Maradona to undergo surgery for a blood clot on the brain

Diego Maradona is suffering from a subdural hematoma (SDH) and will undergo surgery in the next few hours. He will be transferred to another clinic.

Maradona to undergo surgery for a blood clot on the brain
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Worrying news just in from La Plata, Argentina  - Diego Armando Maradona will undergo surgery urgently to treat a blood clot which has formed on the left side of his brain.

Maradona admitted to hospital on Monday night

This evening, the Gimnasia y Esgrima coach was transferred by ambulance to the Olivos clinic in the Federal Capital where he will undergo the operation to drain the subdural hematoma (SDH) - an operation which will last between two to three hours. The operation was due to commence at 20:00 hours local time (00:00 CET). Verónica Ojeda is reported to be at his bedside. Maradona had been hospitalized since Monday night for anemia and dehydration, though his condition had been improving, his personal doctor Leopold Luque said. It is expected that Maradona will remain in hospital until doctors are confident he can be discharged, which should be between four to five days.

The news has caused a huge response for the football legend, winner of the World Cup at Mexico 86, on social media with many expressing their concern with the hashtag: Stay strong Diego! (#FuerzaDiego)