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US election 2020, 14 november: Trump reactions to Biden win

US election 2020, 14 november: Trump reactions to Biden win

US election and covid-19 live: 14 November 2020

US election & covid-19 Saturday 13 November 2020:

Electoral college votes (270 needed to win) 

Joe Biden: 306
Donald Trump: 232

- Several thousand protesters (and counter-protesters) gathered in Washington DC to support Donald Trump in his refusal to accept election result under #MarchforTrump

- In first public appearance since losing election Friday, Trump spoke at the Rose Garden on Operation Warp Speed, and almost acknowledged a future Biden administration

- Major networks NYT, CNN and Reuters call Biden to win Georgia. AP to wait to call Georgia until after the recount

- US coronavirus cases edge towards 11 million, adding over 180,000 a day and accounting for one fifth of all worldwide cases

- States sustaining high levels of case outbreaks include The Dakotas, Iowa, Wyoming and Wisconsin

- Joe Biden speaks to Pope Francis on the phone, expressing wish to work together based on common issues like climate change and immigration

- Amid repeated baseless GOP assertions that the election has been rigged by widespread voter fraud, top gov't officials confirm 2020 election "the most secure" in history

- The Trump campaign continue to have lawsuits over election fraud thrown out 

Browse the latest stories on the US election:

US Election 2020: will Trump give a concession speech and accept defeat?

US Election 2020

US Election 2020: will Trump give a concession speech and accept defeat?

Donald Trump and admitting defeat

It's now over a week since the US presidential election was called for Joe Biden but the incumbent president continues to make baseless claims of voter fraud.

Will he give a concession speech? How does the process normally work? What happens if he doesn't?

Will Gittens takes a look...

Protest footage from DC

More footage is being shared of some of the more violent clashes from Saturday night's protests in the capital.

Warning: contains strong language and violence

Dead voter apology from Tucker Carlson

Fox News host Tucker Carlson apologised for one of his fake news stories that a dead man had voted in Georgia.

He admitted he was absolutely wrong, and that it was the dead veteran’s widow who voted in Georgia, and not her late husband. 

How the American people help keep the postal service honest

As soon as it became apparent that operational changes made by DeJoy were slowing the mail, an enormous wave of public pressure, including congressional hearings, forced him to back off of making any operational changes before the election.

Voting rights advocates sued to force him to roll back the remaining changes, and public pressure and the US district judge overseeing the federal case, Emmett Sullivan, caused the USPS to adopt what it calls “extraordinary measures” to keep ballots moving faster than the rest of the mail.

Trump protesters take aim at opponents

Maddow highlights some of the choice language captured in the Post's article on Saturday's protests in Washington.

Pushing the message

It appears Kayleigh McEnany got the memo. Another set of close up images with the supporting words attempting to put a number on the amount of people gathered in support of Trump.

Rather than the million stated, estimates have the crowd at a few thousand.

Demand prep as movement restricted

Grocery stores and food companies are preparing for a possible surge in sales amid a new rise in covid-19 cases and the impending holiday rush. 

Supermarkets are stockpiling groceries and storing them early to prepare for the fall and winter months, when some health experts warn the country could see another widespread outbreak of virus cases and new restrictions.

Food companies are accelerating production of their most popular items, and leaders across the industry are saying they won’t be caught unprepared.


Biden's tough road ahead

President-elect Joe Biden will not be in the White House until after 20 January next year but he has already started work in preparation.

But, as the Post explains, delivering on some of his promises is not going to be plain sailing.

Clashes breakout between opposing sides in D.C. 

The Washington Post reports that around 8 p.m. skirmishes occurred between Trump supporters and counter-protestors.  The Trump supporters had attended a rally in the nation's capital to falsely claim that President Trump had won the 2020 election.

At least 10 have been arrested as police, four of whom on gun charges as law enforcement separated the two sides.  One individual was taken to hospital with serious injuries after being stabbed. 

Santa Claus

Visiting Santa in the covid-19 pandemic

A brother and sister visit Santa Claus, who sits behind a plexiglass divider due to the coronavirus disease pandemic, in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania captured by Mark Makela.

Judge rules DACA was improperly suspended 

On Saturday a federal judge ruled that acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, didn’t have the authority to suspend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program because DHS didn’t follow the proper legal order of succession.  Wolf issued a memorandum in July suspending DACA which shields young immigrants that were brought into the US as children from being deported. 

How to keep safe from covid-19 when dining outdoors 

The coronavirus has shown itself to be especially good at spreading indoors when people are close together so restaurants have set up outdoor seating to make clients feel safe and save their businesses.  However as winter weather sets in those same restaurants have created outdoor enclosures to protect their customers from the cold reducing the ability of the free flow of outdoor air to disperse the virus load in the air. Good Morning America talks to Lindsey Marr from Virginia Tech about how the virus can spread in tented structures and what measures you can take if you plan to enjoy dining out. 

Biden's covid-19 advisor says no lockdown planned

Biden's covid-19 advisor says no lockdown planned

President-elect Joe Biden’s top coronavirus adviser said on Friday there were no plans for a wholesale nationwide lockdown to curb the surging covid-19 pandemic, Reuters report.

There are currently no national mandates, and the country’s patchwork of measures will likely remain intact after Biden is inaugurated on 20 January following his election win over Republican President Donald Trump, the head of the Democrat’s coronavirus advisory board said.

“We’re not in a place where we’re saying shut the whole country down,” Dr. Vivek Murthy, a former U.S. surgeon general, told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“Right now the way we should be thinking about this is more like a series of restrictions that we dial up or down depending on how bad a spread is taking place in a specific region,” he said.

Madame Tussauds scores hole in one with new Trump look

Though Trump is yet to accept the result of his loss to Joe Biden over a week ago, the British waxwork museum has wasted no time in refitting the Trump avatar's wardrobe,

Did Pfizer work with Trump and Operation Warp Speed?

Did Pfizer work with Trump and Operation Warp Speed?

Trump's trying to take credit for the "90%" effective vaccine.

AP Fact Check says that Pfizer notably did not accept government money to develop, test or expand manufacturing capacity under Trump’s Operation Warp Speed initiative to quickly find a vaccine and treatments for the disease sweeping the country.

In fact, Pfizer partnered with the vaccine’s original developer, Germany’s BioNTech, in March and the following month announced the first human study in Germany. The White House announced Operation Warp Speed in May.

Pfizer opted not to join Operation Warp Speed initially but is following the same general requirements for the vaccine’s development as competitors who received government research money. The company says it has risked $2 billion of its own money on vaccine development and won’t get anything from Washington unless the effort is successful.

“Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine development and manufacturing costs have been entirely self-funded,” Pfizer spokeswoman Jerica Pitts said this week. “We decided to self-fund our efforts so we could move as fast as possible.”

Pfizer did sign an agreement with the U.S. government in July worth $1.95 billion — if the vaccine pans out and is cleared by the FDA — to supply 100 million doses. That guarantees Pfizer a U.S. market, an important incentive.

The supply side of Operation Warp Speed also allows Pfizer logistical help, although the company will directly ship its own vaccine, while the government will control shipping of other COVID-19 vaccines.

Freezer supply concerns mount as race is on for covid-cold vaccine

Freezer supply concerns mount as race is on for covid-cold vaccine storage

Reuters report that U.S. states, cities, and hospitals are scrambling to buy ultra-cold freezers that can safely store Pfizer covid-19 vaccine, ignoring advice from the CDC to hold off.

The push reveals a lack of infrastructure to support a super cold vaccine campaign, including equipment to store millions of doses of Pfizer’s vaccine at temperatures of minus 94°F, significantly below the standard for vaccines of 36-46°F.

Some specialty freezer makers warn of months-long waits for units.

It also marks widespread wariness of the advice from the CDC, which on Aug. 26 urged healthcare providers not to purchase ultra low temperature (ULT) freezers, saying it was working on solutions for Pfizer’s “very complex storage and handling requirements.”

Confirmation in AZ, MI, PA and WI state that democracy stands

The fact that this is even a headline is disturbing. State lawmakers intervening in the selection of electors would override the entire democratic process, dismiss every vote cast in a state.

Why 20 seconds is the magic length of time

To combat coronavirus, it's been widely accepted since the very beginning that washing your hands with soap and water kills the virus.

But do you know why it has to be for the golden time of 20 seconds? Vox explains all.

Trump continues attack on Fox News

As has become customary since his formerly peachy relationship with the broadcaster soured over election results, Trump unsurprisingly tweets that Fox News is suppressing information on attendance of a protest called "March for Trump" or "Million MAGA March" in Washington, today.

Several thousand Trump supporters are thought to have shown up.

Happy Diwali everyone!

Kamala Harris joins thousands on social media wishing the world well on the Hindu festival of lights, which symbolises the triumph of good over evil.

North Dakota issues statewide mask mandate

North Dakotans will be required to wear masks indoors in public, and outdoors in any setting where social distancing isn't possible.

The new rule comes into effect tomorrow and is due to last at least until 13 December. North Dakota is one of the states with the worst case increases in recent days, and nationwide the country amassed almost 185,000 new daily infections yesterday.

Governor Doug Burgum said that the requirement is in order to "avoid any need for economic shutdown".

Repeat. The number is around 5,000 inc. counter-protesters

It seems not only can Donald Trump not count votes, he also struggles with counting protesters.

Donald Trump Jr makes appalling comparison

The President's son and top advisor appears to have made a direct comparison between the disappointed portion of the electorate who voted for the losing candidate in the election, Donald Trump (which is a fact so routine in democracy that it's almost mundane) and the mass trauma and systemic oppression experienced by African Americans over the course of 250 years in the US.

This summer, the US (and the world) saw the largest race riots since the 1960's Civil Rights movement in protest to systemic racism, triggered by the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis.

The vast majority of Black Lives Matter protests were peaceful, but some high profile cities in the US saw damage to property and violence.

Disputes on Twitter over crowd size at #MarchforTrump

Many news organisations report the count at several thousand including counter-protesters.

Trump turns on Republican Governor over fraud conspiracy in Georgia

Now Donald Trump's claims of voter fraud explicitly outline an assertion that even right wing representatives of his own party, namely in this case Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, have conspired against him.

It should be obvious that this is absurd. 

This particular tweet, which Twitter has flagged as "disputed", has even prompted a veteran Republican and lawyer, @RonGOPVet4Biden, to respond in a comment with a harrowing association with the paranoid psyche of Hitler in his final hours:

“Everyone has lied to me, everyone has deceived me, no one has told me the truth. The armed forces have lied to me and now the SS has left me in the lurch. The German people have not fought heroically. It deserves to perish.” - Hitler’s final words to his staff.

Covid-19 vaccine: are we going back to normal?

The Guardian's health editor Sarah Boseley explains all; how the vaccine works, who will it be given to first, and whether it means that we can live normally again soon.

Pfizer announced last week that in early trials its vaccine has proven 90% efficacy.

As covid cases reach breaking point; calls for stimulus get louder

Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush today hits home with some statistics:

"On March 27th, when the last COVID-19 relief package was passed, there were 17,330 new cases.

Yesterday: 181,194 new cases."

And calls on the Senate in general and Mitch McConnell in particular for action.

"How much more suffering and loss do our people need to endure before you act @SenateGOP & @senatemajldr?"

#MarchforTrump hashtag hijacked by pictures of pancakes

In a mocking reference to Joe Biden's win in states that in 2016 were won by Donald Trump, in other words, he "flipped" them. Like you flip a pancake. Get it?

The states that flipped from Republican to Democrat in 2020 are Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia.

Now, who's for bacon and maple syrup?

Trump chose golf over MAGA "Million"

Rumours that the crowd at the #March for Trump in DC was too small for Trump to bother speaking.

Operation Warp Speed "unequalled and unrivalled anywhere in the world"

Donald Trump spoke about the US' attempts to push through a covid-19 vaccine and said world leaders had congratulated his administration on the work done in vaccine research in the US. However, at the same time the president accused New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of causing a delay to its rollout via Twitter: "I LOVE NEW YORK! As everyone knows, the Trump Administration has produced a great and safe VACCINE far ahead of schedule. Another Administration would have taken five years. The problem is, @NYGovCuomo said that he will delay using it, and other states WANT IT NOW. We cannot waste time and can only give to those states that will use the Vaccine immediately. Therefore the New York delay. Many lives to be saved, but we are ready when they are. Stop playing politics!


The motorcade of US President Donald Trump drives past supporters holding a rally in Washington, DC. Supporters are backing Trump's claim that the 3 November election was fraudulent. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

Prosecutors ask Barr to rescind memo on vote-counting irregularities 

US prosecutors are asking Attorney General William Barr to rescind a memo issued earlier this week that instructed them to publicly investigate "substantial" allegations of vote counting irregularities, saying they have not seen the unusual activity, the Washington Post reported on Friday.

The 16 assistant US attorneys specially assigned to monitor the presidential election this month also said Barr's Monday memorandum had thrust prosecutors into partisan politics and that the policy change was not based in fact, according to the Post, which saw a copy of the letter.

Barr sent his memo after days of attacks on the integrity of the election by President Donald Trump and Republican allies, who have alleged without evidence that there was widespread voter fraud. Trump has not conceded the election to Democrat Joe Biden who on Saturday secured more than the 270 votes in the Electoral College needed to win the presidency.

What has Trump tweeted since Biden won US presidential election 2020?


What has Trump tweeted since Biden won US presidential election 2020?

What has Trump tweeted since Biden won US presidential election 2020?

President Donald Trump continues to deny that Joe Biden will replace him in the Oval Office and has been using his favourite communication tool to share his views.

Read more:


Trump "should be ashamed of himself" for vaccine comments - Cuomo

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has slammed Donald Trump for threatening to withhold a new Covid-19 vaccine to residents of New York. On Friday, Trump said during a press conference from the White House Rose Garden, "This administration won’t be delivering it to New York until we have authorization to do so, and that pains me to say that.”

Cuomo responded hours later, saying, "We're all excited about the possibilities about a vaccine. He should be ashamed of himself. He uses the government as a retaliatory tool. That's what he does. None of what he says is true. Surprise, surprise. As soon as Trump delivers me a dose, I will be ready to administer it. Period."

Republicans playing with fire puts us all risk

'Imagine raiding Versailles with a herd of bulls. You probably won’t make it past the gates, and you certainly won’t wind up King of France, but you would irreparably trample the gardens and might well erode the foundation. That’s more or less how I view Donald Trump’s current assault on the election.'

After that introduction, you'll likely want to read the rest of this opinion piece by Laurence Tribe.

GOP takes control of Montana's state government for first time in 16 years

In his victory speech, Gianforte said it's clear Montanans want a change in leadership:

"You've sent a loud message to Helena. A message to the State Capitol from every corner of this great state; that after 16 long years of single-party rule in the governor's office, it's time for Helena to change the way they do business," Gianforte said. 

The governor-elect is known for his fundamentalist Christian faith, his support of school choice policies and restricted access to abortion. Even as covid-19 ravages the state, the pandemic was not a campaign priority.

Full story:

“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally”

Donald Trump, after winning election in 2016

“Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, with a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified”

Donald Trump, during 2016 nominations

“The election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing Crooked Hillary - but also many polling places - SAD”

Donald Trump, before 2016 election

Contradiction and hypocrisy

Chris Wallace rebukes his own Fox News colleague for trying to push Donald Trump’s stolen election claims.

Then, in the subsequent video Brian Tyler Cohen dissects the arguments being put forward for voter fraud.

Can Kamala Harris run for president in 2024?

US Election 2020

Can Kamala Harris run for president in 2024?

President Kamala Harris in 2024?

Vice president-elect Kamala Harris made history when the Democratic ticket with her and Joe Biden on it won the presidency over incumbents Trump and Pence. And now people are asking if she could step up to the top job in four years time.

Emily France provides the answers...

Long-separated West Australians are set for an emotional reunion after the state's hard borders come down

Long-separated West Australians are set for an emotional reunion after the state's hard borders come down. Here, West Australian cricketer Shaun Marsh is greeted by his family.

Australia: killing the spread

Australia's three most populous states on Saturday recorded at least a week with no local transmissions of the new coronavirus, boding well for the country's recovery from the pandemic after a flare-up marred an impressive early response.

Victoria, the epicentre of the resurgence of the virus in recent months, recorded its 15th consecutive day of no new infections and no related deaths, two weeks after the state emerged from one of the world's longest and strictest lockdowns. The second-most populous state's deputy chief health officer, Allen Cheng, told a news conference that the run of zero cases was 'about as good as it can get'.

Neighbouring New South Wales, the most populous state, saw seven days without local transmissions, while Queensland has had no new community infections for two months. Both states saw a handful of new cases in managed quarantine among travellers from overseas.

This latest data may mean Australia can record its first week of no local transmissions since the start of the pandemic as the rest of the country has not seen any cases for weeks or months. Australia's swift closure of borders and strict, economically costly measures kept the pandemic largely from spreading, but a resurgence in July in Victoria sent the state into a harsh 111-day lockdown that ended in late October. Victorians still must wear masks and public gatherings are limited, but more easing is expected in a week. Western Australia, which had its borders closed to the rest of the country for seven months, had them reopened on Saturday.

Biden's toughest test

“First and foremost, no one can really move forward without control over the pandemic,” said Dewardric McNeal, managing director at Longview Global. “The big rock in our rucksack is a stimulus deal.”

America’s financial future was definitely on the ballot this year. President-elect Joe Biden is set to inherit an economy that was absolutely battered in 2020.

We’ve seen record unemployment, businesses declaring bankruptcy and an eviction crisis. We’re also headed into winter, a time when covid-19 is expected to claim the lives of tens of thousands more Americans, devastate hospital systems nationwide and potentially lead to another round of rolling lockdowns.

CNBC looks at the immediate work ahead for the new president.

Trump avoids unanswerable questions

Reporter Brian Karem was one of those left disappointed after the lame-duck president refused to take any questions from the press at his latest briefing.

Trump pleased with protest plans

On the back of the news that his supporters and far-right activists were to be taking to the streets on Saturday, the president tweeted out his joy.

He also suggested that he may join in personally, although cynics may say this was just a ploy to lure more numbers to the protests.

Far-right groups plan show of Trump support in Washington

Tensions rise across America, something that could have been so different had the president acted, well, presidential in defeat.

Far-right groups and other backers of US President Donald Trump plan to rally in Washington on Saturday in a public show of support for his unsubstantiated claim of widespread voting fraud.

Republican Trump has refused to accept that he lost the election to Democrat Joe Biden, now president-elect, adding to tensions. Trump's supporters, including Republican lawmakers, have amplified his claims that the election was stolen from him.

The protests in the nation's capital will bring together far-right personalities, including conspiracy theorist and Infowars broadcaster Alex Jones and self-described 'American Nationalist' Nicholas Fuentes. The Oath Keepers militia and the far-right Proud Boys have also said their members are attending. Some left-wing groups are planning counterdemonstrations.

We'll be keeping a close eye on developments throughout the day.

Donald Trump confused about what constitutes election fraud

The sitting duck president who lost to Joe Biden almost a week ago is still attempting to claim the result would be different if there had not been fraud, for which his team have yet to provide a scrap of evidence.

It's unclear what Trump is referring to here; "based on our constitution" but needless to say, nowhere in the US constitution does it state that if votes aren't allowed to be watched counted, the winner of an entire state automatically flips to the loser. Trump's team is losing legal battles all over the country every day over these absurd and baseless claims.

The president has admitted in recent days that he is putting up a fight as a form of "theatre" for his fans, and appeared to almost admit today that Biden could be in charge come January.

Cuomo responds to Trump attack over Pfizer vaccine

In his Operation Warp Speed briefing in the Rose Garden this afternoon where he didn't take any questions, Donald Trump took a swing at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, claiming that Cuomo “doesn’t trust where the vaccine is coming from.”

Trump added; "these are coming from the greatest companies anywhere in the world, greatest labs in the world, but he doesn’t trust the fact that it’s this White House, this administration, so we won’t be delivering it to New York until we have authorisation to do so, and that pains me to say that.”

Cuomo responded in an interview with MSNBC today, focusing on the lack of public trust in Trump, saying that Americans trust Trump less than they do the pharmaceutical companies, and that New Yorkers are concerned about the politicisation of a vaccine. 

"None of what he said is true… surprise, surprise.” Cuomo said.

Pelosi and other Congress members slammed for holding indoor dinner during pandemic

Congress members are being hit with intense blowback for holding indoor banquets as the coronavirus pandemic worsens and health experts advise Americans against social gatherings.

Both Republicans and Democrats will be holding respective dinners for new members of Congress, reports Leigh Ann Caldwell at NBC News.

Messaging from top officials in government in recent weeks has been that travelling and holding gatherings indoors for Thanksgiving would be irresponsible.

Huge legal blow to Trump in Pennsylvania

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit has upheld a lower court's rejection of a constitutional challenge to Pennsylvania's post-Election Day deadline—further adding to President Donald Trump's losses in recent legal disputes challenging the results of the election.

The case lacked standing, a judge said. The court's decision is a huge loss for Trump, who has has just one success out of over a dozen lawsuits filed by his campaign and allies in various states.

US Election 2020: when do states certify their election results?

US Election 2020

US Election 2020: when do states certify their election results?

Certifying state results

Biden has been named President-elect but Trump continues to contest the result.

What is the deadline for states to confirm their Electoral College votes by? Will Gittens explains it all here:

Trump makes first public appearance since Biden beat him to presidency

Donald Trump appeared on the verge of acknowledging that there will be a Biden administration in his Rose Garden briefing on Operation Warp Speed, the government Coronavirus task force.

The president stumbled  over talking about the issue of a lockdown: "hopefully the -- whatever happens in the future, who knows which administration it will be"

Trump FB

Facebook strips Trump of his "president" title

On the official Facebook page for Donald Trump, his profile now reads "political candidate".

Since Election Day on 3 November, the social network, as well as Twitter, has been moderating false or misleading claims posted on their platforms relating to the presidential race.

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg defended Facebook's decision not to suspend Steve Bannon's account after he made threats to behead top government officials

Trump legal battle fails in Michigan

A Michigan judge has also rejected the Trump campaign’s effort to delay the certification of results in the state.

President-elect Joe Biden currently leads Trump in Michigan by about 146,000 votes, or 2.7% of the total vote.

The Michigan decision is the latest in a string of legal losses for the Trump campaign, after the president’s lawyers withdrew from an Arizona lawsuit and a prominent law firm pulled out of the campaign’s lawsuit in Pennsylvania.

As expected, Trump is having a hard time trying to block states from certifying their results, clearing the way for Biden to be inaugurated in January.

Georgia and N Carolina called

On Friday evening, CNN and the New York Times called Biden win for Georgia, Trump for NC

As AP haven't yet called either, AS English will await confirmation.

Georgia congresswoman exemplifies exactly what's wrong with some American's attitude to pandemic

"Our first session of New Member Orientation covered COVID in Congress. Masks, masks, masks....

I proudly told my freshman class that masks are oppressive. In GA, we work out, shop, go to restaurants, go to work, and school without masks.

My body, my choice. #FreeYourFace"

Just to clarify; health experts across the world free from party politics have repeatedly urged people to wear masks to limit the spread of coronavirus. Cases are surging all over America.

Clear evidence has proven that masks do help slow the spread of airborne particles, and - similar to the reason for smoking restrictions - it's about protecting others rather than yourself. What's more, we should wear masks even when we feel well, as many people can be asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic for weeks.

Trump voter fraud hotline closed after pranks hijack line

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign was forced to shutter a hotline it created in recent days to field allegations of voter fraud after it had become the subject of viral pranks and ridicule among critics.

The president has yet to reveal any evidence of systematic voter fraud or election rigging — claims he made long before the results of the 2020 presidential election were even announced — and the hotline did not appear to provide him much support.

By Friday, it was reported his campaign had shut down the hotline, instead encouraging Americans to send complaints of alleged voter fraud through a digital form.

Journalists call Trump denial a coup since Arizona Biden call

Unease grows around Donald Trump's rhetoric on voter fraud and continued assault on the legitimacy of the election in swing states that he has lost to Joe Biden, perhaps it's time to start calling this an attempted coup rather than just a child who's thrown his toys out of a pushchair?

Top US covid expert not invited to Trump's briefing today

In the final days of campaigning before Election Day, Trump had promised to fire Dr Anthony Fauci. For now, it seems he's just freezing him out.

With the nation plunging deeper into the winter's grip of the coronavirus crisis, concerns mount about Trump's leadership during this time and the effect it could have on the already dire numbers of cases and deaths across the US.

Top US covid expert not invited to Trump's briefing today

In the final days of campaigning before Election Day, Trump had promised to fire Dr Anthony Fauci. For now, it seems he's just freezing him out.

With the nation plunging deeper into the winter's grip of the coronavirus crisis, concerns mount about Trump's leadership during this time and the effect it could have on the already dire numbers of cases and deaths across the US.

Trump campaign to drop Arizona lawsuit

One of the most crucial victories for Joe Biden this election was flipping the state of Arizona and it has been a contentious win ever since. Team Trump were said to be furious with Fox News' early call in Biden's favour and resolved to launch a legal battle. It appear that has now come to an abrupt end. 

The lawsuit, filed last Saturday, alleged that voters were confused by the voting machines used in the state and some reported that they believed that they had mistakenly voted for the wrong candidate.They had filed for a review of all ballots cast on Election Day but, after finding that the margin of victory was insurmountable, have now withdrawn the case. 

The most recent count puts Biden over 11,000 votes ahead of Trump. This is just the latest Trump campaign lawsuit to suffer a very public defeat. Speaking to the New York Times, Kermit Roosevelt, a professor of constitutional law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School said: “It has a sort of conspiracy theory feeling to it. There are sweeping claims that don’t have a lot of evidence at all and evidence that turns out to be irrelevant.”

US election: Biden wins, Trump not accepting

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the US elections, with all the ongoing reaction, breaking news and regular updates of the fall-out from the historic election on 3 November. 

President Elect Joe Biden is getting to work on how he plans to govern a very divided United States with Donald Trump still yet to recognise or acknowledge defeat.

In his victory speech, Biden, along with his vice president-elect Kamala Harris, called for unity and cooperation and said he knew how Trump supporters felt. But with so much disinformation filling social media accounts across the country - some driven from the White House - it's clear that desire is going to take some time to fulfil.