Where does the Dallas Cowboys - New York Giants team rivalry come from?

The bitter rivalry between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys dates back more than 60 years. The Cowboys hold the edge in head to head games.

Where does the Dallas Cowboys - New York Giants team rivalry come from?

Divisional rivalries are nothing new the National Football League. Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1960 rivalries began to form, and some exist even until this day. One of the top rivalries in the NFL comes from two of the leagues most historic teams. The Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants have been eternal enemies since their first meeting.

First match up was in 1960

The Cowboys were introduced into the NFL in 1960, the same year as the merger. Before that the Giants had a stranglehold over the Eastern Conference for two decades. Dallas was introduced as they were in their decline, but New York won the first few encounters against a team that would soon be come their most bitter rival.

The NFL was treated to their first taste of Giants-Cowboys the same year Dallas was introduced into the league. The game ended in a 31-31 tie and it immediately fueled a fire that still burns to this day.

While the early days of the rivalry was one sided Dallas soon took charge for almost two decades. During that time the Cowboys and the Giants would land in the same division forcing both teams to play twice a year. That would bring the two teams closer together, but drive them farther apart.

Origins of the NFC East

The NFC East was formed in 1967, but it wasn’t know as the East at the time. It also didn’t consist of the four teams that are in it presently. The division started off as the NFL Capitol Division, and the and consisted of Washington, Dallas, Philadelphia and New Orleans. The Saints were replaced by the Cowboys the next year. The NFC East is currently the only division in the NFL that has seen each of the four teams win a Super Bowl.

The Cowboys won all but three games in the 20 encounters throughout the 1970’s. In that time Dallas won two Super Bowls, in 1971 and 1977, which no doubt made the skin of the Giants and their fans crawl, but they would take turns exchanging dominance over the next two decades.

The Giants won their first Super Bowl in 1986 led by Phil Simms. They would win one more in 1990 before the Troy Aikman and the Cowboys took the reins by winning three titles in four years through 1992-1995. While Dallas has one more Super Bowl title than the Giants, it’s been the boys from the Big Apple that have had the most recent laugh winning rings in 2007 and 2011.

History favors the Cowboys

The head to head record between the teams goes 70-47-2 in favor of the guys from the Lone Star State. They have won the division 32 times as opposed to New York’s eight. Washington Football Team are the current champions of the division, but the Cowboys look well on their way to taking their 24th division title in an NFC East that has seen better days.

Dallas won the first matchup of the season 44-20 in early October with Dak Prescott throwing for over 300 yards and three touchdowns. The next chapter of the eternal rivalry will take place on December 19th.