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Senior Bowl 2021 result and summary | scores, stats, updates, NFL Draft prospects...

The National side, coached by Brian Flores, ran out 27-24 winners over the American side at the Senior Bowl at Hancock Whitney Stadium in Mobile, Alabama.

Senior Bowl 2021 Final score: National 27-24 American

Senior Bowl snap summary

And that draws to a close big week for a lot of these young men, who are leaving college and trying to make their way in the NFL. Some of them have altered their futures today during the Senior Bowl for better and worse. Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores' side, National, won the game 27-24 with a couple of nifty performances. 

Michael Carter, North Carolina's running back certainly draw some attention, while Desmond Fitzpatrick also had a big day with QB Feleipe Franks finding him often during the game.

On the other side, American's top performers were KJ Britt, the linebacker from Auburn. Shi Smith, Cornell Powell and Amari Rodgers all impressed with Kellen Mond spending the most time for them under center, and it was Mond who was named MVP at the end of the match.

We will watch the ebbs and flows of draft talk over the new few months and be back with you for draft night on Thursday, April 29. 

And of course all this week we'll be building up to next Sunday's Super Bowl: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl LV 2021 Buccaneers vs Chiefs live online: scores, plays, results | updates


Super Bowl LV 2021 Buccaneers vs Chiefs live online: scores, plays, results | updates

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Follow all the action from Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with Robbie!

Super Bowl LV 2021 Chiefs vs Buccaneers updates today: odds, players, times, latest news


Super Bowl LV 2021 Chiefs vs Buccaneers updates today: odds, players, times, latest news

Super Bowl live build-up

Check out all the latest news with less than a week to go before Super Bowl LV

NFL mock draft 2021: positions and first round pick predictions


NFL mock draft 2021: positions and first round pick predictions

NFL mock draft 2021

After the conclusion of the Senior Bowl, and as we build up to Super Bowl LV, we reflect again on the first round of the 2021 Draft, which takes place in Cleveland on 29 April. Rounds 2 and 3 will be on 30 April, while Rounds 4 through 7 will be on 1 May.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will have the No.1 pick in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft and will almost certainly choose Clemson's QB sensation Trevor Lawrence.

Here's MVP Kellen Mond at the end of the Senior Bowl

Kellen Mond

Senior Bowl MVP: Kellen Mond

He may have been on the losing side, but American quarterback Kellen Mond was named MVP for this year's Senior Bowl, thanks to his two touchdown passes in the third quarter and general vision when he was in charge for Rhule's side. 

FINAL! There was no kick-off and American couldn't recover the ball so Ian Book took a knee and it's all over. 


They do manage to make it a 3-point game! 


American in the redzone and Grimes catches the pass from Newman. American trail now by 5 and it could be 3 if they can manage a 2-point conversion.


3rd an 2. Morris with another catch as he hurdles a would-be tackler. They're in the redzone!


Newman's pass sails as Rodgers doesn't even reach for that. It was a mile over his head and behind him. Newman not really doing his stock much help today.


Newman with a chance to make something happening. He checks down to Mitchel now as American look to make a comeback. 2nd and 2 now.


Rodgers with another catch from Newman. 


American with the ball now and a chance to shorten this 11-point deficit.


4th and 3 for National and they go for it with Franks. Fitzpatrick again but he can't come down with it. 


Carter happy to run out the clock for National. Another carry up the middle for a short gain.


National trying to protect their lead now and hand it off a couple of times to Michael Carter. They are winning 27-16 late in the fourth.


Hill can't pick up the 1st down. Swallowed up. Turnover on downs.


Newman again with a laser to Shi Smith. 


Newman throws low to Rodgers. He moves towards pressure there and could have hit Rodgers there. 


Neman with a nice throw to Powell. He was wide open and Newman really had to find him. They're trying to come back from 11 down. 


4th and 6 and they opt to punt.


Fitzpatrick had it again. He gets open but Franks can't connect. 

One of the names of the week...


Newman goes down again. 

Very impressive throw and an even better catch from Yeboah.


National 27 - 16 American


Yeboah with a catch from Franks. The Ole Miss WR reaches up high to catch it. Great catch from the big man. 


Fitzpatrick continues his good Senior Bowl with a nice catch from Franks. Mills had him well covered and Fitzpatrick kept his eye on the ball, caught it and picked up 29. Big winner today is Fitzpatrick.


Franks back in now. He hands off to Stevenson. He picks up a couple.


Jamie Newman picked off by Damar Hamlin from Pitt. 


Jamie Neman from Wake Forest in at QB. And Cooper drags him down in the backfield. 


Book now on 3rd and 4. He absolutely lets fly and it makes it to the endzone but it's picked off. End of the 3rd as time expires with the ball in the air.


4th and 2. No good and Book gets it back with a chance to make something happen with a few seconds left.


Oh, that one sails on Mond and he's lucky it's not picked off. He is feeling more confident now but needs to make the right decisions. Finds Granson now and it's 4th down.


Mond finds Shi Smith and he gets nailed as he catches. Nice defending too. 


Mond hits Powell. Here we go! Can they get a score from this. 1st and 10 and it's around midfield. 


3rd and 3. Carter can't be stopped! He gets hit first at the 5-yard line and he carries the pile into the end zone. Carter does not miss leg day, folks! It's official, he's got some man quads. What a player and what a day he is having for himself. He grew up an hour away from here and is making himself at home at the Senior Bowl.


Riley Cole with the pass break-up. 2nd and 10 now for Book and the National team.


Felton with the slant route and he catches it from Book. Sidearm throw from Book and Felton has to go to the sideline with an ankle problem it seems.


2 minute warning.

There's that touchdown that put American in the lead...


Stevenson in a pile. He catches the throw from Book and they almost get him over the 1st down marker.


Oh, Darby drops it again. That's really not good for him and it's 2nd and 10. 


Book with a floater to Darby and he can't catch it. The defensive back was able to close because the pass just floated on Book. 


3rd and 5 for National. Book has been a bit erratic and very keen to get outside the pocket. 


Ian Book with the pass to Darby. He fires it and Darby dives but he can't stay inbounds. 


Ian Book goes left and realises he is going to get sacked. He comes back to the left and scrambles out over the sideline. Flag on the play and it's defensive holding on Webb from Georgia. 1st down for National.


American 16 - 13 National

Amari Rodgers catches it for 2 in the endzone. That's a perfect throw from Mond as he gets it over the defender and into Rodgers' hands. Very nice comeback from American.


Mond with the 3rd and 2 now. A beauty again from Mond and it's Josh Palmer from Tennessee with the catch. That's a very clean route from him. He stubs his toe in the ground but that's a nice catch. 


Mond again over the middle to Morris. Bowling Green's TE after making a couple of nice catches on this drive. 


Mond stands tall and hits Morris over the middle and it's 2nd and 14. 


Mond looks for Powell in the end zone. Flag on the play but that's a great play from Keith Taylor, the DB from Washington. 


Mond and Shi Smith with a really nice connection again. Looks like a catch but it hits the ground and we have a some controversy. Matt Rhule goes crazy and says It was a catch! He gets his way in the end. Catch for Shi Smith. 

Rodgers was listening carefully and taking notes...


Mond comes alive. He rushes it in for 2. America now trail 13-8. 


MASSIVE CATCH! That catch might have just made Amari Rodgers rise up a lot of draft boards. He knows he's going to be hit, he has to catch it over the middle and he does. Nice throw from Mond but Rodgers stood in there and made the play.


Mond has loads of time and he steps into the throw. Noah Gray with the play in the endzone but he can't come up with it. 


Signs of life! Mond to Shi Smith from South Carolina over the middle and he gets a big gain after the catch. 


Mond in shotgun again. Ball pops up into the air as it's intended for Morris. That's a good play from Tuf Borland as he dives in front of it, nearly picking it off. 


Mond goes back to Palmer. Brave from Mond as it wobbles after he is hit. Palmer gathers and it's a 1st and 10 after that 13-yard gain.


Mond back in and he looks for Palmer but Taylor Jr, the defensive back out of Washington is all over that. 

Matt Rhule, coach of American who are trailing 13-0, at half-time in the dressing room: "At this level, players win games. Who's going to get us going in the right direction? We didn't come here to go through the motions, we came here to make plays"


Not the best first drive for American and they punt. 


3rd and 7 now. Book tries to make something happen. Moves around in the pocket and then escapes as he runs out over the sideline and picks up maybe 6. 


We are back underway here as Ian Book hands off to start the third quarter.  

KJ Britt get some praise at half-time too. The 6 foot, 239 pounder has been impressing all week! 

Bucky Brooks picked Michael Carter as his MVP before the game and he has doubled down on that at the half. Meanwhile, Dez Fitzpatrick gets some praise. He caught a couple of passes early and then had a drop but the toe tap to stay in bounds will have impressed NFL coaches watching. 

A recap of the first half

We saw four QBs -- Sam Ehlinger and Feleipe Franks for the National and Kellen Mond and Jamie Newman for the American side.

Sam Ehlinger probably gave the best account of himself with the touchdown but Franks had a couple of nice throws too. Mond struggled and Newman showed flashes. 

Meanwhile, Michael Carter had the biggest run of the day and Demetric Felton caught a TD. After that, we had some big defensive plays from various players. Ben Mason in particular with a massive stop on the elusive Michael Carter.


Get Carter

National running back Michael Carter of North Carolina gets loose in the first half...



A couple of big hits. Franks first and then Carter, who catches it. Clock continues to run! They can't get the play off and it's half-time.


Holding by Jaimes from Nebraska on the OL. 2nd and 20 now.


2nd and 10 now. What can Franks do? He finds Bates again and he gets out of bounds. 


Franks drops back and finds Bates, his TE. Nice pick-up. A long way to go with 37 seconds going. They're on their own 47. 


Patrick Jones takes Newman down on 3rd down. It's 4th and 19. 


National 13 -- 0 American

Knock down

From earlier in the half, American defensive back Bryan Mills of North Carolina Central deflecting a pass away from National wide receiver Frank Darby of Arizona State. Good stretch!


Newman hits McKitty, the TE from Auburn and he picks up a 1st down. McKitty won player of the week during practice and he has a nice pick-up there. 

Ben Mason, the FB, a with a tackle in the backfield on Michael Carter. 


Florida State's Janarius Robinson with the takedown. He stops Franks as he tries to run up the middle. Field goal attempt is good after that failed 3rd down.


Stevenson gets stopped by KJ Britt out of Auburn. 3rd and 9 now.


4th down and Franks is going for it again. Franks launches it for Darby and he catches it. That's Arizona State's Frank Darby and he has a nice gain of maybe 20 yards. Clean pocket for Franks too as he steps up and makes the strike.


Carter again and he tries to break another couple of tackles. Really cerebral runner and he always seems to know what's going on in his peripheral vision. Just 2 yards that time though.


Franks now on 1st and 10. He has another chance to do something. Not been great for the Arkansas play-caller in the first few minutes of this second quarter.

Franks hands off to Michael Carter and he has a defender in his face as soon as he has it.


4th and 1. Bad snap and Newman does his best. He tries to launch himself towards the line but falls just short.


Newman now with a 3rd and 1. He sat out his last season in college as a personal decision so he is here now to prove himself. Roundtree loses two and 3rd and 1. No chance whatsoever of getting up the middle. He tried the right side but the OL was struggling and he gets pushed back.


Hill takes the hand-off and he picks up a handful of yards. Jamie Newman in under center for American.


Franks with the pass a little low and it's 4th and 9.  

An interview with Mac Jones, who decided not to play tonight: "I've learned so much about NFL quarterback play and I wanted to be down here and get on the mic and see it happening."

Said he "loves it in the huddle, telling jokes with the guys". Asked if he's got a joke for us, he says "no". And that's him away. 


Fitzpatrick with another catch. Franks looked like he was going to run but dumps it off before he crosses the line of scrimmage and Fitz does his magic. 

Offside from the defence. 1st down for Franks.


Franks uses his legs and dives into two tacklers. Risky, and we have a flag, but he didn't pick up the first with the run. 


Franks with another hand-off for Herbert. No gain. They are looking at a 3rd and 8 now.


Arkansas' QB Feleipe Franks in now as he replaces Sam Ehlinger. He hands it off to Herbert to start the 2nd quarter for a gain of 2.

1st quarter recap

Michael Carter with the biggest run of the game.

Ehlinger finds Felton for an easy TD.

Mond struggled with some communication issues early and might have had a couple of picks. 


Ehlinger runs the clock all the way down now and hands off to Khalil Herbert and he loses a couple of yards. That's the end of the first quarter.


Ehlinger hangs tough again in the pocket and finds a man despite the pressure. 3rd and 9.


Ehlinger now coming out of his own endzone. Throws low and Jabril Cox comes up with it but it clearly bounced.


3rd and 14. This is like a 2-minute drill as we will change possession at the end of the quarter. Mond with some confusion amongst his receivers and it's nearly picked off. 4th and 14 now and they will punt after 2 nice 4th down conversions on this drive.


Tasty little reverse now as Amari Rodgers takes the pitch from Mond. Gets swallowed up for a loss of 4. 


Josh Palmer has it right in the numbers. Mond drops a dime and he can't make the catch. St Juste with good coverage but Palmer had that and dropped it deep down the sideline.

Most represented

Notre Dame and Georgia each have six players in today's game, tied for the most. 

Notre Dame: EDGE Adetokunbo Ogundeji, EDGE Daelin Hayes, OL Robert Hainsey, OG Aaron Banks, QB Ian Book and WR Ben Skowronek.

Georgia: TE Tre McKitty, LB Monty Rice, CB D.J. Daniel, CB Mark Webb, EDGE Malik Herring and OG Ben Cleveland.


Mond hits Marquez Stevenson on a dig. Catches it in traffic. 


Mitchell again as he rumbles for 4.


Elijah Mitchell gets it. Just one yard needed and he gets maybe 3 up the middle.

Felton's touchdown


Oh, Mond takes off and he never looked comfortable once he tucked the ball in. He stutters and then gets his. 4th and 1. They're going for it again.


2nd and 10. They go back to the ground as Mond just isn't getting it done here early. Larry Rountree III from Missouri goes for three.


St-Juste from Minnesota with the pass defended as Mond goes back over the middle. 


Mond gets his by Elerson Smith from Northern Iowa. He gets a flag too for 'using his bodyweight to punish the passer', which means he fell on the QB and drove him into the ground. Mond will feel that one in the morning.

Early winners: Carter, Ehlinger and Osa Odighizuwa.


Demetric Felton with the first TD. And it's Eglinger who throws it to him. A short comeback route and the defender is too far off him. 1st touchdown and it comes on the back of a massive run by Michael Carter, a roughing the passer penalty and then a pretty easy toss to Felton.


Ehlinger looked patient there as he scrambled outside. He held onto it and ends up throwing it out of bounds. Nothing materialised but he gets a penalty after the defender chases him tackles him late.


Oh baby! Michael Carter, the boy from Mobile, takes off. He beats a couple of defenders and gets into open field. Massive first down run -- 27-yard gain.


Mond over the middle on 4th down. He can't connect as he feels some pressure at his back. 


3rd and 4. He goes back to Hill and it's high. Hill has to adjust, jump and can't catch it. Windy in Mobile today but not sure that explains missing an open guy. Mon a little jittery. He'll stay in on 4th down.


Mond with another hand-off for Kylin Hill. They go back to that left-side and they pick up a chunk of yards; 6 to be precise.

Sweet skills.


Grimes with a nice use of his body as Mond throws it to his back shoulder. Much better from Mond as he finds his man for his first connection.


Elijah Mitchell, the RB out of Louisville, runs out to the left and a swarm of defenders envelope him. He loses 2 yards. 

National looked good there. American not so good on their first drive so let's see what they can muster up now.

Odighizuwa with the play earlier on as he hit Mond from the blindside.


Okay, so Mills, who had that pass interference play earlier redeems himself as Ehlinger throws outside to Darby but he gets his hand on it. Well done, young man! 4th down now and National kicks the field goal.


In the redzone as Ehlinger hits Fitzpatrick and he has a drop. Just a mental lapse there from the receiver after two good catches earlier. 


Ehlinger gets ambitious on 1st down as he launches it into the endzone. Not really clear what the idea was there but too many American defenders there though.


1st and 10. Slant for Fitzpatrick! The Louisville WR having a good start to this game. 1st down.


Ehlinger with a run on the move. He has the man over the top but we have a flag. Mills with pass interference. The WR should have caught it. Some nice inventiveness from Ehlinger. 


Desmond Fitzpatrick with the catch as he drags his feet after the throw from Ehlinger. Very good awareness from the WR out of Louisville. That's one of the new rules the players have to adjust to and Fitzpatrick seems to have gotten to grips with it.


Ehlinger with the play-action and he throws it out to the flat and his receiver can't come up with it. Defender draped all over him but not flag.


Rhamondre Stevenson takes the hand-off from Ehlinger and he picks up four yards.


They have to punt it now as Grant Stuard, the LB out of Houston with a massive hit on the returner. He nearly swallowed him! National will take over after that failed drive from American. One nice catch from Rodgers but aside from that, a disappointing opening drive for them.


After no gain, Owamagbe Odighizuwa gets around the edge and Mond doesn't see him. He was drawing his arm back and that would have been a fumble but it was recovered by American.


3rd and 7. Powell runs down the sideline as the ball gets sent out to the right. Flag on the defender for illegal contact. 


Rodgers gets it again. He loses two. 


Amari Rodgers with a catch in the flat. He picks up 5 yards. 


TOUCHBACK! Potential top 5 pick Devonta Smith on the return but it's a touchback.

The Jets are another team in need of a quarterback. They want to get the maximum for Sam Darnold though and that will mean keeping their options open. They haven't said what they are thinking with Darnold but that might be a ploy to stay tough in negotiations. Their new coach, Robert Saleh, said "He is an unbelievable talent,” Saleh said on the podcast. “There’s a reason why he was the third overall pick. Just watch the tape. Production aside, just watch the player. He’s got tremendous mobility. He’s got arm talent, fearless, smart, and he’s a quick, precise decision-maker. He’s loved in the locker room, and people adore him around this building.”

Tre' McKitty, the Georgia Bulldogs' TE, being tipped for an MVP pick tonight. McKitty was named the “American” team’s practice player of the week at his position. 

Watson really stirring the pot now. He wants out! 

Matt Rhule, the head coach of the Carolina Panthers, who own the rights to the 8th pick in the draft, giving his team a pep talk before the game. The Senior Bowl helps these young players to see what it's like being coached by an NFL coach. It gives coaches a chance to see how much information they can retain and what they do with it! 

Brian Flores, Miami's head coach, before the game: "It's a really great group of young men, they're hard-working and passionate. We're looking for guys who are smart, tough and love to play."

"Sam's [Ehlinger] got some really leadership qualities. We heard that during his time in college. We saw that this week but all three quarterbacks this week."

A look at Dane Brugler's column on who improved their stock during Senior Bowl week. Here is one of the main guys:

D’Wayne Eskridge, WR, Western Michigan: I earmarked Eskridge in my Senior Bowl preview as the player who could open the most eyes, and he didn’t disappoint. Over the first two days of practice, he was uncoverable due to his explosive feet and ability to mix his speeds. We knew Eskridge could out-athlete defenders in the Mid-American Conference, but it was impressive to see him do it versus better competition."

One to watch: Demetric Fulton 

UCLA Bruins' Demetric Fulton has been wowing scouts this week with his pace and his versatility, switching it up from wide receiver to running back. 

NFL Network commentator Bucky Brooks: “Oh man, he is so good. I don’t even really know where to categorize him. The first day, he is out wide at wide receiver. He is giving people the business. His releases and stop-start quickness, he’s creating separation. Day two, he’s playing running back and doesn’t look like a fish out of water there because he has experience doing it. When we talk about accumulating weapons because the game is going to ‘I want playmakers,’ he is someone that is very intriguing. Much like we saw Antonio Gibson display a wide variety of skills in this game last year, I think Demetric Felton has also done that.”

The Rams are another team who might be interested in trading for a draft pick that would get them some draft capital. Goff could be out as Sean McVay's number one but at the moment, talks are only 'exploratoy'.

Here is a look at Daniel Jeremiah's top 50 players. Lawrence, the Clemson junior is numero uno for now. 

This is a clearer look at how many uncertain futures there are in the NFL under center this off-season. 

There are a few QBs at the top end of the draft this season that will be getting plenty of attention in the next few months. Daniel Jeremiah, the NFL's Draft specialist, has Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance and Justin Fields in his top 20. There are plenty of teams looking for QBs this off-season too.

The Lions will reportedly trade Matthew Stafford before the Super Bowl. The Texans are adamant they have a plan for Deshaun Watson, but he has asked to be traded, and they might also be looking at a few of those guys.

Meinerz - one of the stories of the week

It looks like we won't be seeing Quinn Meinerz today, he broke his hand on the first snap of Thursday's session... and kept on practicing for two hours. His plan was to still to play today, but his coach has said no, no broken hands. (Update: Meinerz was out in the warm up with his hand taped up. This man is TOUGH)


Ohio State's four linebackers...

"It’s a feat not often achieved, four players at the same position from the same school drafted in the same draft class. Three is unusual enough. Four is extremely rare."

Three are in action today: Baron Browning, Justin Hilliard and Tuf Borland 

How to organise a Senior Bowl during a pandemic...

Grab a coffee and settle back for a long read from Sports illustrated, looking at how the Senior Bowl was organised despite covid-19. It starts with a positive test, which must have been very scary...

Coaching staff

How important is the Senior Bowl

The whole week, as well as the game itself, is basically an NFL convention, with nearly every head coach in attendance (not Tampa Bay's Bruce Arians or Kansas City's Andy Reid, they've got a somewhat important game next Sunday to prepare for), so this is a superb showcase for these players to show what they can do with the level ramped right up. And being in the Senior Bowl and doing well, is an indicator of future success, a serious percentage of players in the NFL (over 30%) played in the Senior Bowl. 

It's a completely different standard for the players too, because each team is coached by a full NFL coaching staff. “The Senior Bowl is your first game as a professional,” stated former Dallas Cowboys QB great Danny White, who played in the 1974 Senior Bowl. “All the NFL teams are there and players are watched closely as to their ability to play at the next level.”

This year the teams are being coached by the Carolina Panthers' Matt Rhule (American) and the Miami Dolphins' Brian Flores (National). 

What are the names to know, full roster and stats for the Senior Bowl 2021?


What are the names to know, full roster and stats for the Senior Bowl 2021?

Who to watch at the Senior Bowl

Every athlete on the field today is expected to be drafted above the 5th round, so there's a lot of talent on display, but here Will Gittins takes a look at three of the biggest names on each team, American and National.


Senior Bowl: National vs American

This year the athletes for the game are being divided into National and American teams, a change from previous years where they were North and South sides. Back then the players were put into their squad based on geographic guidelines, but it wasn't exact - the organisers mixed it up where necessary to balance rosters and ensure a competitive game. This year it's even easier with each roster being drawn up to ensure a great game. 

The actual selection process is a pretty arduous eight-month affair, starting straight after the draft in the preceding year. The Senior Bowl executive director, currently Phil Savage, starts drawing up a list of players who will form the 400-strong Senior Bowl Watch list, which is published in late August. 

Once pre-season training is underway the executive director and his team start visiting campuses and then once the season starts, taking in games. They also consult with the NFL for more input. The two rosters start being drawn up after the first four regular season college weekends have been completed. 

At the end of October the first 20 'automatic' invites go out, followed by 40 'priority' invites a few weeks later. Then, by 1 December, the next group of 40 'in-season' invites are sent, and the final rosters are then completed between the end of the regular season and the college bowl games. 

There are 134 players confirmed for today's game. 

Senior Bowl 2021: time and how to watch online and TV


Senior Bowl 2021: time and how to watch online and TV

How to tune in to the Senior Bowl

We hope you'll be following here with us, but if you want the action on in the background, here's our guide to tuning in to the Senior Bowl

Senior Bowl 2021 - live coverage

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Senior Bowl, live from Hancock Whitney Stadium, at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. The Senior Bowl of course is THE all-star game for college football, stuffed full of NFL Draft prospects. It's been described as an "interview" for the athletes who have completed their college eligibility and are ready to step up to the pro ranks. 

Action gets underway at 1:30 p.m. CT, which is 2 p.m. ET, 11.30 a.m. PT and 8.30 p.m. if you're following from anywhere in the Central European timezone.


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