Second $600 golden state stimulus in California: when can you request?

On Monday 28 June, the California legislature approved an $8 billion proposal to send a second round of Golden State stimulus checks to most residents.

Second $600 golden state stimulus in California: when can you request?
Mike Blake REUTERS

Since the passage of the bill that allocates funds to send a $600 stimulus check to anyone making less than $75,000 a year, leaders in California have been quiet. With no news from the governor or state leaders, many are left wondering when they can expect their checks.

The bill also includes an additional $500 payment for adults with dependents and undocumented families. Those who have already received a check during the first round, will not be sent another.

Gov. Newsom was expected to sign the bill into law this week, but as the holiday weekend approaches, it looks unlikely. The state legislature and the governor are still negotiating and have not released “public statements announcing a broad budget deal, even as bills went into print Friday reflecting some new agreements that modify the placeholder budget lawmakers approved on June 14.

In California, a budget must be passed by 1 July, but lawmakers seem to be using the version passed on 14 June as a placeholder as they continue their negotiations. Once a compromise has been made, state workers will begin the process of distributing the Golden State Stimulus Checks.

For now, the California Tax Franchise Board, which is tasked with the distribution of the checks, has an alert on their website reading “Recently, the Governor announced a proposal to expand and add stimulus payments for more Californians. These additional payments are not yet available and are pending legislative action.”

This alert links to a press release from the Governor’s office from early May and has not been updated with information on the passage of the most recent bill. However, because that bill has not been signed by the governor, workers and recipients are waiting in limbo.

How do I request a check?

To receive your check it is mandatory that a tax return is submitted to the state. This rule also applies to undocumented people who can file using an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). 

The best action for a person eligible to receive the payment is to file a tax return if they have not done so already. With this information, the state will be able to administer the payment. For those who do not normally file a return, the state is encouraging them to do so to ensure they are able to benefit from this government program.