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Chicago Bears CHI
Detroit Lions DET
CHI 0 13 0 3 16
DET 7 0 7 0 14

Bears 16 - 14 Lions summary: score, stats and highlights | NFL Week 12

Follow all the action live from Detroit's Ford Field as Chicago come looking for a Thanksgiving Day victory amid calls for the head of coach Matt Nagy.

Bears 16-14 Lions: how it went down

Last second field goal wins it

Chicago win at Detroit

4th & GOAL

Field goal with one second purposefully left on the clock.

This kick for the game, which will leave Lions winless...

It's good!!!

We're inside the final minute and Detroit have no more timeouts.

It's 3rd and GOAL and Chicago are happy to let the clock tick down leaving them with a field goal attempt to take the win.

Chicago take advantage of the additional yardage and Dalton hits Byrd for seven.

It's 1st & GOAL.


Back-to-back timeouts for Detroit and a five-yard penalty is conceded.

You're not allowed to call it that way!! Basics

3rd and 9 becomes 3rd and 4 for Chicago. That penalty may have cost the Lions this game!


Two-minute warning

Forget what you thought before this game and most of what has gone before - it's not been the prettiest.

With two minutes left on the clock and a one-point game, though, the tension is building.

As we tip over the six minute mark, Montgomery makes 12 for another first down - drawing level with Detroit with seven in the half - and then loses one on the next play.

Dalton then takes things upon himself and scrambles across the game-line for another first. Chicago up to the 17.


In no time it's 3rd and 5 for the Bears.

Dalton shifts himself wide of the cover and picks out Byrd beautifully. That was an important play and 13 yards gives them a first down.

The punt is good but the pressure that follows even better.

Grant can't escape the pouncing Lions and the Bears start on their 21.


It's like a holiday parade right now, flags getting thrown all over the place.

With 32 yards needed to make the first down after those multiple penalties Goff goes long to Reynolds but can't connect. Short to St Brown adds seven but the Lions are going to have to punt now.

Twisting and weaving


The home crowd is sensing that they could be celebrating tonight.

Goff goes short to Reynolds for 15, then Williams sprints straight through the middle for a further 19.

The half-way line is in touching distance. Still plenty to do.

Chicago get us going again from their own 19.

Montgomery fails to muster any gain but Dalton and Mooney get their act together for 16. Some further attempts negated by a sacking and the Lions are going to get another go from their own 20.

Goff's up!

Cowboys vs Raiders live online: scores, stats and updates | NFL Week 12


Cowboys vs Raiders live online: scores, stats and updates | NFL Week 12

If you want to multitask, why not pop open another window and enjoy the dulcet text tones of our Jen?

She's already building up to the Cowboys-Raiders game in her own inimitable way.

What's the 'W' for?

With a 0-9-1 record coming into this game, the Lions will have a whole lot to be thankful for if they can hold onto this lead.

The seconds are counting down to the end of the third quarter.

Patterson makes sure of the extra point and Detroit take the lead.

Touchdown Detroit!!

Another first down made after great rushing from Igwebulke. The Lions start to purr.

Some short passing from Goff is then followed by a long diagonal to Hockenson and he makes the catch right in the corner of the field before keeping his balance and stepping into the end zone.

Much better!

It's almost like I dared the hosts' offence to make something happen...and they do!

Goff mid-range to Reynolds and they're up to near the half-way line. Then some aggressive defense from Jones gets them moved forward into Bears territory.

Montgomery has two attempts to break the line but makes little progress so Detroit will get another chance to build.

The punt from O'Donnell is 51 yards with the Lions starting just outside their own red zone.

Defences are certainly on top, after those earlier offensive flirtations in the first half. Is that going to be the pattern for the remaining minutes?

Detroit start on their 43. It's tossed to Williams who makes six yards.

Doff then passes to Raymond but it's a lost yard as he catches then is caught. Same target fails on 4th and Chicago have the ball on their 20.

In case it wasn't clear by now, this is not the highest quality football you'll see this week...or even today! I hope you're enjoying the food and drink. I could do with some of the latter.

Quick injury update from the Bears. LB Roquan Smith is definitely now out (hamstring)


Dalton out to Kmet - incomplete!

Field goal attempt to come... it's short!

Dalton scrambles left and appears to make the 10 yard gain.  Flag's up though for offensive holding and that complicates Bears' progression.

Mooney takes a wonderful catch high in the middle for another first down.

It was one of those where he could have easily felt the full force of a safety as he landed but escaped that pain.

Talking of pain, we've had confirmation that Swift will not be returning to this game for Detroit.


Chicago on their own 40 and Dalton takes his time before picking out Byrd on the right. Important first down to make.


Other than that Raymond play early in the game, Chicago have bossed Detroits attempts to get through them.

It's 2nd and 6 but as Montgomery makes it across the game line a flag is thrown and we'll be heading back to do it again.


Goff does find Raymond short on the third down but he's unable to reach the game-line.

With two yards off a first down, Fox steps in for the punt.


Williams twice makes gains but first down still out of reach.

Detroit struggling to get through this Chicago defence.

Second half starts. Santos kicks 66 yards leaving Detroit on their 21.

OK, it's almost time to get this show back on the road...

Lions helping out


While you await the start of the second half, here's a short video of Jamaal Williams, Amani Oruwariye and T.J. Hockenson working with Ford Trucks to help local farmer Jerry Ann continue to give back to her community.

Give thanks!

Big Sean

Hey, I found a fan!! ...of Sean, at least.

Half-time show

So, I'm not going to share with you the comments across social media on this Big Sean extravaganza for the show Detroit have laid on, but let's just say that it's not positive.

Actually, it looks like it's going to be a close battle between which how many people want to see the game or this musical performance less!

HT: Bears come back to lead

It all started so well for hosts Detroit but it didn't last long.

Once the Bears got their heads up, the game changed, as did the score. That said, there are enough errors in both these sides to make the second half less that predictable.


It's good!!

Chicago take a six-point lead into the half-time break.


Dalton uses Kmet again and more gains are made.

We've only got 10 seconds left of the half with one timeout still to come.

Dalton has to throw it away so it'll be a field goal attempt to extend their lead.

Dalton in Kmet, then into Montgomery. Up to the Detroit 37

Chicago pushed back to their own 46.

A couple of moves from here we're likely to be in field goal territory.


Detroit celebrations don't last long as they have plenty to do to make a first down.

Goff goes really long but Reynolds is getting nowhere near that. Punt time with a minute on the clock.

Interception!! What a catch from Oruwariye!!

Dalton tries to hit Byrd for a score but it's plucked out the air. To celebrate, the Lions take a seat and get a slice of the thanksgiving ball.

Crowd goes wild.


Goodwin into the end zone but can't reach the launch from O'Donnell.

Then Kmet fails to hold in the centre.

Two-minute warning

Kmet collects from O'Donnell wide left for a 16 yard gain and another first down.

Chicago may not be at their best right now but the Lions are starting to show signs of why they are winless.

Graham TD

From earlier

Turnover! Bears back in control as a fumble is called. No timeout used with that good challenge.

How big a moment will that be? 2:23 on the clock before half-time.


Penalty called as Goff sacked.

Checks from the officials as a challenge comes in. Fumble but maybe forward progress. Chicago appear to have it recovered.

Detroit with the ball in hand. Kick collected and up to their 26.

Williams makes some excellent progress - he's the man right now, edging the Lions forward.

Santos makes no mistake with the extra point.

Touchdown Chicago! Graham takes the catch down the middle and he's in.

Dalton goes long to Mooney, centre to right and he takes it in his stride for an immediate red zone threat.

That was a 52 yard gain, 17 to goal.

Swift update

Following that smothering tackle a few moments ago, Detroit's Swift is questionable to make it back out here.

41 yards made by Fox, but Grant is off and running.

Skipping past one tackle then spinning around another, he's brought the Bears to their own 31.


Boom! Chicago D does it again only allowing for a single yard to be taken back. Punt coming up.


Detroit with a big play needed.

Nichols quietens the home crowd as Goff finds Williams but the Lions are going backwards.


Penalty! Hockenson penalised for false start.

The resulting play sees Swift take a thumping to the ground. Treatment needed, so everyone else take a breath.

Lions make it into the Bears' half after a great diving catch from Hockenson brings up another first down.

Three more from Williams and then some confusion ensues as St Brown makes it to the 36.

Santos kicks to get Detroit's latest offensive started on their 33.

Goff lobs a short pass to Williams for 9 then targets Swift.


Chicago kick to Detroit just inside the second quarter

Santos from 28 gets Bears on the board


Another incomplete pass from Dalton to James forces the Bears to kick.

It's good.

Graham takes an impressive catch on the stretch and we're into the red zone. 17 to go.

Montgomery adds an extra two yards before Dalton then goes too long for Graham in the end zone.


Goff vs Dalton: 1st quarter

Face to Face
Passing attempt
Passing completion
Passing yards
Passing completion percentage
Passing yards per attempt
Passing yards per completion
Passing touchdown
Passing rating
Passing longest

Bears down by 7 but starting to growl

End of the first quarter

Brilliant from Grant, takes it in clean from Dalton on the right and up to their own 36.

Then it's Mooney's turn down the middle, making 31, and a couple of extra yards from Kmet.

Onto Detroit's 29.

Tossing confusion

As someone down there gets attention, here's a comedy moment from the start of the game.


Lions not letting the Bears make much of an advance here.

Dalton goes short again to Montgomery for an additional seven.



The punt is good and Grant can't collect.

Detroit recover but we have a flag. Some illegal blocking and Chicago will have the ball.


Bears are keeping Detroit tucked in that red zone.

Running not working here.

48 yards from O'Donnell puts Detroit on their 3.

Goff-Reynolds TD

Watch that score for yourself...

Montgomery takes a short pass but he's not making the game line.

Punting time for the Bears, two yards short.

Thanksgiving Football

We've got the Raiders - Cowboys (4.30 p.m.) and Bills - Saints (8.20 p.m.) later on. 


Dalton mixing it up here, using Herbert and Grant. Struggling to make much momentum and on 2nd down we see a flag.

Instead of 2nd and 15, it's 3rd and 10.

The crowd noise jumps up a notch.



Chicago up to their own 28, Dalton picking out Mooney for an 11-yard gain.

Reynolds lapped that up


Lions get their roar started

Good start for the team searching for their first win. Goff will be very pleased with his early contribution.

Patterson makes no mistake with the additional point.

After a couple of short passes into Williams and Swift to make steady progress, Goff goes high and long to Reynolds, who steps in for the first score of the game.

They made that look way too easy!


Swift found again wide on the right but it looks like he's fumbled it, and potentially gathered by the Bears.

It's checked and it was out of bounds so Detroit go again.

Reynolds takes in Goff on 3rd down after some juggling and we have another 1st.

Just four minutes in and these two are showing us why they are two of the worst performing teams in the NFL.


Goff steps in. What can he deliver.

Flag onto pitch for infringement. It's another five yards added.

First pass is complete. No gain from Swift, though, as he works his way helplessly in from the right.

O'Donnell gets 47 yards on the punt. Raymond brings it back up to his own 31. Time for a quick breather.

Oooohhh!! Dalton almost intercepted but the ball goes dead. Needs a big play now.

He goes out to Mooney on the right but no collection and it's punt time.

1 & 10

Montgomery carries from the hand-off. Just inside the 30.

2 & 7

First pass complete for a short gain of three. Dalton in the numbers.

Lions turkey record

When you play a lot on this day there are stats to show for it

Release the Lions and Bears

They are out of the tunnel... Let's go!

Justin Fields: injury situ

Our Gidget has been keeping a close eye on the situation with players in the lead up to this game and here brings you the latest on Fields' injury.

Last time out

It's almost time to get this show on the road but before we do it's worth remembering that the last time these two met Chicago won by ten, 24-14, at Soldier Field.

Rushing was the focus, as it could well be tonight, as they hit a season-high 188 yards, and they ran the ball for another campaign high of 68%.

When the Bears find themselves in the red zone, Detroit should worry. Today's hosts have an end zone efficiency rate of 79%, which just happens to be the highest in the NFL.

Lion eyes on D’Andre Swift

The Lions may not have won but Swift has been the one being looked to get them closer to one in the last couple of games. Only Jonathan Taylor - who’s leading the race for MVP at the moment - has bettered him in scrimmage plays across both.

Dancing man Jamaal Williams, however, may be the man for today’s game.

To infinity and beyond

"Go Lions!" is the quiet pre-game shout from Tim Allen.

Right now infinity seems like a distant dream for the Detroit team but a single win would be nice for their fans to give thanks for today.

Feeling the Bear vibe

More tunes for Bilal Nichols as he gets into the mood in the end zone.

Fan feelings over Bears-Lions

If you've been keeping an eye on social media this morning you'll have noted that a lot of neutral football fans are a little disappointed by the first game on the Thanksgiving schedule.

Ignore them! I'm expecting plenty to enjoy from this match-up, and think it'll be a close one going into the final few minutes. A single score difference is my prediction...for...erm...the...erm... L... B... L... Bears!!! That's it!

Pace on Bears unity

General manager Ryan Pace was asked yesterday about the whether the Bears can stay focused and united despite all the uncertainty about their coach. Here's what he had to say...

"Yeah, and I think that's when it goes back to the type of people we have in our building and the character on our team. When I think about some of our core leaders and the personal and football character that they have, that's when you lean on that and everybody leans in tighter and closer.

"Nobody wants to be in this position—we've lost some close games and losing five in a row—but we've got an unbelievable opportunity today on Thanksgiving, and I feel like our guys are locked in and I think it goes back to the type of people that we have in our building."

The turkey step

Jamaal Williams having a little swagger down Ford Field. What's he listening to?

Big Sean and the cheerleaders

Not everyone loves this particular tradition, although one that has been given a more modern twist in recent years, but the cheerleaders of Detroit have been working hard to bring you today’s half-time show. I’ll share some of the highlights during the break later.

As you can see here, the city’s very own Sean Don is going to be joining them.

Bears vs Lions team news: Thanksgiving Day football


Bears vs Lions team news: Thanksgiving Day football

Limited training opportunities for these two sets of players this week and here's how the injury reports looked ahead of the game.

Game time fast approaching

Right, let’s turn our attention fully to this game! This is an opportunity for these two struggling sides to get a much-needed, big fat ‘W’. They both come into this clash on the back of losses.

Actually, the Lions are still in search of a first victory, currently sitting on a 0-9-1 record and have been waiting on news whether starting QB Jared Goff would return after missing out on Cleveland or if Tim Boyle would be taking centre stage.

For Chicago, they’re definitely gong to be without Justin Fields, who picked up an injury to his ribs against Baltimore. Time for Andy Dalton to step up.

Fantasy Football: Week 12 picks

Our Ivan has always thought of an NFL season being divided into three parts: the first third is made up of the first 12 weeks; the second third starts with Thanksgiving, and the third is the Playoffs.

As he says, the contenders will separate from the pretenders starting today. Just take the champions as an example: the Buccaneers were 7-5 after their first 12 games in 2020; from that point on, Tampa Bay won 8 games in a row, including the Super Bowl at home.

Candidates in 2021 to repeat what the Bucs did? In the AFC, Patriots and Chiefs; in the NFC, Vikings and 49ers.

And speaking of the Chiefs, the Kansas City defense looks more and more like the 2019 version, which in the second half of the season was one of the best in the league until they won the Super Bowl title.

If you are still wondering about who to start and who to sit, you'd do worse than checking out Ivan's advice...I certainly did!

How do Lions devour turkeys?

A nice thanksgiving message from our hosts tonight too, although they will be hoping to chew up and spit out some Bear bones across the next couple of hours.

It'll be a rather big surprise if they can do that quite as emphatically as the metaphor suggests giving what we've seen this season.

Bear hug

A special message coming from the Chicago boys on this special day just for you... yes, YOU!

2021 Thanksgiving Week 12 NFL schedule: games, time, TV, how to watch and stream


2021 Thanksgiving Week 12 NFL schedule: games, time, TV, how to watch and stream

As we kick off the new week here, two more games will follow today.

Our Jen is getting ready to bring you the Dallas Cowboys who will play host to the Las Vegas Raiders, and the action ends this evening as Buffalo Bills visit the New Orleans Saints.

Then comes the rest of the schedule over the weekend. Sunday’s matchups will look like this:

1 p.m. ET kickoff
(5-6) Carolina Panthers at Miami Dolphins (4-7)
(5-6) Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants (3-7)
(5-4-1) Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals (6-4)
(2-8) New York Jets at Houston Texans (2-8)
(4-6) Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars (2-8)
(8-3) Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots (7-4)
(7-3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Indianapolis Colts (6-5)

4:05 p.m. ET kickoff
(6-4) Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos (5-5)

4:25 p.m. ET kickoff
(5-5) Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers (5-5)
(7-3) Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers (8-3)

8:20 p.m. ET kickoff
(6-5) Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens (7-3)

And to round off the Week 12 action, Monday Night Football will see the 3-7 Seattle Seahawks travel to Washington to face the 4-6 Washington Football Team.

NFL players as Thanksgiving dishes

OK, before we tuck into today’s team news, here’s a little fun to get the family debating.

Drake Shrader started a thread describing players that could form your chow for today’s feast. From Justin Herbert as the ham and Tom Brady as the butternut squash, to a complex mashed potato of Darnell Mooney and Deebo Samuel as a pecan pie, there’s plenty to go around.

See that button above our top picture on the right? That one that says ‘COMMENT’. Go on, let us know your own genius examples, and we’ll share the best of them with the world.

Give thanks for your TV

If you make a point today of giving thanks to the important things in your life, let’s not forget the invention of Scottish engineer John Baird (with help from many others).

That little box, or more likely these days a huge flatscreen, brings so much joy and excitement, as well as frustration and pain, when focused on the gridiron action.

Here’s a reminder of how we got here…

Who plays football on Thanksgiving? What college and NFL teams play?


Who plays football on Thanksgiving? What college and NFL teams play?

Last year’s Dallas-Washington game on this day drew over 30 million viewers. That was the largest audience drawn before last season’s postseason. It was also the 17th largest ever NFL Thanksgiving audience. The top ratings game on Turkey Day came in 1993 when the Dolphins played the Cowboys before a TV audience of 38.4 million.

The tradition of the Lions hosting on this day began with a huge game in 1934, which happened to be against the Bears. At the time, the Lions were 10-1 and the Bears were 11-0 (so yeah, a bit more of an exciting game than the one we're likely to see today). The Thanksgiving idea began as a way to boost ticket sales and make a name for the Lions, who were competing with the baseball team, the Detroit Tigers, for popularity. NBC Radio Network broadcasted the game nation-wide and the goal was exceptionally well-met. Ticket sales went up in the largest crowd to ever attend a football game at that time and the Bears defeated the Lions 19-16.

The Lions were an annual host from then on, missing only the period between 1939 and 1944 during World War II. The first game to be nationally televised was in 1953 when the Lions played the Green Bay Packers.

Want to know more? Our Texas girl Jen brings you the full story.

Thanksgiving: how long has it been celebrated? What’s its origin and meaning?


Thanksgiving: how long has it been celebrated? What’s its origin and meaning?

For many, Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday in the United States. It's focus is on gratitude and on giving thanks. This year, everyone (OK, most of you) is extra thankful to be able to celebrate the holiday together with their friends and families again.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States, meaning the majority of workers don't need to head to the office. The feast began in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, but wasn't always a holiday. In fact, it wasn't traditionally even on Thursday's and turkey was certainly not the main dish.

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November Americans sit down to a meal with friends and family to give thanks for what they have. Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the US famously immortalized by the feast in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts but it wasn’t always a national holiday, nor was it always the fourth Thursday. Find out more.

Today's first course: Bears and Lions

You are going to be full by the end of today.

Bears @ Lions: welcome

Hello, welcome and a very happy Thanksgiving to you!

What better a way to celebrate this famous day than settle down for some live football action? And we begin our own coverage of the action with a match-up between the Chicago Bear and the Detroit Lions, gets the NFL’s Week 12 schedule off to an interesting start at 12:30 pm ET, 9:30 am PT.

My name is Cal, and it would be a pleasure to have your company on this special occasion as we find out if these two struggling sides can be sparked into life on Turkey Day.

The build-up from Detroit’s Ford Field starts here…


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