavirus.

Full details:


Drive-thru testing in Arlington hot spot

People in Arlington in the United States get free Covid-19 tests without needing to show ID, doctor's note or symptoms, at a drive-thru and walk up coronavirus testing center located at Barcroft Community Center, in the Arlington zipcode with the highest concentration of coronavirus cases. (Photo by Olivier DOULIERY / AFP)

This could help New York avoid a second wave if they can trace people with it and who they have been in contact with.

Trump promises that next year will be one of the best ever as he tries to shift the focus from his response to the coronavirus.

Donald Trump uses Twitter to send out messages about his political enemies and institutions he wants to coerce into changing. CNN take a look at what it says about Trump as the US approach 100,000 deaths caused by coronavirus.

Nursing homes have been hit particularly hard during the coronavirus and some of the residents' treatment in them has been nothing short of terrible. It seems nursing homes owners are aware of this as they make the first move to avoid punishment.

The fall-out from the coronavirus is on the horizon but we are already seeing some negative effects.


How long could stimulus payment be delayed?

There are several reasons why your stimulus check payment could be delayed. Here are some of the reasons and how to track the payment online.

Meat companies re-opening, but owners remain coy about sick workers

The coronavirus remains a very political topic in the US. Conservatives want to re-open the country and get the economy going and many companies are keen to get workers back to work despite how dangerous it might be. Meat companies are re-opening and the New York Times explain how they are being evasive about how many of their workers are sick.

Futures up

U.S. stock futures rose 2% on Tuesday and breached a major chart barrier as investors brushed aside China-U.S. trade tension and braced for a re-opening of the world economy.

S&P 500 E-Minis rose 2% to 3,012 points, with 299,852 contracts changing hands. The S&P 500 index closed mostly unchanged​ on Friday at 2,955.45 points and the futures contract was up 1.9% from that close.​The futures contract broke through 2,988.38, a 200-day simple moving average, suggesting a strong day ahead for U.S. stocks.

Futures on the Dow Jones index were up 517 points, or 2.12%. (Reuters)

Exercising your rights

Judges are flexing their legislative powers in Montana.

Lockdown fashion

What have you been wearing while spending more time at home?

Memorial Day

Memorial Day crowds

The large crowds that turned out across the US for the Memorial Day weekend have worried authorities who have warned people against ignoring social distancing rules as the country is set to pass 100,000 deaths from coronavirus

“We really want to be clear all the time that social distancing is absolutely critical. And if you can’t social distance and you’re outside, you must wear a mask,” said Dr Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force.

White House brings forward Brazil travel restrictions by two days

(Reuters) The White House on Monday issued a statement amending the timing of the start of new restrictions on travel from Brazil to the United States to 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, May 26.

The White House announced on Sunday that it was restricting travel from Brazil to the United States, two days after the South American nation became the world's No. 2 hotspot for coronavirus cases. In its original announcement, it said the restrictions would come into force on May 28.


WHO halts clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine

Despite receiving the personal backing of Donald Trump, the WHO has decided to suspend clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine. 

Second stimulus check: is White House moving for it to arrive soon?


Second stimulus check: is White House moving for it to arrive soon?

With Democrats pushing for a second round of coronavirus stimulus payments, President Donald Trump said he is considering the option, as many states reopen their economies.

Americans make low-key Memorial Day tributes

(Reuters) Americans paid a low-key tribute to those who died serving in the U.S. Armed Forces on Monday, with many Memorial Day events canceled because of the coronavirus epidemic that has killed nearly 100,000 people in the United States alone.

In some places, scaled-down ceremonies were broadcast over the internet, as shutdowns to curb the spread of the virus put a damper on what is usually a day of flag-waving parades and crowds celebrating the unofficial start of the U.S. summer.

Spots that would be bustling on a normal Memorial holiday had noticeably thinner crowds.

US celebrates muted Memorial Day

The coronavirus pandemic saw traditional spectacles such as parades and ceremonies replaced with motor convoys and masks.   

California opens places of worship, in-store retail businesses 

(Reuters) California retail with in-store shopping and places of worship that were closed under one of the most restrictive coronavirus containment rules in the United States may now open, health authorities announced on Monday. 

The California Department of Public Health said that businesses and churches, synagogues, and mosques can reopen at 25 percent occupancy capacity, and with other restrictions.

The new rules come amid a time of mounting pressure of state lawsuits from churches, protests and even a push from President Donald Trump for churches to reopen and America to get back to work.

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