Stimulus check: when to contact the IRS if payment has not arrived

You believe you are entitled to a payment but have not yet received anything. You're not alone and here's some advice on when you should act.

Stimulus check: when to contact the IRS if payment has not arrived

Millions have been issued; but millions more are outstanding. As some people in America continue to await their stimulus check - the ‘Economic Impact Payments that were agreed as part of the CARES Act in March - we consider the points at which you should look to take action.

Confirmation letter received, but no money arrived

As we explained before, those people eligible to receive payments in the first round were issued a ‘Notice 1444’ letter to confirm so. This was mailed within 15 days of the payment being made and gave information of the amount of money and how it was going to be paid (direct deposit, by mail, debit card). If you find yourself in this situation then we suggest you do one of the follow three things:

- Go to the Get My Payment tool on the IRS website and check the status

- Call the IRS

- Complete and submit Form 3911

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner, Charles P. Rettig, testifies during a Senate Finance Committee hearing on the 2020 Filing Season and IRS COVID-19 Recovery.

Waiting a week for direct deposit

If you are unaware of when your direct deposit was expected to be paid then you can check this out using the IRS Get My Payment tool. If it has reached a week since that date and you have not yet received the payment then you should contact your bank in the first instance as some, very few now, have been using these payments to balance up unpaid dues. If your back cannot shed any further light on the situation then you can call the IRS to see what has happened.

Waiting a month for paper check

You have been made aware that you are to receive a paper check but it has been four weeks (nine weeks for those abroad) since that scheduled date passed. Your first port of call is the Get My Payment tool as this will advise you if there has been any problem delivering the check to your home, for example, more address information is required or you may have an option to enter bank account details.

The United States Postal Service allows you to trace your mailed check by using the Informed Delivery system, if available for your address. If this does not provide the necessary information then you can contact the IRS and ask for them to track the delivery.

Important notes:

The Treasury Department has not released a schedule for the delivery of payments

If you are one of those not required to file a tax return, you have until 15 October to sign up on the IRS non-filers tool