Social media meltdown as European Super League plans outlined

There were no half-measures as the confirmation of plans for a breakaway league emerged hitting a raw emotion with many fans of the clubs in question.


Former players and fans groups across the globe have slammed plans for a breakaway competition by some of Europe's top clubs, calling the move a "soulless" money grab which will turn supporters away from the game.

Twelve of Europe's richest clubs launched the Super League on Sunday to rival the Champions League competition, triggering swift condemnation from authorities and political leaders.

"The plans ... sound soulless," Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy told the BBC.

"We've already seen strong opposition from leagues and federations who would be affected, and fans as well. Next, I think we will see a backlash from managers and players, too."

Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus are among the leading members of the new league but UEFA has threatened to ban them from domestic and international competition and vowed to fight the move.