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US Presidential Election & covid-19: Trump, Biden, transition, cases, results | November 27

US Presidential Election & covid-19 updates: Trump, Biden, transition, results, cases, latest news

US election fallout and covid-19 news: live

News summary:

Electoral college votes (270 needed to win) 

Joe Biden: 306
Donald Trump: 232

US covid-19 cases: 13.1 million

US covid-19 deaths: 264,823  (Source: JHU)

- New stay-at-home order imposed in Los Angeles County as cases continue to rise

- Election fraud lawsuit donor sues Trump for $2.5 million after another defeat in Pennsylvania

- Trump claims covid-19 vaccine distribution is imminent: "literally it’ll start next week and the week after”.

- Final 50 days in office could see unprecedented activity from Trump

- Furious Trump tells WH reporters: "Don't talk to me that way, I'm the President of the United States"

- Denver mayor forced to apologise for flying for Thanksgiving, after telling people to "avoid travel"

- Biden's Thanksgiving message: "The small act of staying home is a gift to our fellow Americans"

- Trump to utilise military to distribute the vaccine, starting 'next week'

- Over 2,000 coronavirus deaths in US on both Tuesday and Wednesday

- Attorney Sidney Powell files typo-ridden lawsuit against election integrity in Georgia

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Next coronavirus surge will be "destabilising" for the US - health expert

CNN - The next coronavirus surge will be “destabilising” for the United States, according to a health expert.

Health experts are predicting a surge in covid-19 cases following Thanksgiving, beyond the record-breaking numbers the US is currently experiencing.

We're going to be regularly hitting 2,000 deaths per day, but then going up to 3,000 deaths and 4,000 deaths per day,” Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, told CNN on Friday.

We're talking about numbers that are approaching what we experienced in the 1918 flu pandemic, except it's happening over a much shorter period of time,” he added.

US reports decline in covid-19 hospitalisations for first time in two weeks

CNN - For the first time in more than two weeks, the US reported a slight decline in the number of people being treated in hospitals for coronavirus on Friday, according to the Coronavirus Tracking Project.

It is still not yet clear if the data being reported was disrupted because of the Thanksgiving holiday, the CTP said. Some states and territories did not update their reports on Friday, including Florida and Delaware.

Organisations collecting data on the coronavirus expected to see a dip for Thanksgiving and the three to four days after the holiday, however an increase in reported cases of diagnoses, hospitalisations, and deaths are expected for next week and beyond.

The US surpassed 80,000 daily hospitalisations on November 19 and set new records for 17 days straight until Friday, according to CTP.

Pennsylvania court attacks Trump campaign lawsuit

Another lawsuit from President Trump's legal team fell flat in Pennsylvania after an attempt to dismiss the state's already-confirmed election results was rejected. President-elect Joe Biden was victorious in his hometown state by a margin of over 80,000 votes. The court found that the Trump campaigns accusations of fraud have no merit. 

“Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy,” wrote Judge Stephanos Bibas, a Trump appointee, after returning the verdict. “Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.”

When is the coronavirus vaccine arriving in the US according to Trump?


When is the coronavirus vaccine arriving in the US according to Trump?

Trump makes bold coronavirus vaccine claim

After Pfizer and BioNTech recorded positive results for their covid-19 vaccinations, President Donald Trump is eager to get them distributed to Americans. In his Thanksgiving Day address he remained bullish about the prospect of millions of vaccines being administered before Christmas. 

Stay-at-home order imposed in LA

Los Angeles County has announced tonight that a new stay-home order will be introduced from Monday, as coronavirus cases surge out of control in the nation’s most populous county. On Friday, the county reported 24 new deaths and 4,544 new covid-19 cases. Across the whole US there were over 200,000 new cases, despite many areas not reporting. 

A statement from the county health department read: “Residents are advised to stay home as much as possible and always wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when they are outside their household and around others."

Another recount concluded in Wisconsin

A recount in Wisconsin, requested by President Trump's legal team, has made no material difference to the outcome. President-elect Joe Biden's winning margin actually grew slightly.

The Trump campaign had attempted to use the recount to disqualify 238,420 ballots which were cast as absentee ballots in person or by those who count themselves as 'indefinitely confined', allowing them to vote absentee without meeting the state photo ID requirements.  

The the ballots in question were in Dane and Milwaukee counties, but Trump's legal efforts have so far been unsuccessful. They could still sue and have the case heard in court.

Biden's lead over Trump continues to grow

The all-important matter of the Electoral College votes was settled weeks ago but as the count continues in some states President-elect Joe Biden's winning margin continues to grow in the popular vote. His lead in the popular vote lead climbs to 6.28 million, representing a margin of four percentage points. 

This makes no difference to who will be in the White House come 20 January, but does help to show the futility of the President's ongoing legal challenges. After dismissing a lawsuit in Pennsylvania on Friday, the Judge noted: "The number of ballots that it specifically challenges is far smaller than the roughly 81,000-vote margin of victory [in the state]"


Vaccine manufacturers preparing for December roll-out

Vaccines produced by Pfizer and BioNTech are awaiting Emergency Authorization Use approval from the FDA, but steps are already being taken to ensure that they can be rolled out as quickly as positive once they receive the go ahead. United Airlines Holdings have just started operating charter flights to position doses of the vaccines ready for approval.  Given the unique logistical challenges, like having to be stored at -100 degrees fahrenheit, such preparations will be crucial. 

The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement on Friday that it was facilitating the “first mass air shipment of a vaccine,” working with airlines to safely transport coronavirus vaccines to get them ready for distribution. This is considered the first step in creating a global supply network to ensure that the vaccine gets to those who need it. 

Trump legal suffers another legal defeat in PA

In fresh blow to President Trump, a US court has rejected his lawyers' Pennsylvania election case. A federal appeals court on Friday rejected an attempt by Trump’s campaign to block President-elect Joe Biden from being declared the winner of Pennsylvania, dealing another significant setback to Trump’s bid to overturn the 3 Novemeber election.

After dismissing the case, the Judge made clear that there was no way that this lawsuit could have altered the result of the election: "The number of ballots that it specifically challenges is far smaller than the roughly 81,000-vote margin of victory."

Election fraud lawsuit donor sues Trump for $2.5 million

A lawsuit filed by North Carolina venture capitalist Fred Eshelman claims that the President's campaign team have failed to keep him up-to-date with their legal battle. Eshelman donated $2.5 million to Trump's 'True the Vote' legal fund to help him contest the result of the election but claims that the campaign have not kept their side of the bargain. 

The lawsuit alleges that Eshelman has only received “vague responses, platitudes and empty promises of follow-up”, after being promised regular updates on how the cause was progressing. Trump's legal team faced a slew of courtroom defeats in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania, before withdrawing suits in each state. 

After this, Eshelman had asked True the Vote for his money back, but after receiving no response is now suing. 

Can Trump be trusted with nation’s secrets after he leaves the White House? 

Intelligence experts are worried about President Trump receiving intelligence briefings once he leaves the White House.  Trump has been loose lipped on occasion with highly sensitive materials, famously in the Oval Office he shared extremely sensitive intel on a terrorism threat with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister.  

There are worries that once Trump is a civilian, he may use the national secrets for personal gain. It has been reported that he has very large debts with foreign banks that have dealings with the Russians.  

It is customary for former Presidents to receive intelligence briefings but only as a courtesy, with the sitting President’s permission.  

Ravens-Steelers game rescheduled again 

Originally set to be played on Thanksgiving the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers was moved back to Sunday due to a number of the Ravens players testing positive for covid-19. However the NFL has announced that the game, out of an abundance of caution, will be rescheduled for Tuesday 1 December, start time at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

A gift to mom and the nation 

She asked her mom what she wanted for her birthday and her mom said to help people. That is how Diane Canney brought to life the HOPE Quilt project modeled after the AIDS Memorial Quilt project from the 80s. The quilt shows gratitude to all the front-line workers in the fight against the coronavirus and those who have been affected by it. 


Black Friday protest of Amazon 

A group known as Make Amazon Pay, made up of warehouse workers and climate activists led a march to Jeff Bezo’s house in Manhattan on Friday. The international group wants the company to reduce its carbon footprint and provide better working conditions for the employees. They also want the company to give more back to society saying that the company starves countries of tax revenue by for example only paying 1.2% tax in 2019. 

Photo courtesy of Eduardo Munoz

A carbon neutral future?

Air travel is a major source of greenhouse gases even spawning a movement in Sweden called flygskam or "flight shame."  Climate change is expected to increase the spread of diseases as the climate warms allowing for the hosts of the pathogens to migrate to new regions.

The airline industry has been searching for new ways to make flying cleaner for example using biofuels. Lufthansa plans to become the first airline to fly a CO2 neutral flight this weekend.

Delta to start quarantine-free flights between US and Italy 

Starting 19 December Delta plans to start flights between Rome and Atlanta without the need to quarantine upon arrival. Delta, working with the Georgia Health Department and experts from the Mayo Clinic they have designed a system of testing and protocols that can reduce the risk of infection to one in a million on flights at 60 percent capacity. 

Another legal setback for Trump 

The 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia upheld a lower court's ruling on the fairness of the Pennsylvania election results. Last week Rudy Guiliani had argued in the lower court to throw out votes from Philidelphia due to claims without proof of election fraud. The judge had said the complaint filed was “like Frankenstein’s Monster, has been haphazardly stitched together” 

Judge Stephanos Bibas, a Trump appointee to the court, in the appeals court decision, “Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,”  

Trump’s lawyers have said they will appeal the decision. 

Black Friday

Despite the coronavirus surge throughout the US more Americans took to the skies than at any time since March. Leading experts are expecting strong overall sales even though shopping patterns will change. Kena Betancur captured this image of customers shopping at Macy’s taking advantage of Black Friday sales. 

How many Americans claimed unemployment benefit last week?


How many Americans claimed unemployment benefit last week?

First-time jobless claims rise again 

Coronavirus battered the US economy all summer and while stock markets are soaring this week, recovery is still painfully slow in the job market.

Read the full story:

Trump has a meltdown at tiny table in the White House

Donald Trump talks down a reporter saying "you're just a lightweight don't talk to me that way...I'm the president of the United States."

#TrumpTantrum and #DiaperDon trending on Twitter

Following an incident where the president had a meltdown at a tiny table. Donald Trump subsequently tried to paint Twitter as a national security threat.

US colleges consider new virus protocols for students’ return

The coronavirus presented huge challenges for the fall semester for U.S. colleges that opened the academic year with in-person learning, including some that took a battering from outbreaks. Those not joining the growing number that will offer only virtual learning are assessing how they would bring students back after the winter holidays while the country faces crushing rates of virus infections, according to AP.

Schools that are bringing students back are adjusting testing protocols, introducing new screenings, and eliminating spring breaks to discourage students from traveling to help keep campuses open.

Second stimulus check: could it arrive before 2021?


Second stimulus check: could it arrive before 2021?

Should you be hopeful for stimulus check before 2021?

Time is running out to pass a new bill through Congress this year that will provide sweeping support to individuals struggling to make ends meet.

Read the full story:

WATCH: Republican portrayal of white men as 'victims' helped Trump win votes

Barack Obama has said part of the reason more than 73 million Americans voted to re-elect Donald Trump in the election was because of messaging from Republicans that the country was under attack – particularly white men.

In an interview with the radio show the Breakfast Club on Wednesday to promote his new memoir, A Promised Land, Obama said Trump’s administration, which he did not name directly, 'objectively has failed, miserably, in handling just basic looking after the American people and keeping them safe', and yet he still secured millions of votes.

Video via The Guardian.

Wall Street rises, Nasdaq hits record high on recovery hopes

Wall Street rises, Nasdaq hits record high on recovery hopes

REUTERS: Wall Street’s main indexes rose and the Nasdaq hit a record high on Friday as optimism around an economic rebound next year outweighed concerns around an expected surge in coronavirus infections following the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sentiment was also lifted by President Donald Trump saying he will leave the White House if the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden, the closest he has come to conceding the Nov. 3 election, market participants said.

“While it was certainly the expectation of the vast majority of traders that there would be an easy transfer of power, at the end of the day it gives a little bit of confidence,” said Rick Meckler, a partner at Cherry Lane Investments in New Jersey.

The three main U.S. stock indexes have gained more than 10% this month as investors were encouraged by signs that covid-19 vaccines were on track to be rolled out in the weeks ahead, setting the S&P 500 for its best November ever.

Iran scientist linked to military nuclear program killed


An Iranian scientist that Israel alleged led the Islamic Republic’s military nuclear program until its disbanding in the early 2000s was “assassinated” Friday, state television said, according to AP.

Israel declined to immediately comment on the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once called out in a news conference saying: “Remember that name.” Israel has long been suspected of carrying out a series of targeted killings of Iranian nuclear scientists nearly a decade ago.

State TV Friday cited sources confirming the death. It said it would offer more information shortly.

Gout medicine to be used in Oxford covid-19 treatment trial

A drug used to treat gout is being investigated to see if it can treat Covid-19 in hospitalised patients, according to the Daily Mail.

Anti-inflammatory treatment colchicine has been added to the list of the drugs being tested as part of the RECOVERY trial, run by the University of Oxford.  

RECOVERY is the world's largest clinical trial of treatments for patients hospitalised with Covid-19.

No drugs are currently able to cure Covid-19, although the trial did discover the steroid dexamethasone can reduce the risk of death among the most seriously ill. 

RECOVERY was also the study that found that hydroxychloroquine – an anti-malarial drug touted by Donald Trump - was ineffective at fighting the coronavirus.  

NeoPhoenix announces Thirdy Ravena is positive for coronavirus

San-En NeoPhoenix guard Thirdy Ravena has tested positive for covid-19 and is currently isolated in his apartment, the team announced on Friday evening.

Ravena complained of a sore throat, body malaise, and a 38.2°C fever to the team's medical staff on Thursday, and was subsequently tested.

Confirmatory tests in a medical facility in Toyohashi said that the 23-year-old indeed had the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

According to the team, Ravena's fever had subsided, and all of his teammates and the San-En staff tested negative.

"Please support him for recovery," said the team in a statement.


Harrowing account from ICU nurse on covid-19 conspiracies

Ashley Bartholomew, a former nurse in El Paso, TX, tells Craig Melvin about her decision to resign as a nurse, and a recent interaction with a covid-19 patient who believed the virus to be nothing more than the flu.

Black Friday 2020 opening hours and best deals in Walmart, Costco & Target

US News

Black Friday 2020 opening hours and best deals in Walmart, Costco & Target

Planning to hit the shops today, Black Friday?

Stay coronavirus safe and see the best deals for Walmart, Costco or Target.

georgia pandemic economy thanksgiving

PHOTO: GTRES - Volunteers from Action Church in Canton, north Georgia serve Thanksgiving dinner to residents, many of whom are low-income, elderly or unemployed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Explainer: Can Trump pardon his associates — or himself?

Can Trump pardon his friends or himself?

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, kicking off what is expected to be a string of pardons during the final weeks of the Trump administration.

Trump has granted clemency to supporters before, most notably earlier this year when he commuted the criminal sentence of Roger Stone, who was sentenced to prison after being convicted of lying under oath to lawmakers.

In 2018, Trump even said he had the “absolute right” to pardon himself - a claim many constitutional law scholars dispute.

Reuters offer an overview of Trump’s pardon power, which is sweeping but not absolute.

A pardon is not reviewable by other branches of government and the president does not have to give a reason for issuing one. Trump could pardon his family members and inner circle.

Crucially, a pardon only applies to federal crimes. That means pardons would not, for example, protect Trump associates from the criminal investigation being conducted by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, a state prosecutor.

As for pardoning himself, no president has tried it before, so the courts have not weighed in. However, Mike Pence would have the chance to pardon Trump if he stepped down, as Gerald Ford did with Richard Nixon.

What’s in the executive order Biden plans for undocumented migrants?

US News

What’s in the executive order Biden plans for undocumented migrants?

Joe Biden's plans for immigration reform, explained

Biden is planning a sweep of day one executive orders and bills when he takes office on 20 January, several of them on immigration policy. What's the plan?

Read the full story:

Cheaper turkeys being gobbled up

“Pricing whole turkeys as ‘loss leaders’ to entice shoppers and move product is a strategy we’re seeing retailers use that’s increasingly common the closer we get to the holiday,” said John Newton, chief economist for the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Listen to the full report below.

Trump's forgotten figure: Jesse Helms

Even as he lost the presidential election decisively, President Trump surprised many Americans by receiving close to 74 million votes — second-most in history to president-elect Joe Biden. But maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, an equally divisive figure who sounded a lot like Trump managed to win five Senate elections despite polls often showing him losing: North Carolina’s Jesse Helms.

Like Trump, Helms always found enemies. His antipathy toward the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) was so legendary that when the North Carolina legislature was debating the creation of a new state zoo, Helms purportedly commented that erecting a fence around Chapel Hill would do as a replacement.

Although this story is apocryphal, it illustrates a source of Helms’s power — an enmity toward educated “elites” whom Helms’s White, rural and small city base saw as threatening their traditional Christian values and their beliefs about race. In many ways, this sentiment is also at the root of Trumpian political discourse and the president’s popularity.

William A. Link looks into the importance of a person like Helms in the political rise of Donald Trump.

What are the possible side effects of the covid-19 vaccines?


What are the possible side effects of the covid-19 vaccines?

Injecting knowledge

It's important to note that the majority of vaccinations can cause mild side effects, so the idea that there will be some reaction to the covid-19 ones is completely normal and should definitely not put people off helping to end this pandemic.

In the following article, Emily France plunges deeper into the types of side effects that could be experienced.

Doctors warn CDC to advise about vaccine side effects


Doctors warn CDC to advise about vaccine side effects

Vaccine transparency

Doctors in the United States are recommending that the health authorities warn the public of adverse side effects that may occur after the first injection in some individuals. Fearing that they may experience the same, or worse, reaction to the second dose may prevent them from taking it , potentially negating the benefits. Some may even not attempt to get vaccinated at all upon hearing about the adverse side effects.

The health experts do not want people to be scared away from getting the vaccine but simply want the public to be fully informed.

A memorable 50 days lie ahead

President Trump's final 50 days in the White House are shaping up to be as precedent-breaking as the rest of his tenure, which has deeply divided the nation and ended with him becoming the first president in nearly 30 years to be defeated after one term.

Trump is likely to sign a handful of executive orders in his last weeks in office in order to cement his agenda on immigration, China and other matters, and he may grant more pardons after giving clemency to Michael Flynn, his former national security adviser. 

Trump must sign legislation to prevent a government shutdown in December and will continue to preside over a pandemic that is worsening over the holiday season. His administration will also oversee the beginning of the delivery of a coronavirus vaccine

Read more from Morgan Chalfant reporting for The Hill.

Amid the pandemic, Black Friday has a different shade

From Walmart Inc to Best Buy, retailers have overhauled Black Friday shopping, with some assigning clerks in orange vests to serve as traffic cops, taking shoppers' temperatures and offering 'grab-and-go' merchandise, including toys, bikes and kitchen appliances to discourage lingering in store aisles.

Opening hours

Most major retailers closed on Thanksgiving this year in a nod to the stress endured by their workers during a global health pandemic. Walmart reopened stores at 5 a.m. on Friday, directing shoppers to turn right upon entering and proceed along main aisles to shop deals before paying at registers surrounded by plastic barriers.

Best Buy is opening its doors at 5 a.m. and Target, which introduced contactless self-checkout and doubled the number of parking spots for its contactless “Drive Up” pick-up service this holiday season, set a 7 a.m. opening.

Early incentives to aid troubles

Traditionally, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, has launched the holiday shopping season in the United States, with retailers offering steep discounts and turning a significant profit. But during this pandemic-ridden year, major retailers from Target Corp to Kohl’s Corp and Walmart  rolled out online winter holiday promotions in October to capture any holiday-related spending as early as possible.

Overall, the National Retail Federation (NRF) forecasts US holiday retail sales will increase between 3.6% and 5.2% over 2019, for a total of $755.3 billion to $766.7 billion. That compares with an average annual increase of 2.5% over the past five years.


'The corrupt pardon phase'

Steve Schmidt, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, has described the lame-luck president's decision to pardon Michael Flynn as putting us in a place where we’ve "entered the corrupt pardon phase of the Trump coup."

Watch the full discussion on the decision with MSNBC.

Trump tweets on overdrive

It's difficult to keep on top of all the tweets that the soon-to-be-departing Donald Trump is firing out on a near daily basis, and even harder to find the ones backed by truth and logic.

That said, he has certainly turned more and more against the news channel that many argue was responsible for getting him elected in 2016, Fox News, and here he is praising Roger Ailes, the channel's former CEO who died in 2017 after having resigned in disgrace over charges of sexual harassment at work.

As long as people buy what he's selling, it will continue.

“It proves that the system that we have… is actually really hard to steal and rig and destroy,"

A.B. Stoddard, about Michigan voting 3-0 to certify the election results in favour of Biden

Who wants to get moving?

The World Health Organisation continues in their efforts to push healthy living at home.

Many of us may be restricted with what we can do compared with 'normal' life so getting more inventive in our living spaces could be the answer to releasing as many of those delightful endorphins as possible.

Get up and move!

'He lost and will leave'

Author and journalist Amy Siskind has questioned some of the US media for their framing that Donald Trump actually has a choice in the election decision.

As she states, the narrative should be much more focused on the Republican party and how they are handling this situation after more than three weeks.

Pharma firm in India to make Russia's Sputnik V covid-19 vaccine

Indian pharmaceutical company Hetero will manufacture over 100 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V covid-19 vaccine per year under the terms of a deal unveiled on Friday between it and Russia's RDIF sovereign wealth fund.

The move, which RDIF cast as another step in its efforts to scale up international manufacturing of its flagship vaccine, will see Hetero begin production in India at the start of next year, according to a joint statement on the Sputnik V Twitter account. The statement said Phase II-III clinical trials were still under way in India, which with a population of over 1.3 billion is the second most populated country in the world after China.

Although Russian authorities gave Sputnik V their regulatory approval under an accelerated procedure in August, trials in Russia, designed to assess its safety and efficacy, are also ongoing.

'While we look forward to the clinical trial results in India, we believe that manufacturing the product locally is crucial to enable swift access to patients,' said B. Murali Krishna Reddy, Hetero's director of international marketing. He said the deal chimed with an objective being promoted by the Indian prime minister of making things in India.

Black Friday 2020 opening hours and best deals in Burlington, Zara, North Face & Under Armour


Black Friday 2020 opening hours and best deals in Burlington, Zara, North Face & Under Armour

Black Friday deals...

The biggest shopping day of the year is upon us. Planning on going into a store to get your bargains this year? Here’s all you need to know...


Americans celebrate Thanksgiving as coronavirus cases Surge

The Broughton family prepares for their dinner prayers during a gathering on 26 November, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. Families have adjusted plans under CDC guidelines.

"Not many people made it to Thanksgiving this year. I respect the CDC guidelines, and we have been following them with our own family practices. All year we have been fighting, social distancing, wearing masks and isolating. I wanted my family to feel rewarded for their efforts and rejoice together during this Thanksgiving - to remember that we should be in Thanksgiving everyday," said Dr. Christopher Broughton.

Due to the spike in Covid-19 cases, as of November 21, 2020, the state of California has required that all non-essential work and activities stop between 10PM and 5AM in counties across the state.  (Brandon Bell/Getty Images/AFP)

Russia reports daily record high of 27,543 new coronavirus cases

Russia reported a record high of 27,543 new coronavirus infections on Friday, including 7,918 in the capital Moscow, bringing the national tally to 2,215,533. Authorities also reported 496 deaths related to COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, pushing the official death toll to 38,558.

Bill Gates predicts when the next pandemic will arrive


Bill Gates predicts when the next pandemic will arrive

Bill Gates predicts when the next pandemic will arrive

In case you missed it, here is our most read story this week. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has revealed on his podcast, Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions, his thoughts on the future of global pandemics. In a far-reaching conversation with actor and writer Jones, Gates outlined his hopes for a post-covid world and what challenges humanity will face...

Biden shares video of his Thanksgiving morning

Joe Biden has shared a video of his he and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, speaking to front line health workers on the Thanksgiving morning from his home in Delaware...

Hospitalizations hit new record in US on Thanksgiving

The number of people in US hospitals because of coronavirus hit a record for the 17th consecutive day Thursday, with at least 90,481 curently hospitalized, according to the COVID Tracking Project.


AstraZeneca France says situation with its Covid-19 vaccine encouraging

The situation regarding the Covid-19 vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca is generally encouraging, even though a new trial will be needed, said AstraZeneca France president Olivier Nataf on Friday.

"We are in a context that is encouraging," Nataf told RTL radio. AstraZeneca nevertheless faces questions about its success rate, which some experts say could hinder its chances of gaining speedy UsSand EU regulatory approval. 

US reports more than 110,000 new Covid-19 cases

The United States registered 110,611 new coronavirus cases and 1,232 new virus-related deaths on Thursday, bringing the country's total to at least 12,883,264 cases and 263,455 deaths.

President Donald Trump speaks with reporters after participating in a video teleconference call with members of the military on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 26, 2020, at the White House in Washington.

Trump says he will leave White House

We start with a reminder of yesterday's biggest development on the presidential front, with Donald Trump finally admitting he will leave the White House in January if the electoral college votes for Joe Biden. 

“Certainly I will. And you know that," said Trump to reporters when asked if he would leave the White House if the college vote went against him. “If they do, they’ve made a mistake," he added. 

Although, the president continued to rail against so far baseless claims of election fraud, and at one point called a reporter "a lightweight" before telling him "don’t talk to me like that”.

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome as we begin our live coverage this Friday 27 November of all political news and reaction from the United States following the 3 November elections, as well as the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic from the US and around the world. 


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