USA elections 2020 results in Wisconsin: who has won the popular and electoral college vote?

Counting has nearly finished in Wisconsin with Joe Biden securing a narrow win over President Donald Trump. The Democratic candidate has a lead of 0.6%.

USA elections 2020 results in Wisconsin: who has won popular and college vote?

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With nearly 3.3 million votes counted so far Joe Biden has been declared the victor in the vital battleground state of Wisconsin, beating the incumbent President Donald Trump by a margin of around 20,000. It is an important capture for the Democrats who saw Trump win the state by an almost identical margin in 2016.

The result adds another 10 Electoral College votes to Joe Biden's tally.

Wisconsin popular vote result

The latest data reported by the New York Times shows that 3,297,137 votes have been cast in the state of Wisconsin, here is how the popular vote has gone so far:

Joe Biden (Dem): 1,630,389 votes (49.4%)

Donald Trump (Rep): 1,609,879 votes (48.8%)

Jo Jorgensen (Lib): 38,270 votes (1.2%)

In 2016 in Wisconsin, Trump beat Hillary Clinton with a margin of 0.8%. Trump won 1,405,284 votes (47.22%), while Clinton secured 1,382,536 votes (46.45%).

This time around the winning margin will be around 0.6% and Donald Trump has already determined to challenge the result. Any victory by under a single percentage point can be subject to a recount, but as the margin was not below 0.25% the Trump campaign will have to cover the recount cost of around $3 million.

Wisconsin electoral college result

The winner of Wisconsin will take 10 electoral college votes. As things stand overall, Joe Biden is leading with 248 electoral college votes, with Trump on 214.

The victory in Wisconsin, although still subject to a recount, is a enormous victory for the Democrats whose entire campaign and nomination of Joe Biden was designed to appeal to the Rust Belt voters lost four years ago. Wisconsin is the first of those northern states to flip and Pennsylvania-born Biden will hope that either his home town state or Michigan will be next to fall for him.

Provided he wins Arizona as he is projected to, a win in either of those Rust Belt states would essentially land him the White House

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