PlayStation wrap up 2020: how to know my hours played in PS4 and PS5?

2020 was NOT a good year on so many levels. But there was a lot of gaming to celebrate - how good was your gaming year in 2020?

PlayStation wrap up 2020: how to know my hours played and end of year stats?

For so many reasons 2020 was not a good year - we don't really have to go into that, do we - and maybe for that very reason gaming was possibly even more important than ever before last year.

So to celebrate and commemorate what Sony are calling "our collective gaming journey", PS4 players can get their year end wrap-up report, which will show off your gameplay achievements over the last year.

How to get your PlayStation wrap up report

You need to have a registered PSN account in your region, be over 18, and have played at least 10 hours on a PS4 over the whole of 2020, from 1 January to 31 December.

The wrap-up report shows hours played, trophies earned, most-played games and more. If you bagged yourself a PS5 you'll also get selected stats from that console for the hours you put in on it in 2020.

The PlayStation collective

This year Sony are also including collective statistics - that is achievements by ALL PlayStation users in 2020: 161 million total home runs in MLB: The Show 20, or 834 million enemies frightened to a state of collapse in Ghost of Tsushima.

Go get your wrap-up report.

PS4 Dynamic Theme

Once you've gone and got your wrap-up report, you'll also be given the option of claiming a free PS4 dynamic theme, that lets PlayStation's logos float about behind your icons. Cool, eh.