Are other states thinking of approving their own stimulus checks like California?

With hopes of a fourth stimulus check from the federal government fading, some states have opted to introduce their own direct payments to support residents.

Are other states thinking of approving their own stimulus checks like California?

On Monday the California legislature approved the latest stimulus bill from Gov. Gavin Newsom, entitled the California Comeback Plan. The package is a result of the state’s record-breaking tax surplus and expands the programmes included in the Golden State Stimulus bill.

California has been the most proactive when it comes to doling out financial support to residents and businesses, with $600 stimulus checks going out to an estimated two-thirds of Californians.

However it is not the only state or local authority to do so; here’s some of the other states to have passed their own stimulus legislation.

Florida stimulus checks are set for this summer

In early July Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a new state-wide budget which included stimulus check payments those who have be so important throughout the pandemic. The $101.5 billion budget includes a direct payment of $1,000 for teachers and first responders as a thank you for their service.

Upon passing the legislation, DeSantis said: “We know that the pandemic put an awful lot of strain on our first responders, EMTs, sworn law enforcement, firefighters and so we believe that we should recognize their sacrifice over the last year.”

It is thought that the scheme will benefit roughly 174,000 first responders and nearly 180,000 educators across the state. DeSantis confirmed that he expects the payments to go out during the summer.

Other states have already passed their own stimulus checks

Back in spring, while the fate of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan seemed to hang in the balance, some states opted to provide short-term support for their residents.

The first to do so was Maryland, who passed the RELIEF Act in February. The legislation provided a stimulus check worth $300 for individuals and $500 for couples who file jointly. That was followed by New Mexico, which provided $600 tax rebates for low-income taxpayers back in May. The payments were not exactly the same as the stimulus checks but provided a form of direct relief for struggling residents.

The second-largest Native American Tribe, the Cherokee Nation, has also approved their own round of stimulus checks which will go out to all of the tribe’s citizen. Each member will receive two $1,000 stimulus check payments over the course of two years.

The funding for the programme was largely provided by the American Rescue Plan which issued considerable amounts for states and local authorities to do with as they wished.