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Senate and House live results: Trump 2024, Republicans win Congress, McCarthy for Speaker

US Midterms: Latest Updates

US Midterms: Latest Updates

Headlines: Thursday, 17 November 2022 

Control of Congress 

House of Representatives: Democrats: 211 | Republicans: 218 (6 seats remaining) 

Senate: Democrats 50 | Republicans 49 (1 seat remaining - Georgia run-off)

​​​​​​​​​​Race Updates: 

- Republicans finally win the House

- Democrats keep control of Senate regardless of Georgia runoff result​​​​​​​


- Speaker Nancy Pelosi ​​​​​​​steps down from Democrats' House leadership

- From Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump confirmed that he will run for president in 2024

- Some GOP members worry that Trump's declaration could hurt the party's chance in Georgia run-off 

- Political leaders, journalists, and celebritiesrespond to news that Trump will run again

Former allies unconvinced by Trump's 2024 run

A number of prominent former supporters of Donald Trump have come out against him, arguing that the Republican Party needs a fresh voice after a disappointing midterms performance. Among those are Mike Pence, who served as Vice President during the Trump administration but who has distanced himself from the former President since the shcking events of January 6. 

“I think it’s time for new leadership in this country that will bring us together around our highest ideals,” Pence told CNN's Jake Tapper. “There may be someone else in that contest I’d prefer more.”

Will Rep. Lauren Boebert win re-election?

The controversial Freedom Caucus member, Rep. Lauren Boebert, has made hard work of the effort to retain her seat in the House of Representatives. She was one of a number of Trump-aligned candidates who underperformed in the midterms and she now holds a lead of just 557 votes over Democratic challenger Adam Frisch. 

Will Kevin McCarthy secure enough votes to be named Speaker?

With the Republicans expected to secure a comprehensive win in the House of Representatives, incumbent GOP leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy was the clear favourite to rise to Speaker of the House for the upcoming Congress. However the margin of victory has been far less than expected and the GOP will have only a slender majority with which to choose a speaker. 

Despite his standing in the party, it appears that McCarthy may not get the required votes needed for him to be named as speaker in January. 

How do Biden's first midterms compare?

Analysts and political commentators broadly agree that the Democrats far exceeded expectations in the 2022 midterms and performed better than normal for a president's first term in office. The Republicans have managed to flip the House of Representatives but will do so with a slim margin of victory. 

Here's how this year's election results compare to previous midterms...

WATCH: Pelosi steps down after two decades as top House Democrat

In an address to the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi confirmed that she was stepping down as the Democrats' House leader after 20 years in the role. She told the chamber that she had been honoured to serve as a leader in the House and was looking forward to continuing to serve as Representative for the people of San Francisco. 

Nancy Pelosi steps down as Democrats’ House leader: who will be the next Speaker of the House?


Nancy Pelosi steps down as Democrats’ House leader: who will be the next Speaker of the House?

Following the news this week that the Republicans have successfully flipped control of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that she will stand down as the Democrats' leader in the chamber. 

She became the first female congressional leader in 2003 and has served two stints as Speaker of the House. In an address to the chamber today she said that she felt the time was right for her to step down, adding that the recent attack on her husband Paul had contributed to her decision. 

Who is Karen Bass, the new mayor of Los Angeles?


Who is Karen Bass, the new mayor of Los Angeles?

Six-term congresswoman Karen Bass was declared the winner in the race to be the next mayor of Los Angeles by the Associated Press. The long-time Democratic lawmaker will become the first woman and the second Black person to hold the top job in America’s second largest city.



Ivanka Trump will not be involved in father Donald's 2024 run

While Donald Trump was busy making his first announcement for his presidential run for 2024, not all of his family members were present. Conspicuous by her absence was Ivanka Trump, daughter of the former president.

Illinois enshrines public sector union rights in state constitution

While government employees already had the right to organize and collectively bargin in Illinois, worries that, should the state shift to the right, some future legislation could strip them of that right prompted the ballot measure.  The Workers' Rights Amendment will guarantee that the state won't join the 27 other states that have right-to-work laws, including Illinois' neighbor to the north Wisconsin.

In 2011, then Governor Scott Walker, a Republican, stripped the state's government workers of nearly all of their collective-bargaining rights.

McCarthy mum on whether he will endorse Trump's 2024 presidential run

Representative Kevin McCarthy is the Republican's candidate to become the next Speaker of the House. He saw off a challenge from former Freedom Caucus leader Andy Biggs this week but must still get all 218 GOP votes the party currently has after the Midterms when the House elects the next Speaker of the House in January. 

The day after Trump announced that he will make a third run for the White House, McCarthy was asked whether he would endorse the former president in his 2024 run. “You guys are crazy,” he told reporters although he did commend the speech the night before at Mar-a-Lago which received less than favorable reviews which Fox News cut away from for a while.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will address Democratic colleagues on future plans

With the Republicans gaining the 218 seat majority in the House of Representatives Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will have to hand over the gavel.

The question now is whether she will seek another term as the Democratic leader in the lower chamber after her party was able to stop an anticipated "Red Wave" in the Midterms.

Where will the Republican party go after Midterm failure?

Republican election deniers were mainly kept out of office whereever there was a competitive race, but so far 185 are projected to win. The GOP has eked out a majority in the House but failed to regain the Senate in an election cycle that was supposed to see a "Red Wave".

The poor results are blamed on the extremists and conspiracy theorists they party had on the ballot. But where will the party go in the future? Will there be a rethink of the direction, especially with Trump announcing a third run for the presidency?

Democratic Representative Katie Proter returns to Congress

Representative Katie Porter has won her seat in Califonia's 47th District. The Democratic lawmaker will return to Congress after defeating Republican challenger Scott Baugh. The Republicans have secured the majority in Congress with 218 seats but there are still six races that haven't been called yet.

Vote counting continues in Alaska, Colorado and California. While Alaska will most likely flip Democrat, incumbent Republican Lauren Boebert has a razon-thin lead in Colorado's 3rd District. California still has four races that haven't been called with Republicans leading in three.

What does the GOP flipping the House mean for Biden?

After more than a week of vote-counting, the Republicans have secured the 218 seats required to claim a majority in the House of Representatives. This breaks up the united control in Washington that the Democrats had enjoyed for the past two years and presents a mjor roadblock for President Biden's more ambitious legislative plans.

Last week’s elections demonstrated the strength and resilience of American democracy. There was a strong rejection of election deniers, political violence, and intimidation. There was an emphatic statement that, in America, the will of the people prevails.

The future is too promising to be trapped in political warfare.

Joe Biden, POTUS
What does the Republicans’ narrow victory in the House of Representatives mean for President Biden?


What does the Republicans’ narrow victory in the House of Representatives mean for President Biden?

Despite Democrats doing better than expected, culminating in them holding on to the Senate, the Republicans have finally done what they were expected to do: win something. Specifically, the House of Representatives has been wrestled away from Democrat control in a big blow for President Joe Biden.

The Republican win in the House means the Democrats will be unable to pass any legislation remotely progressive in the lower chamber, anything will have the have the approval of members of the GOP to pass. Republicans will also have the opportunity to control a number of committees. It is likely the January 6 committee will be dissolved.

Will Joe Biden run for re-election in 2024? What do we know so far?


Will Joe Biden run for re-election in 2024? What do we know so far?

In a conversation with reporters last week Biden was asked to respond to those who may not wish for him to run for re-election in 2024. His answer: “Watch me.”

Despite turning 80 later this week, Biden was bullish on his prospects and stated that he would discuss it with his family over the holidays and announce a decision “early next year”.

Can Donald Trump make a successful bid for the Republican presidential nomination without Fox News?

Latest News

Can Donald Trump make a successful bid for the Republican presidential nomination without Fox News?

During Donald Trump’s announcement that he was running for president, Fox News cut away from his speech before the president had finished. The latest in a series of jabs taken by the network that has frustrated the former president and his supporters.

Recently, Trump has tried to diminish his role in the failure of the GOP to secure a larger majority in both the House in the Senate by saying that only twenty-two losses of the more than 232 endorsements. It is important to remember that many states where Trump focused his endorsements were in ‘red’ or in districts where a Republican was likely to win regardless of his support. It was in these critical races, like that for Senate in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, or House races in Ohio, Michigan, and Washington, where the failure of Trump’s hand-selected candidates lost the GOP the opportunity to control both houses of Congress.

Read more in our full coverage on Trump's chances without the full throat endorsement of Fox News. 

Who will win the race in Colorado between Boebert vs Frisch? This race could win the GOP the House

Latest News

Who will win the race in Colorado between Boebert vs Frisch? This race could win the GOP the House

Lauren Boebert still holds a lead of a fraction of a percent over Democrat Adam Frisch, with more votes expected to come in this week. The votes that remain to be counted are those coming from residents abroad and military members, plus any ballots that have been "cured" and thus are eligible for tabulation. 

Reactions to Donald Trump’s candidacy for the presidency in 2024: what was said and news

Latest News

Reactions to Donald Trump’s candidacy for the presidency in 2024: what was said and news

From his home at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president in 2024, becoming the first major candidate to announce his run. 

The declaration was met by thunderous applause from the ballroom in Florida but met mixed criticism online, where political leaders, celebrities, and journalists voiced their opinion over the former-president fitness for office.  

US Midterm Elections 2022

Welcome to AS USA's live blog,wrapping up the midterm elections.  We will bring you the latest results as they come in, while also looking forward to discussing what they mean for the next two years as well as 2024. 

On 6 December, Georgia will host the run-off Senate election, giving voters a chance to elect either Senator Raphael Warnock or former-NFL player Herschel Walker. We will bring you the latest from both campaigns. 

On the House side, there are six seats that have yet to be called for one party or another, but Republicans have taken control of the House with the minimum 218 seats.

More results should be released soon from CO-3, where incumbent Lauren Boebert's district faced a much more competitive challenge from Democrat Adam Frisch than many expected, as parties race to cure ballots. 

Donald Trump has announced that he would run for president in 2024, motivating his base but making other Republican leaders in the party nervous as blame shifts for the party's performance in the midterms.


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