USA Elections 2020 results in Texas: who has won the popular and college vote?

The presidential election results for the Lone Star State, as Donald Trump and Joe Biden arm wrestle for the 38 electoral college votes

USA Elections 2020 results in Texas: who has won the popular and college vote?

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The results in the presidential election for the battleground state of Texas are coming in. Candidate Biden splashed out big on advertising in the Lone Star State hoping to win the 38 electoral college votes.

Texas popular vote result

As of 5 p.m. ET, the reporting stood at 85% of votes reported, according to Associated Press, with the following standings:

Donald Trump: 52.3% - 5,832,055

Joe Biden: 46.3% - 5,166,253

AP have now called that Donald Trump has won the state of Texas.

Texas electoral college result

Trump has now won all of Texas' 38 available electoral college votes.

In 2016, Trump took Texas with 52.6% of the vote to Hillary Clinton's 43.4%.

The popular vote tallies were Trump: 4,681,590, Clinton: 3,867,816.

Texas early voting

Texas saw a huge amount of early voting, with nearly 10 million votes being cast prior to today's polling. That's a full 108% of the 2016 turnout.

Texas has seen legal battles over drive-thru voting in Harris County where Republicans have tried to have 127,000 in-person votes already cast thrown out. However, the case has gone before Republican judges who have dismissed the claim to call them illegal but they must still be held aside and await further legal challenges.

Importance of Texas for Trump

Texas has been a reliable red state and hasn’t voted for a presidential candidate from the Democrat party since 1976. This year the Democrats are hoping to flip the state as the demographics have been shifting.

Texas became a minority-majority state in 2011. However the Latino community is a very diverse community. Trump hasn’t charmed this electorate with his harsh words and tactics against illegal immigrants, including separating children from their parents. This community has also suffered disproportionately in the covid-19 pandemic.

If Trump were to lose Texas it would be one of the biggest upsets and his chances at winning the White House would be nearly impossible.