Qatar 2022 World Cup

Cafu on Qatar 2022 World Cup: "an exceptional experience for everyone"

"Participation in organising the World Cup has undoubtedly been a phenomenal experience," said the former Brazil star during his time at the Josoor Institute.

Cafu on Qatar 2022 World Cup: "an exceptional experience for everyone"

Cafu, a former World Cup winner with his Brazilian national team and delegate of the Organization and Legacy Committee, responsible for managing the 2022 Qatar World Cup projects, restated the significance of the event, one that would be an exceptional experience for players, coaches and fans.

The former-Brazilian star shared his thoughts as he appeared on an educational course held by the Josoor Institute, a pioneering centre for the management and organisation of sports initiatives in the Middle East, providing inspirational tips on how to achieve success in both professional and personal careers. Cafu spoke at the virtual course, which took place online as part of the measures imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Everything I have today is thanks to my professional career that opened doors for me,” he said, “and of course the experience of the World Cup is completely different from what I do today behind the scenes. But participation in organising the World Cup is undoubtedly a phenomenal experience, so everyone has a great time with the exceptional World Cup experience in Qatar. I am really enjoying this experience.

“Learning is hugely significant, allowing us to develop impressive examples - athletes, players and citizens - and it is not enough for an individual to learn just how they can become a professional athlete. They must also learn what it is to be a noble person, because the career of the professional athlete is limited. It can last between 15 and 20 years, but the human being is what will remain a lifetime,” he stated.

Evolve knowledge of soccer

Cafu, winner of more than 20 titles throughout his career that lasted 18 years, demonstrated the role of learning in shaping his career after retiring from football.

“I participated in courses presented by the European football federation, with the aim to improve my knowledge of football. I also attended English classes, given the importance of communication, especially in my position as delegate of the Qatar World Cup, and I believe today that knowledge is very important. Every day gives us a new chance to learn; life is said to be a school, so we should never stop learning.”

In the context of the challenges that he encountered throughout his career, the Brazilian added that people should ”never stop when the challenges block your path, but work hard to overcome them.

“I have overcome many obstacles to become what I am today. I speak to you based on my experience, but you have to follow your path full of enthusiasm and determination to achieve your dreams."

It is worth mentioning that the Josoor Institute, and the program of the legacy of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, aims to share with the next generations of specialists in sports management and organisation in the Middle East the experiences acquired by organising the competition. The institute also provides online educational programs in the context of the current crisis.