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Door codes

Horizon Forbidden West: all security door codes

We help you by revealing you what are all the codes for the locked security doors we found in Relic Ruins and more from Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West: all security door codes

In Horizon Forbidden West we will find several locked doors that require a specific code to be opened. These are distributed throughout the game. Some of them are related to the main story, while others are found as part of some side quests, while the rest can be found when exploring Relic Ruins. Usually, we can find the solution in the surroundings (a text or an audio file is usually the key to solving them), but if you don't want to complicate things and are looking for a quick solution, as part of this guide we indicate all the doors codes in the game.

All security door codes

  • Door Code for Relic Ruins: The Daunt: 1705
  • Door Code for Relic Ruins: No Man's Land: 2204
  • Door Code for Relic Ruins: Restless Weald: 1923
  • Door Code for Relic Ruins: Isle of Spires: Level 9 code: 2109 / Level 7 Code – 109 / Ruins main gate code: 2109109.
  • Door Code for Main Mission: Death’s Door: 748
  • Door Code for Side Mission: Forbidden Legacy: 102023 and 402625 (second door)
  • Base secret room door code: 9626118
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To get to this last room, located in our base of operations, we have to go down to the abandoned part (near the servers, where you have your Beta room and where we entered the first time). There we will see a closed door with a red circle. We simply look to the right and there is the console where we can enter the indicated code. If we explore enough we will find it by ourselves, but in case you have turned the whole base upside down you will not find it, here we facilitate the task so that you can have the whole base under your control.

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