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Steam Deck challenges after one month: battery improvements, Windows, keyboard and more

With more than 2,000 playable video games, Valve discusses all the device's improvements and takes an overview of the upcoming developments.

Steam Deck challenges after one month: battery improvements, Windows, keyboard and more

Steam Deck has been on the market for a month since the first batches of this portable console-shaped computer were shipped. Valve is well aware of the potential of the device, which is still a machine designed to have your entire Steam library anywhere, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Not in vain, after this time the company led by Gabe Newell highlights that there are already more than 2,000 video games that can be played on the machine (adding both Playable and Verified).

In addition, support for anti-cheating systems has been improved, options to calibrate the estimated battery life have been added, and drivers for installing Windows have been added. "This first month has given us a chance to start collecting your feedback as we continue our work to make Deck better in the months and years to come," Valve promises.

2,000 games verified... and counting

"In just one month we've passed a huge milestone with 2000 games now officially Deck Verified or Playable," they explain. This means that either they are perfectly configured or that some adjustment by the user is needed for optimal enjoyment of the experience, respectively.

On the other hand, thanks to service providers and contributors to Proton's development, Steam Deck is increasingly compatible with anti-cheat services such as Easy Anti-Cheat and BettEye.

Steam Deck
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Improvements to the store, library and access to non-Steam games

Steam Deck now supports Xbox Cloud Gaming through the cloud and they have improved the scrolling options in the device menus. Valve will continue to polish the user experience in options such as response time or library navigation.

They also hope to improve on-screen keyboard operation and provide more options that improve battery life. For now, they have added TDP (processor power), GPU clock control and FSR (screen resizing) settings, which help to further optimize the battery. If we add to all this the arrival of the first Windows drivers -they are not finished-, Valve's balance is very positive for this first month of Steam Deck's life.

"Our goal continues to be finding ways to improve your experience on Steam Deck, and that means we'll keep listening for your feedback." Meanwhile, production continues to ramp up, but orders placed today won't arrive until at least October. Valve continues to process reservations from last summer's buyers.

Source | Valve