Handball World Championships

Slovenian handball team attacks Egypt's organization following World championship elimination

The Slovenian team alleged that 12 players suffered from food poisoning during the handball World championships hours before their game against hosts Egypt.

Slovenian handball team attacks Egypt's organization following World championship elimination

The Slovenian handball federation criticized Egypt's poor organization of the handball World Championships claiming that 12 players from their squad suffered food poisoning hours before their decisive game against the host country.

That game ended in a draw meaning the Slovenian side said goodbye to the tournament.

Slovenia make allegations after Egypt loss

The Slovenians released an official statement to explain the difficulties their squad members have endured in Egypt pointing out that on the night before the game 12 players "screamed in pain, vomited, and rushed to the toilets as if their lives were at stake" as the statement described.

Slovenia couldn't make it to the quarter-finals as they came third in their group with six points, behind Sweden and Egypt who amassed eight and seven points respectively.

Egypt respond to food poisoning claims

In response to the Slovenian allegations, the President of the Egyptian handball federation, Hisham Nassr, defended his country's organization of the tournament stressing that such accusations were groundless since the Slovenian team shared the same hotel with other teams, as well as journalists.

"These allegations are inappropriate as the championship is being run in an extremely professional manner under the supervision of the international handball federation," Nassr told Sky News Arabia.

"The same hotel accommodates other teams in addition to several companions and press expeditions and all of them eat from the same open buffet with no complaints having been received from anyone," he added.

Nassr also pointed out that there are health ministry delegates always around to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone at the hotel. He also queried the fact that the Slovenian team hadn't brought up any such accusations prior to the game, or even during the first half when they were leading the Egyptians.