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Spy x Family already has a return date, episode 13 is just around the corner

Crunchyroll confirms with a new trailer the release date of the second part of Spy x Family first season, which kicks off with episode 13, "Souvenir".

Spy x Family already has a return date, episode 13 is just around the corner

The wait is over! Anya and the rest of the Forger family are back. The Spy x Family anime announced at the time that it would be composed of a first season of 25 episodes, but also announced that it would arrive in two batches with a break between them. And after 12 episodes and 2 months of break, we are now ready for that second outburst. With a new trailer in between, the series has confirmed that it will return on October 1.

Spy x Family episode 13: release date and time

Spy x Family returns in Japan on October 1, 2022 with episode 13, which, like all episodes to date, will arrive the following Sunday (Sunday, October 2) on the Crunchyroll website, the Netflix of the anime world. And if the schedule of the previous dozen episodes is maintained, we will have it available subtitled from Sunday, October 2nd at 8:30 AM PT.

Let's see if it manages to maintain the first part levels since this October it will have fierce competition. Spy x Family will have to test its success against the two big anime releases of the year: the return of Bleach and the bloody adaptation of Chainsaw Man. Will Anya be able to handle shinigami and chainsaws?

Spy x Family manga, the alternative

As we always say, the world of Westfalis and Ostania is just as much fun in the anime as it is in the manga, so it's never too late to jump on the bandwagon for the physical version of Spy x Family. Created in March 2019 by Tatsuya Endo and available for free on Manga Plus (at least the first and last three chapters), the series continues to be published relatively regularly and now consists of 67 chapters. They can also be found in physical form thanks to publisher Viz Media, which has released in the United States 7 of the 9 volumes that make up the series so far, with the 8th arriving on September 20.

Obviously, the manga shares the plot of the anime and retains the costumbrist charm of its characters, but it also has slight variations and a good number of panels and exclusive scenes in which to recreate and survive until episode 13 on October 2, 2022.