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Why did Floyd Mayweather agree to fight Logan Paul?

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul will go toe-to-toe in a June 6th exhibition fight from Miami, Florida, with the stage set at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Why did Floyd Mayweather agree to fight Logan Paul?

For as great of a fight as Floyd Mayweather is, has been, and will be he may be an even better businessman. It’s no secret “Money” Mayweather has a flair for the flash, and eye for the extravagant. So when an astronomical pay day for an exhibition match against a Youtuber was presented to him last year, it was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

"Money" Mayweather no stranger to the Forbes list

Mayweather has topped the Forbes list of top paid athletes four times throughout his career. Since retiring after the Connor McGregor fight in the summer of 2017, he has faded from that list.

He now keeps the lights on by promoting the sport he dominated for so long. “Pretty Boy” Floyd is following the likes of Don King, Eddie Hearn, and Oscar De La Hoya into the big money world of promoting.

Mayweather is a savy enough businessman to realize the nine figure pay days won’t be on the table forever. Thats why he dipped his toes in the promoting game back in 2007. It’s also why he accepted to fight a social media star after almost four years of retirement.

Record breaking Mayweather vs McGregor pay days

The last time we saw Floyd fight in a professional setting was almost four years ago when fighting worlds collided as Connor McGregor agreed to meet Mayweather in the ring. The boxing legend TKO’d the UFC champion and went of to make a total of $275 million dollars once the purse and the promotion fees were split.

The 44 year old knows that these opportunities for bank-breaking one night pay days will be few and far between over the years to come and a chance at yet another $100,000,000 fight night may never come again.

Another nine figure pay day expected for "Pretty Boy"

On June 6th, Floyd will make a guaranteed 10 million dollars while his contract states he will bring in 50% of the Pay-Per View shares. Floyd was quoted saying “I can eventually probably make $50 million, for just a regular fight. Or me and Logan Paul can out out, entertain, have fun and make nine figures, $100 million or more.”

Mayweather said in an interview after the McGregor fight that he was officially retiring from the sport, saying “Any guy that’s calling me out? Forget it.” Some may say it’s his love of the sport, but the allure of fighting the social media influencer comes down to a matter of dollars and common sense.