USA election results in Georgia: who has won college vote and popular vote?

Joe Biden is still ahead of Donald Trump in Georgia with more than 98% of votes reported. The winner of the state will take 16 electoral college votes.

USA elections 2020 results in Georgia: who has won popular and college vote?

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With more than 98% of votes reported in Georgia at the time of writingJoe Biden is now leading Donald Trump in the battleground state, having overtaken the president early on Friday morning.

With Biden only marginally ahead and few ballots left to be counted, Georgia's state secretary, Brad Raffensberger, announced last week that the slim margin between the two candidates is the reason a full recount by hand is now under way in the state.

Gabriel Sterling, George's voting system implementation manager, told reporters: "We are literally looking at a margin of less than a large high school."

A Democratic candidate has not won in Georgia since 1992.

As of Friday afternoon, many major networks have called Georgia's winner Joe Biden, but AP will not call it until the recount is complete. 

Georgia popular vote results

Of the nearly five million votes reported in Georgia, here is how the popular vote has gone as of 3:40pm on Friday, according to AP:

Joe Biden (Dem): 2,472,182 votes (49.52%)

Donald Trump (Rep): 2,458,010 votes (49.23%)

Jo Jorgensen (Lib): 62,060 votes (1.2%)

In 2016 in Georgia, Trump beat Hillary Clinton with a comfortable 5-point margin. Trump won 2,089,104 votes (50.44%), while Clinton secured 1,877,963 votes (45.45%).

Georgia electoral college result

The winner of Georgia will take 16 electoral college votes. As things stand overall, Joe Biden is leading with 290 electoral college votes, with Trump on 214.

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