How much are NFL tickets? What's the average price?

Since 2012, the average price for NFL tickets has been increasing by an estimated 37%. The Raiders and Patriots have the most expensive tickets this season

How much are NFL tickets?
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NFL tickets are not cheap.

This year alone, the average price for NFL tickets is $457, 84% higher than in 2019. Demand is now at a record high after the 2020 fan-less season due to covid-19. Since 2012, the average price for NFL tickets- which used to be $190- has steadily been increasing, while the amount of tickets sold in the last 9 years has been decreasing by a good 37%. Let’s take a look at a few of the NFL teams with the most expensive tickets.

Las Vegas Raiders: most expensive 2021 team

The Raiders are by far the team with the priciest tickets in the NFL this season, at an average of $1,652. Their new indoor stadium, Allegiant Stadium, has attracted a lot of attention, as well as money, with a 571.5% increase in the price since 2019.

The average price for an NFL game ticket is $107.05, according to sources, while an average Raiders home game is $153.47. For a family of four to attend a Raiders home game, the total would be about $778, including beers, soft drinks, hot dogs, caps and parking. Not a walk in the park.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers come in second with an average ticket price of $740, followed by the New England Patriots at $694. The Dallas Cowboys sit in third with an average price of $603 and the Denver Broncos right behind at $553.

Most expensive NFL game in 2021

While the Raiders lead the top ten game rankings for the 2021 season, the most expensive game of the year was Tom Brady’s return to New England on October 3rd, with an average price of $3,021. The Raiders vs Chiefs game was the only other game with an average price of $2000 or more.

Where To Buy NFL Tickets

Depending on the team, primary ticket sales can be purchased via Ticketmaster and Seatgeek.  Several teams have put their single-game tickets on sale right after the NFL schedule release, which is also a way to get tickets. On the secondary market, NFL tickets could be purchased via TicketIQ, which offers fee-free NFL tickets for the 2021 season.