Messi's family speak on player's 'need for happiness'

Although Lionel Messi has not come out publicly about the situation he has created between him and FC Barcelona, some members of his family have.

Messi's family speak on player's 'need for happiness'

Anyone with even a passing interest in the world of football is now aware that Lionel Messi has a desire to leave the club he has served with such distinction since he was a boy. That said, he has not spoken publicly about it since the Champions League last-straw humiliation against Bayern Munich, preferring to leave it instead to his agent and lawyers.

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Messi has to refind happiness

Other thoughts behind the exit desire have been leaking out from those close to the Argentine star and the latest has come from his cousin, Maximiliano Biancucchi Cuccittini.

“He has to find the place where he can be happy. If he was happy at Barcelona, he would have stayed there. He no longer has that happiness there and he wants to find a new direction. It’s his right to do so,” said Biancucchi, via Deportes Cuatro.

With the specific direction of his future lying at Manchester City, the cousin points to the quality of football being key.

“I would like to see him in a team that plays well. I am passionate about good football.

Of all the teams that have been suggested, I feel that Manchester City would be a good fit. Another would be PSG, but we are gong to have to wait, and wherever he goes he will be happy and have peace.”

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Messi did not turn up on Sunday for pre-season testing - including the new requirement due to Covid-19 - and therefore will not be part of this week's training sessions in the new era of Ronald Koeman. A showdown between Barça and Messi is due for Wednesday.