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Roblox: All cheats and console commands

We tell you what are the cheats, codes and console commands available in Roblox, the successful title for PC and iOS or Android mobile devices.

Roblox: All cheats and console commands

As in many other games, Roblox offers players a command console that allows to enter codes and perform various actions, in addition to obtaining various rewards. It might be somewhat complex, especially for newcomers, so below we will tell you all about it and provide you with the complete list containing all the cheats, codes and console commands for Roblox.

How to use commands in Roblox?

  1. Open the chat by clicking on the message icon in the upper left corner or by typing the key combination "Shift" + "/".
  2. Enter the "/" symbol to start entering the command in question.
  3. You can type "/?" or "/help" to ask for help. If you want to use an emote then you have to type "/e", leave a space and type the name of the emote.
  4. And it's that easy! Now we leave you with some commands and emotes that you can use.
  5. Here you can download some additional emotes.
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List of commands of all Roblox emotes

  • /e wave
  • /e point
  • /e cheer
  • /e laugh
  • /e dance
  • /e dance2
  • /e dance3
  • /e dance
  • /e sleep
  • /e wave
  • /e thumbsup
  • /e beg
  • /e blowkiss
  • /e bow
  • /e cell
  • /e watch
  • /e excited
  • /e cheer
  • /e chestpuff
  • /e choke
  • /e clap
  • /e terminal
  • /e confused
  • /e flirt
  • /e no
  • /e drink
  • /e head
  • /e eat
  • /e strong
  • /e fistpound
  • /e flex
  • /e pose
  • /e laugh
  • /e evillaugh
  • /e observe
  • /e pickup
  • /e picture
  • /e point
  • /e read
  • /e rude
  • /e salute
  • /e search
  • /e smokebomb
  • /e bringit
  • /e walkie
  • /e wary
  • /e cry
  • /e shake
  • /e rest

Source | todoroblox


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