Nigeria: FAAN Aviation authorities release new regulations for post-Covid-19 flights

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has announced the new safety guidelines to be followed by airport personnel and air travellers.

Nigeria: FAAN Aviation authorities release new regulations for post-Covid-19 flights

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has released a new set of regulations to be followed by airports and travellers, after the federal government decided that domestic flights could resume gradually, as from 8 July.

The new standard operating procedures are aimed at curbing further spread of coronavirus - particularly through passengers.

New regulatory measures regulations for post-Covid-19 flights

As per the new regulations all passengers must abide by the following:

- All passengers must arrive at the airport with their face mask on.

- Passengers must keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, with medical/port health personnel ensuring the proper use of face masks.

- Passengers traveling with pets must get their needed clearance from Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Services.

- Passengers luggage is to be disinfected before their entry to departure halls.

- Hand sanitizers to be provided for passengers before at the waiting halls/lounges and before entering boarding gates, with the passengers required to wash their hands as frequently as possible.

- Passengers footwear to be sanitized and disinfected by foot mats placed on the ground across entrances to the terminal building.

- Passengers are required to maintain social distance upon disembarkation from the aircraft and at the baggage claim area, with all Covid-19 protocol measures observed during customs check.

FAAN is asking passengers and stakeholders to comply with the new procedural protocol set to ensure the safety of everyone.