USA Elections 2020 results in Illinois: who has won the popular and college vote?

The presidential election results for the 'Prairie State', as Donald Trump and Joe Biden arm wrestle for the 20 electoral college votes.

USA Elections 2020 results in Illinois: who has won the popular and college vote?

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The results in the presidential election for the state of Illinois are coming in. The state has been a Democrat stronghold since 1992 with Candidate Biden expected to win out according to AP.

Illinois popular vote result

As of 05:00 am ET, the scrutiny stood at 74% of votes reported, according to Associated Press, with the following standings:

Joe Biden: 55.9% - 2,511, 247

Donald Trump: 42.3% - 1,900,052

AP have now called that Joe Biden has won the state of Illinois.

Illinois electoral college result

Biden has now claimed all of the states' available electoral college votes.

In 2016, Hilary Clinton was the clear Illinois winner with 55.83% of the vote to Trump's 38.76%.

The popular vote tallies were: Clinton: 3,090,729, Trump: 2,146,015.

Illinois early voting

As with many other states in the US, early voting in Illinois which ended at 7 p.m. Monday saw a record numbers of ballots cast.

The city of Chicago saw record early voting this year, with more than 738,000 residents casting votes via mail-in ballot or in-person voting in the days ahead of Election Day.

Presidencial Election Day 2020 in USAWilmington (United States), 04/11/2020.- Joe Biden, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, speaks during an election night event in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, 04 November 2020.

“Early turnout has been incredible. We’re so excited so many Chicagoans are exercising their right to vote,” Chicago Board of Elections Chairwoman Marisel Hernandez said.

Importance of Illinois for Biden

Illinois is regarded as one of the 'big three' Democrat stronghold states along with California and New York with the sate a solid 'blue' since 1992. 2016 Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton and former US President Barack Obama are native Chicagoans.

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