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DC Comics reveals Joker's true identity: this is his real name

The (probable) true name of the quintessential DC comics villain, aka the Villain Prince of Crime, is revealed in a recent installment of Flashpoint.

DC Comics reveals Joker's true identity: this is his real name

The Joker, also known as the Villain Prince of Crime, the quintessential DC Comics villain and one of the most popular and recognizable antagonists in popular culture, has his own real name, an identity that has finally been revealed in the recent story of Flashpoint Beyond #5. This was reported by media such as Screen Rant after echoing this new DC Comics publication belonging to the Flashpoint Universe.

Batman finally discovers the Joker's real name

Thus, the Joker's real name is none other than Jack Oswald White; however, the story about the discovery of his identity has a storyline. In the recent Flashpoint Beyond comic book stories, it is revealed that Martha Wayne is actually the serial killer Clockwork Killer after taking on the mantle of the Joker in this alternate universe. Meanwhile, Thomas Wayne, this universe's version of Batman, must confront his wife at Arkham Asylum, where he admits that he killed Psycho Pirate after telling her this information.

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But the revelations do not end there; the Joker of the Flashpoint universe, it seems, is a failed comedian who has a wife and son who tries to survive as an employee of the Wayne Casino, where he cleans the bathrooms of such a wealthy business. Even so, he assures that they are a happy family, much more than they have ever been in the Wayne family.

And even though we're talking about the Flashpoint Beyond alternate universe, the characters share the same names as in the traditional DC Comics Universe, so it follows that this is the Joker's real name: Jack Oswald White.

We have already known other identities of the Joker in the cinematic field, such as Jack Nicholson's Joker in Tim Burton's first film, whose real name was Jack Napier, or the Joker of Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix, named Arthur Fleck, a character we will soon see in the sequel with Lady Gaga as Harkey Quinn.

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Source | Screen Rant


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