“A lack of respect” - US coach Berhalter on Guillermo Ochoa

The United States men’s national team defeated Mexico in two finals this summer and that seems not to be enough to gain their respect.

“A lack of respect” - US coach Berhalter on Guillermo Ochoa

Prior to the World Cup qualifying game between the United States men’s national team and Mexico last month, Guillermo Ochoa said the following: “Mexico has been that mirror in which they [the US] want to see themselves and reflect, what they want to copy.”

The message was heard loud and clear in the USMNT camp and when they defeated Mexico 2-0 last month in the World Cup qualifiers, Christian Pulisic sent a ‘cheeky’ response to the veteran goalkeeper. The 23-year-old came off the bench to score the second goal and during his celebration he wrote a message on his shirt that read “I am the man in the mirror.”

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Berhalter calls out Ochoa

Two weeks have passed since that game and the coach of the USMNT, Gregg Berhlater, called out Guillermo Ochoa for what he said. “We had just beaten [Mexico] in two tournaments… And to come out and say that just didn’t sit right with me. It was really a lack of respect. We don't treat opponents like that,” he said.

The United States have shown dominance in CONCACAF this year with the ‘golden generation’ and they have won two trophies: The Gold Cup and the Nations League. Both times they defeated Mexico in the finals and to put the cherry on top of the cake, they beat them for a third time last month in the qualifiers.